What is the best weight loss machine

Any woman dreams of a beautiful slim figure. A diet, various procedures and, of course, training on simulators will help to achieve this. Which one is more effective - try to figure it out.

Gyms for home for weight loss

What is the best weight loss trainer?

All simulators can be divided into 2 types: cardiovascular equipment and power. If you need to strengthen the muscles, choose power, for weight loss need cardiovascular machines. These include exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, rowing, elliptical trainers.

Choosing a model, pay attention to the criteria of efficiency.

The more muscles involved by the simulator, the more calories you burn, which means that the exercises will be very effective.

Deep active breathing during training indicates a good saturation of the body with oxygen, which allows you to quickly burn excess fat.

What is the best weight loss trainer?

The stepper is a popular home trainer, it is compact, inexpensive and very easy to use. It simulates walking up the stairs, allowing you to lose weight step by step. The stepper is sometimes equipped with a step counter, pulse and load control.

It is easy to train on it, 20 minutes a day and soon you will see the first result. But when practicing, only a small percentage of muscles work on it, and breathing is not too deep. Thus, the stepper is not the most effective simulator for losing weight.

Exercise bike - versatile for losing weight and keeping in top shape. With it, you can strengthen the legs and buttocks, as well as increase the endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Training on the exercise bike gives much more serious load than the stepper. But if you buy it, you should know that you are sitting during training, which means that burning calories will not go so efficiently.

This simulator is great for those who do not like intense loads. But it doesn’t suit people who have a weak spine. Classes are best done 2 hours after meals.

What is the best weight loss trainer?

Rowing simulator. Lastly, it is becoming more and more popular. During training, almost all muscle groups are involved, the lungs are ventilated, and there is an active process of burning excess fat. The movements that imitate rowing allow you to stretch the muscles, improve the flexibility of the vertebrae, so this simulator is very useful for people with osteochondrosis.

The treadmill is an effective simulator for losing weight. During workouts, the maximum number of muscles is involved, breathing becomes deep. The treadmill allows you to do a variety of classes, changing their intensity. The treadmill's efficiency is much higher compared to a stepper and exercise bike, but it’s not at all suitable for the lazy. To lose weight, have to work hard.

The most effective weight loss machine

What is the best weight loss trainer?

You will not find an ideal simulator suitable for all. Everyone has their own individual problems with excess weight. For each group of muscles - their own techniques. Which ones - the trainer at the fitness center will tell you the best. He will help you not only to choose the best weight loss simulator, but also to create a balanced diet, choose the right exercises.

Elliptical weight loss machine

Elliptical trainer is a very effective type of sports equipment for dropping excess weight. This is the favorite simulator of many - it’s not monotonous to work on it, time flies much faster than when running. During training, calories are actively burned, and the respiratory and vascular systems, muscles of the legs and buttocks are well strengthened. The effectiveness of such simulators is quite comparable with the efficiency of treadmills, but still they are slightly inferior to them. But to do them is much easier and most importantly - safer for the joints of the legs.

Exercises for weight loss on simulators: video

Specialist in physical culture and sport Sergey Sivets will tell you which exercises on simulators are most effective for beginners.

Whatever you choose training apparatusand for weight loss, try to exercise as regularly as possible and follow the diet. Before purchasing sports equipment, consult a trainer in a fitness club. He will help you to choose the best option, will prompt the necessary exercises.

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