Sports nutrition for muscle growth

Dietary nutrition is an integral part of the muscle building program. Dietary nutrition does not always mean low-calorie, because diet itself is a set of rules for eating. If, with a sports diet, we minimize the calories consumed, it threatens not only a lack of results, but also health problems.

Sports nutrition for muscle growth

With sports nutrition, you must include in your diet foods that enrich the body with protein and substances necessary for muscle growth and recuperation after workouts.

Sports nutrition for muscle growth

This list of products will help to gain weight by increasing muscle mass, and not fat deposits. Include these products in your sports diet, and the result will not take long.

  • Sunflower seeds- plant source of protein, contain vitamin E. Sunflower seeds are an antioxidant, accelerate the recovery process after workouts. Seeds can be eaten separately or peeled kernels added to salads. It is better to use the seeds raw, but if you are not used to such, you can fry them slightly.
  • Mackerelcontains a large amount of fatty acids that are needed by the body. Indeed, after exhausting sports, the body begins to break down protein, including reducing the already formed beautiful relief. Fatty acids prevent muscle breakdown. In addition, mackerel meat contains vitamin C - the most important component of collagen, which is vital for muscles and ligaments. Also very useful tuna, which is recommended to use before training.
  • Kiwi.

Sports nutrition for muscle growth

  • A pineappleimproves protein digestion in the body. The enzyme bromelain, which is included with the composition of the fruit, reduces muscle pain after exercise. Also an excellent painkiller is ginger.
  • VenisonBest for muscle growth, it is rich in protein and vitamins. But the meat is quite tough, so before cooking it must be pickled more than a day. In terms of its useful properties, it is second only beef - the absolute champion of the sports diet.
  • Coffee- alternative energy, which is contraindicated for sports nutrition. Feeling tired will overtake you later; coffee can be replaced. green tea, which gives the same result.
  • Yogurt, but only natural. Buy yogurt that does not contain sugar and dyes, to improve the taste and nutritional value, mix it with fruit yourself.
  • Turmeric.Seasoning contains curcumin, which promotes muscle recovery after microtraumas.
  • Cucumber.The main nutrients contain the peel, so never clean it before use.

  • Chocolate milk.Calcium strengthens bones, and without them you can not build strong muscles.
  • Buckwheatcontains amino acids, strengthens the circulatory system. Eat buckwheat porridge at least twice a week.
  • Almondand other nuts strengthen the heart and help restore muscle tissue.
  • Cherry juicebest analgesic. Drink it after workouts.
  • If you want something sweet, treat yourself to a slice marshmallows of pureed cherry plum or apple puree with egg white, or sesame halva.
  • Watercresscontains a lot of vitamin C and Fe. Iron promotes muscle growth.

Sports nutrition for muscle growth

  • Eggs source of protein, fat, vitamin D. But do not abuse them.
  • Papayahelps break down proteins.
  • Sweet red pepper- source of vitamin C, and without antioxidants, muscle growth is impossible.
  • Herring.
  • Lentils - source of protein.
  • Pastenecessary to meet the body's need for carbohydrates. But you need to give preference to pasta from durum wheat, and eat them with turkey and vegetables, not with fatty sauce and bacon.
  • Asparaguscontains vegetable protein, zinc, potassium.
  • Wheatgrasshelps to absorb glucose, provides blood flow to the muscles.
  • Seaweed spirulina restores muscle after exercise.
  • Non-carbonated mineral water. It is necessary to drink it during exercise to restore water balance, because the lack of fluid in the body can negate all efforts.

In addition to products for muscle growth, fitness trainers often recommend taking supplements for building muscle. But in most cases, they are recommended for men who, eating them in conjunction with high-calorie foods, tend to gain weight.

Sports nutrition for muscle growth

Sports nutrition supplements for muscle growth

  1. Whey Protein.From it, low-calorie cocktails are prepared, which help maintain weight in normal conditions. It is recommended to use high calorie supplements for weight gain. For the same purpose, cream should be added to whey protein shakes. Indeed, for the growth of muscle mass, the body needs fat. In its absence, the body can not fully function. That's how it is arranged in nature, all sources of protein are associated with fat. A person receives the most valuable sources of protein from animals or from animals. Chicken eggs contain yolks, yolks activate proteins found in egg white, so for sports nutrition, yolks can not be separated from proteins. The same applies to meat. For example, one of the most popular types of meat is beef, the body becomes stronger from it, muscles grow, but first-class meat contains fat that the body needs for sports.
  2. CreatineThere are various rumors and myths about this supplement, but the supplement helps build muscle, and the side effects are not always obvious if you follow the recommendations on the label.
  3. Glutamine.
  4. Vitamin C.

These supplements can be used not only to become bigger and stronger, but also to recover faster after exhausting workouts. This is an addition to a sports diet. But if, while playing sports, you do not eat high-calorie nutritious food, you will not get the results you expect. Additives are not magic, they are only an addition to the basic program. Buy supplements exclusively from manufacturers who have proven themselves in the sports nutrition market.

Fitness trainers recommend including 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 10% fat in the diet of sports nutrition for muscle growth.It is this approach that gives feedback and results at the very beginning of building muscle mass.

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