Slimming with yolk

When someone wants to lose weight, he is looking for foods that are low in calories. In this regard, foods that cause a feeling of satiety can also be helpful, thereby limiting food intake, such as a boiled egg. So, is yolk losing weight a myth or a reality?

Can I lose weight with the help of the yolk?

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of the yolk

Often you hear about the dangers of eggs for health, especially egg yolk. People today are afraid to consume the yolk, because there is a persistent belief that it is rich in cholesterol, and eggs are generally a source of salmonella. Nevertheless, we have been eating them for decades.

Studies have shown that women who eat eggs with toast and jam every morning on a diet lose two times more weight than those who eat, for example, a bagel, subject to the same amount of calories. And do not be afraid of yolks for weight loss. If you eat them in moderation - no more than seven a week, they will not harm your health. In addition, consuming the yolk, you increase the level of good cholesterol in the body, which is involved in the synthesis of hormones.

The yolk contains more than 90% of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, in particular:

  • calcium;
  • folate;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • thiamine;
  • zinc;
  • Pantothenic acid.

And this is only part of the list. A boiled egg is nutritious and contains few calories: about 80 Kcal, and 54 of them fall to the yolk.

The combination of these factors ensures that the yolk perfectly helps regulate appetite, maintaining a feeling of fullness throughout the day. Thus, you eat fewer calories throughout the day. At the same time, excess calories from the yolk, on the contrary, stimulate the burning of a greater number of them.

The secrets of the egg-yolk diet

The secrets of the egg-yolk diet

If you decide to use the egg-yolk diet for weight loss, you should consider some of its features:

  • The yolk should be hard boiled. Firstly, in this form it is easier to extract from the egg, secondly, boiled yolk is absorbed faster and better by the body, thirdly, the risk of salmonellosis is significantly reduced.
  • Do not get involved and eat a large number of yolks. It definitely will not lead to weight loss, but it can add health problems. Observe the recommended rate - no more than seven pieces per week.
  • Foods that contain simple carbohydrates and fats are not recommended to be consumed along with yolks.
  • When you lose weight, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Thus, the daily rate is 1.5-2 liters.
  • The best time to eat the yolk is morning during breakfast. This is how you reduce your appetite for the day ahead and reduce your calorie intake in your daily diet.
  • Instant weight loss using yolk should not be expected. However, the result in reducing weight can be achieved faster if the diet is combined with sports.

Diet number 1

Of course, one yolk will not be full, therefore we regard him as an ally in the fight against obesity. Here are some ideas for meals included in the diet:

  • yolk steam omelet for breakfast;
  • vegetable salad with a minimal amount of vegetable oil and the addition of finely chopped boiled egg yolk;
  • crushed with a fork into small crumbs with yolk, you can sprinkle a bowl of rice or fish pieces;
  • Finally, you can treat yourself to a cream dessert made from fresh egg yolk.

For lunch and dinner, you can cook steamed vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage with onions, tomatoes. They are served on the table as a side dish for fish or boiled chicken breast. If you use this unloading diet for three days, you can get rid of 1 to 2 kg of excess weight.

Diet number 2

variant of the yolk diet

There is another version of the yolk diet.


  • egg cocktail;
  • green tea without sugar with lemon.

To make a cocktail, you need two yolks and one teaspoon of honey. They are mixed and whipped well. To cleanse the body and burn excess fat, you can use lemon-soda instead of green tea. It is prepared as follows:

  1. In a glass wring out the juice of half a lemon.
  2. A teaspoon of soda is added and filled with warm water, then stirred well.

Soda is a good addition to your diet. Slimming with yolk and soda will speed the desired results.


  • low fat broth;
  • rye flour toast;
  • tomato juice.


  • low-fat cheese - 100 g;
  • tea without sugar.

This diet is also designed for three days with the release of 2 kg of weight.


Reviews about losing weight with the help of the yolk

With diets in general and yolk in particular, you need to be extremely careful to lose weight and stay healthy. It is best to proceed with your plan to eliminate obesity, consult a doctor and be examined to determine their condition.

It is contraindicated to eat yolks in such cases:

  • in case of individual intolerance of this product by the body;
  • in the case of liver dysfunction;
  • if hepatitis was previously transferred;
  • if there are problems in the heart;
  • with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
  • in case of predisposition to thrombosis;
  • with hypertension;
  • if there are disorders in digestion.

To be or not to be a yolk diet? Opinions of women and experts

Reviews about losing weight with the help of the yolk are the most versatile:

  • Karina: “It’s quite realistic to lose weight using a yolk diet. Only one thing is unclear: why yolks? You can eat a whole egg just as well. The effect will not change.”
  • Gennady, expert: "In my opinion, an egg or its yolk is not a product that can be used as a mono diet. Yolk can be taken as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. And as a good diet product, it should take place in your diet But to build an entire diet on it alone is not the best option. "

If you want to lose weight permanently, consult a nutritionist. Diets help to lose weight quickly, but after they end, weight recovery, which was before, often occurs. In addition, such a reciprocating effect is considered harmful to health.

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