Slimming olive oil

In the summer you want to be slim and beautiful! In order to achieve not only slimness, but also fresh perfect skin of the face and body, try using olive oil. According to many women, it allows in the shortest time to achieve amazing results!

How great is the use of olive oil for weight loss?

Olive oil is a unique product, a storehouse of vitamins K, B, C, as well as A and E, stopping the effects of toxic free radicals and rejuvenating the body from the inside and outside. The most valuable oil give unsaturated fatty acids, the benefits of which are surprisingly great. Oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids are the basis of olive oil, which solves many of the problems of human health.

People who want to strengthen their blood vessels, improve vision, reduce the risk of cancer, get rid of infertility should always apply olive oil in their basic diet. It also helps with weight loss. The fact is that, despite the high calorie content, it is 100% absorbed by our body and has a beneficial effect on it.

Slimming Olive Oil

A big plus of such maslava is that by regularly eating it you can forget about painful and long diets, which, although they give a positive result, but at the same time are harmful to health, disrupting the metabolism, depriving the body of beneficial vitamins and mineral salts.

Within a month after applying the oil, you will stand on home scales and notice that you have lost 3 or even 5 kg without restricting yourself in the diet. To achieve the best effect and the manifestation of a beautiful muscle relief, adopt a small amount of physical activity, which will tighten your body and bring it into perfect shape. The result will not be fleeting (as is the case of many diets), but long-term, you will feel easy, because the body will be cleansed and sated with substances useful for it.

Features of the use of olive oil on an empty stomach

We recover from frequent snacks between main meals. Overeating is actively contributing to weight gain and metabolic disorders. To avoid this, you should strictly control the amount of food consumed and in this a good helper for you will be just olive oil.

New York scientists at one time discovered the secret of this oil: it turns out that the oleic acid present in its composition helps to produce oleylethanolamide - an unusual substance that feeds nerve impulses to the brain, saying that the body needs to be fed and food intake must be completed. Those who have little oleylethanolamide in the body can not keep their appetite under control, absorbing food in large quantities.

Olive oil, actively interacting with the intestines, improves the production of oleyletanolamide, as a result of which people eat much less than before, and the feeling of hunger does not torment them, so you can forget about snacks and the desire to eat fast food.

How do you need to properly take olive oil in order to lose weight?

Slimming Olive Oil

In order to return your weight to normal and cleanse the body of toxins, you need to eat olive oil on an empty stomach, first 1 tsp., Over time you should increase the amount of morning intake to 1 tbsp. l After that, you can neither eat nor drink for 40 minutes, otherwise there will be no weight loss. If you wish, you can enter an additional evening oil intake (1 tbsp of lb will suffice). Also, olive oil can be used as a dressing for your favorite salad, other dishes, it can fry fish and meat, put out fresh vegetables and other products.

Reviews of women:

  • Nadezhda: I decided to take olive oil: there were problems with weight and with a chair. The result was noticed in a month. I lost 5 kg, just in the morning and in the evening, drinking a spoonful of oil. The skin has become better, the stomach has earned. My figure has become much better!
  • Julia: Thanks to oil intake, I lost 3 kg per month. I will continue to take it. Girlfriends say from this product and the hair becomes better.
  • Marina: My appetite has decreased from olive oil. Quite abandoned fast food for lunch. I feel much lighter. Big plus - dropped kilograms do not return!

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Acceptance of olive oil will only benefit you. You can lose weight, increase your immunity, begin to look younger. This product, even in small quantities, will help improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. No wonder it is the basis of the popular Mediterranean diet.

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