Parameters of an ideal figure. exercises for the perfect

In different eras, the understanding of the ideal figure was different. But at any time women sought beauty and the standards that fashion set. A few centuries ago, people tried to determine what the ideal parameters are and what should be considered when calculating them. At the moment there are many formulas and tables for calculating the parameters in accordance with the height and weight of a person, the values ​​in them are somewhat different. Some systems are based only on height and weight, others take into account the body type of a person, and still others even age. Consider the most common system for determining the ideal parameters. What are the parameters of an ideal figure?

Parameters of an ideal figure

Parameters for women of large (wide bone) build with medium height (165-167 cm):

  • Waist - 70-76 cm
  • Hips - 95-106 cm
  • Chest volume - 8-10 cm more ½ of the growth
  • Breast volume - more than 8-10 cm of chest circumference
  • Leg length - more by 2-4 cm ½ part of growth

For women of slim thin boning with medium height:

  • Waist circumference - 60-64 cm
  • Girth of the hips - 85-94 cm
  • Chest volume - 84-86 cm
  • Chest circumference - 4-6 cm more chest circumference
  • Leg length - 6-9 cm more than ½ of the growth

For women of average build with average height:

  • Waist circumference is calculated by the formula - height minus 10 cm
  • Hip volume - 20-30 cm more than waist circumference
  • Chest volume - 2-5 cm more ½ growth
  • Chest circumference - 8-10 cm more chest circumference
  • Leg length - 4-6 cm more ½ growth

The proportionality of the figure is also very important. It is determined by the formula proposed by modern scientists. It is necessary to measure the circumference of the thigh immediately below the gluteal fold. The result is multiplied by the sum of the volumes of the shoulder, lower leg and neck. With proper proportionality, the coefficient that you get as a result of the calculations should be in the range of 0.54-0.62.

Parameters of an ideal figure

You can calculate the ideal parameters by the following formula:

  • Waist Girth - 2 Neck Girth
  • Neck circumference - 2 wrist circumferences
  • The normal ratio of hips and waist - 0.6-0.72

Parameters of an ideal figure

Alternative Formula:

In order to calculate the ideal parameters using this formula, multiply the size of your height in cm by the factor indicated below:

  • For a waist 0,35-0,4
  • For breast 0.5-0.55
  • For hips 0,52-0,6
  • For the circumference of the legs (in the area of ​​the protruding part of the gastrocnemius muscle) 0,21-0,23
  • For wrist grip 0.09-0.1
  • For shoulder width 0.18-0.2
  • For neck circumference 0.18-0.2

Previously, to determine the optimal weight, a formula was used, where it was necessary to subtract 100 from its height in cm. According to the experts who derived this formula, the resulting number should have been considered your ideal weight.

But later it was determined that this formula is not entirely correct and accurate. It is suitable only for people from 45 years, and even then not always. And if you use this formula, then slimness and thinness would be considered something abnormal, respectively, all tall people with asthenic physique would be considered unhealthy.

Now added to this formula supplement in accordance with age. So, for women 20-30 years of age, it’s necessary to take 12% off, and after 50 years add 5-7%. But again, the new formula with the amendments does not take into account the particular physique, therefore many experts believe that it is better not to use it and determine the parameters using special tables.

Ideal proportions of the female body: table

Exercises for the perfect figure

It is important to know how much weight will be optimal for you. And if this indicator is more or, on the contrary, less than the norm, you need to adjust the figure. After all, both excess and insufficient weight are not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also unhealthy.

Complex exercises for the chest:

  1. Starting position - kneeling, the back should be straightened. Hands straighten and lift up, stretch. Smoothly lower hands, palms should be directed upwards and held in a horizontal position. Repeat about 10 times.
  2. Starting position - standing with a straight back, legs apart shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms forward to the level of your shoulders, join your palms, and press each other with all your might, and then relax. Keep your elbows at the same height. Do this 15 times.
  3. Starting position - kneeling. Straighten your back and pull your arms forward to shoulder level. Then put your hands behind your back as much as possible, and swing them springy. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

A set of exercises for the waist:

  1. Starting position - standing, legs apart shoulder-width apart. From such a position, make springy tilts in opposite directions and wave your arms over your head: first with the right, then with the left. Try to make maximum deflections. The exercise must be repeated at least 10 times.
  2. Starting position - sitting on the floor, palm behind the head. Bend forward and elbows touch the knees. Do spring swaying in this position. Repeat 15 times.
  3. Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands join high above the head, make maximum turns to the right and left. Perform circular movements with your body, repeat it 15 times.

A set of exercises for the hips:

  1. Starting position - kneeling, hands hold on the heels. Deflect so that the body with the hips is in the same line. Afterwards, bend your upper body back as far as possible, and again align. Do the exercise 10 times.
  2. Starting position - sitting on the floor, palm rests on the floor. Feet pull and lift. Then, keeping your legs in the air, spread them apart, as wide as possible. Put your legs together again and gently lower them to the floor. Do this 10 times.
  3. Starting position - kneeling. From this position, gently sit on the floor first to the right, then to the left. At the same time, move your hands in the opposite direction. Do the exercise 15 times.

Parameters of an ideal figure

Complex exercises for the buttocks:

  1. Starting position - kneeling, hands apart. Sit down alternately on the floor, leaning to the right, then to the left. Straighten your torso every time you change your position. Perform the exercise about 15 times.
  2. Starting position - hands on the waist, legs shoulder-width apart. Perform circular movements of the hips to the right and left. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Starting position: standing, knees bent. As high as possible, raise your legs and hold them for a while in a fixed position, then move aside. Exercise should be repeated 15 times.

A set of exercises for a flat stomach:

A resilient and flat animal is the dream of many women. However, even in girls with a proportional figure there are ugly fat folds in this area. To tighten the abdomen and bring the muscles in tone, do these exercises:

  1. Starting position - standing, legs together, hands on the waist. While inhaling, retrain the abdomen as much as possible, and while exhaling, relax it. Perform 30 times.
  2. Starting position - standing, the back rests against the wall. Keep your legs together and stretch your arms along the body. While inhaling, raise your extended arms and touch the wall with your fingers. Keep the body straight while doing the exercise, and then return to the starting position. Repeat 30 times.
  3. Starting position - sitting on the floor, legs straightened, arms behind his back and rest against the floor. Lay down gently on the floor. The legs should remain straight, arms placed along the body. Take the starting position. Perform the exercise 20 times.
  4. Starting position - lying on his back, legs straight, arms apart. Alternately tighten your legs to the stomach and chest, at the same time spreading your knees and crossing your feet. Accept the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  5. Starting position - lying on his back. Raise your legs at a right angle and then gently lay them on the floor. Bending the legs at the knee joints, pull them up to the stomach, and then straighten them again and pull them up. Do 10 repetitions without interruption.
  6. Starting position - lying on your stomach, grab your ankles with your hands. Raise your upper body and lower your head and swing in that position. Do the exercise 15 times.
  7. Starting position - sitting on the floor, legs stretch. Lean on your arms from behind. Squeeze a small ball with your feet and lift your legs as high as possible, but keep your knees together. Repeat 20 times.

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If you think that your body is far from ideal, then this set of exercises is for you! Just a few minutes a day, and the figure will become the subjects of your pride. Do not believe? Be sure to check!

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