Oksisayz or breathing exercises for weight loss. reviews


In the struggle for harmony women are looking for new diets and effective sets of exercises. But it is important to remember that in order to maintain the achieved result, you need to change your lifestyle once and for all, switch to a healthy diet and play sports every day. Of course, choosing your own weight loss program is not easy, because there are so many of them. Someone chooses for himself callanetics, Pilates, someone Bodyflex. In recent years, Oksisize has become increasingly popular - a set of exercises based on proper breathing.

Oxisis reviews

What is Oxisis?

Oxygen has a destructive effect on adipose tissue - fat cells are destroyed. If you exercise and breathe properly, then those extra pounds and centimeters from the problem areas will go away. The system of exercises Tabata and Bodyflex is based on the intensive supply of oxygen to the organism.

Do exercises Oksisayz contraindications?

According to experts, this complex has no contraindications. To keep yourself in good shape, even pregnant women can do it. Oxisize is suitable even for those who do not have time for long workouts, because it is enough to devote only 15 minutes a day to exercises. After 2 weeks of classes, you will notice the results.

Benefits Oksisayz

Oxisis reviews

  • Doing exercises is not necessary in the morning on an empty stomach. Not everyone is ready to be active in the morning, so you can do the exercises at any time.
  • Unlike Bodyflex, exercises do not need to be voiced, your household will be calm.
  • To perform the exercises, do not need additional shells and simulators.
  • The complex allows you to burn extra pounds in problem areas due to the fact that you yourself, while breathing, direct oxygen to problem areas.
  • Exercises can be done even after eating, but not after you overeat. Overeating and Oxisis are not compatible.

In general, when practicing Oksisayz, you must observe diet. After all, no exercise will give results if after them to reward themselves with a hearty lunch.

Food at Oxisize

Oxisis reviews

The creator of the system is Jill Johnson, she advises to eat 4 times a day. Should be excluded from the diet of junk food, eat more live foods, fiber. On the day should be consumed up to 1700 kcal. It is emphasized that you do not need to starve, just eat right.

Result Oxisize

  1. For five weeks, you can lose weight by 2 - 5 kg. This is in view of the fact that fatty tissue is easier for muscles. Muscles grow, fatty tissue decreases.
  2. Cellulite decreases.
  3. You lose weight, which means you become happier.
  4. Libido increases.
  5. The body becomes more flexible.
  6. The level of cholesterol is reduced and the pressure is normalized.
  7. Reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  8. The skeleton is being strengthened.

How to start classes?

Before you start exercising you need to work on proper breathing. It should check whether you breathe correctly. It is important that the air in your body circulates properly. Your breathing should be diaphragm. If you breathe through your breasts, you doom yourself to indisposition and fatigue; oxygen is not properly distributed throughout your body. Even if you are not going to do Oksisayz, then you just need to breathe in the stomach, not chest.

Oxisis reviews

How to breathe correctly?


With diaphragmatic breathing, you need to take a sharp breath with your nostrils. When breathing, smile, this will allow you to take a deeper breath, you also need to maximally draw in the abdomen, strain the pelvic floor muscles and perform the rocking exercises of the hips up and down. Relax the abdominals, prepare the body for a deep breath. Make an extra three small breaths. This will create an additional supply of oxygen to the body. While you hold your breath, the body eats due to the accumulated sugar.


Form a tube out of the lips and exhale as much as possible, you should feel the tension below the chest. On the exhale, do not lower the head, buttocks should remain tight, retracted. Then three sharp small exhalations, the head does not descend, the muscles are strained, the volume of the lungs increases.

Inhale and exhale 4 times - 1 repeat Basic breathing.

Oksisayz Exercises

A set of exercises designed for 5 weeks. In one day you need to do 30 exercises. One repetition takes 30 seconds, the whole complex takes 15 minutes. It is necessary to read with 5 exercises, gradually complicate and introduce the remaining exercises. The complex of exercises and the technique of their implementation can be viewed on the video. For classes do not need special conditions, you can even breathe properly while standing in line and sitting in the office.

Oxisis reviews

Oxisis reviews

On the Internet, on the forums you can find a lot of enthusiastic reviews about the effectiveness of the exercises. In just a week, Oxisis can save 6 centimeters at the waist. Even if you do not change the power system for 3 months, you can lose 5 kilograms and this is not the limit. For three weeks, you can change the 48 size to 44. But there were those who did not notice the results, perhaps the breathing exercises were not performed correctly, and the voltage was not the maximum. After all, the result depends on the return. It is important to remember that you need to deal with Oksisayz systematically, it is desirable to introduce the complex into your daily use, then those extra pounds and centimeters will not return.

And what exercises have been effective for you?

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