Mediterranean diet

As soon as the next system of weight loss is on the rumor, flickering everywhere with its enticing promises, almost any girl who dreams of being slim is experiencing it. The number of such methods included the Mediterranean diet. Often it is called one of the safest.

Mediterranean diet: features

Many weight loss systems are built on a single algorithm. During them make lists of permissible and unacceptable products. Only a few techniques have distinctive features. As for the Mediterranean diet, it is based on a pyramid.

All allowed products are combined into one scheme, where a clear gradation of the frequency of their use is viewed. Those located at the very top should not fall on the table more than once a week. Basis is obliged to be present in the diet daily. Everything between them, depending on its proximity to the base or top of the frequency varies. But this is not the only feature of the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet

The way of creating dishes is also unusual: heat treatment is rarely allowed here, unless it comes to meat and fish, pasta or cereals. Otherwise, raw foods and unheated foods are preferred. Everything is prepared for 1 day. Those. secondary processing is not expected.

The menu necessarily contains dishes of the same name cuisine, the recipes for which can be found in abundance. In addition, olives and butter from them - daily guests on the table. The same applies to spices, acting as natural antioxidants. Of these, rosemary and basil are desirable, as not causing feelings of thirst. They do not contribute to getting too spicy or spicy taste.

Rules of diet

According to the pyramid, proposed by the creators of the system, in daily use should be cereal and flour products (not buns and pies!), As well as vegetables and fruits, olive oil, various nuts and legumes.

  • The proportion of carbohydrates in this method is significant (60%). They are selected with a minimum glycemic index. Pasta and cereals are used daily, but their easiest options are selected. The same applies to bread, dry biscuits. Flour for them should not be of the highest grade, but unrefined. Well, if with the addition of oatmeal or rye, with cereals. Particular emphasis in the diet is on bulgur and couscous. If they are difficult to get, then a replacement in the form of buckwheat, lentils and millet is quite suitable.
  • Vegetables and fruits, you need to buy those that are peculiar to the Mediterranean cuisine. But this does not mean that the usual apples and oranges are less valuable. Here, the focus is not so much on the specific type of product as on its seasonality. On the table should get mostly natural food. If the bulk of vegetables and fruits will come from the dacha - this will only increase the efficiency of the system.
  • The previously mentioned nuts with olives are the very 30% fat that should also be on the menu. Olive oil is also included in them, but since it is not always available for reasons of its high cost, it is not forbidden to replace it with other types. Any unrefined oils up to sunflower.
  • A protein group represented by meat and fish should occupy no more than 10% of the total plate. Lean species are entitled to serve up to 5 times a week, red meat - no more than 2 times in 7 days. Pork is better to replace beef and chicken. Of the fish consumed 4 times a week, you can select trout and sardines, as well as white halibut. Herring and salmon should be excluded. But seafood is included in the menu any.

Recommended menu

There is no hard diet plan for 24 hours, but it is recommended to know general principles for its preparation. In particular, it is the ease of a first breakfast. Often it seems to be a couple of pieces of bread and a small portion of fruit. There are no restrictions on them, so even bananas are permissible here. Or cook any cereals.

The second breakfast is already more dense. The characteristic features of Mediterranean cuisine appear: seafood, olive oil. The same is characteristic of dinner, but fish is replaced by meat (more often - lean) or vegetable protein (legumes). For the side dish vegetables are desirable, and again olive oil. If you need a more dense version of the dinner, add pasta from durum wheat, or rice.

Mediterranean diet

Dinner is also protein. Often fishy, ​​but without oil. Includes light vegetables. Maybe a dairy group, which in principle is not enough in Mediterranean cuisine. The main focus is on sour milk, cottage cheese cheeses and natural yoghurts without additives. For dinner, you can connect 125 gr. guilt, but this is the maximum daily volume.

As for the portions themselves, they are specified quite clearly. Meat at one time - up to 150 gr., Fish in the same quantity. Eggs, if necessary, in total for a week should not exceed 3-4 pcs. Fruits per day can eat up to 3 servings, and elements of the dairy group - up to 200 ml. yogurt and 30 gr. cheese Daily caloric content - 1000-1200 kcal.

Dish recipes

As mentioned, the overwhelming majority of foods are served raw to the table when they are dieting. Therefore, the bulk of the recipes are various salads and meat dishes. The fish is most often cooked on the grill, or baked in the oven with vegetables.

Breakfast can be much more interesting than just oatmeal or bread with a slice of cheese. For example, on the basis of cottage cheese and cucumber pulp, taken in equal proportions (80-100 gr each), they make a kind of cream. To it add a little green and garlic, and this mixture is spread on grain bread.

Connoisseurs of exotic tastes, who do not know what to create with cheese and nuts, can use the following idea: papaya is washed, pulp is mixed from it, mixed with curd cheese (70 gr.) And a handful of cashews. All this requires filling the fruit. You can eat with bread.

As an afternoon snack, a variety of fruit and fruit-milk mixtures are very good. Carrot juice combines perfectly with artichoke in a ratio of 3: 1. Here it is necessary to add 1 tsp. olive oil, honey and lemon juice. Or blend natural yogurt with a banana and a pinch of cinnamon with a blender.

Lunch can be presented raguiz eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. Supplement will perform onions and seasonings. Connoisseurs of unusual flavors will love the sauce on yogurt with paprika. If it is necessary to give greater satiety, skewers bake chicken meat, marinated in advance in lemon juice.

Among the various recipes for salads can be identified as follows: 4-5 radishes are washed and chopped, the tomato and Bulgarian pepper is cut, the stem of leeks and pickled cucumber are crushed. Olives, wine vinegar and olive oil are taken for refueling.

Mediterranean diet: reviews and results

Mediterranean diet

The main result of this technique, most medical professionals call not only the elimination of excess weight, but also cleansing the liver, strengthening the vascular walls. A similar positive effect on the whole body is achieved due to a balanced diet, a high proportion of polysaturated fatty acids, as well as plant foods. In addition, since the products here almost do not undergo heat treatment, they have the opportunity to preserve their beneficial properties as much as possible and bring them to the full.

There are practically no negative reviews on the system, which is quite logical. Cuts of especially important components of the diet are not carried out, the calorie content is sufficient not to cause an acute sense of hunger and maintain vitality. The only thing that may seem difficult is a significant reduction in the amount of simple carbohydrates and refusal to fry.

It is worth adhering to the principles of the method, if not all of life, then for a considerable period. Since weight loss is mild, more than 1-2 kg per week can not be eliminated. But the result will be fixed for a long time.

It is difficult to come up with a more reasonable diet than the Mediterranean, although it has competitors. However, other things being equal, you should definitely study it. Perhaps it is she who will become your guide on the path to harmony. This system will help develop the right eating habits, never to return to the terrible numbers.

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