How to remove the stomach after childbirth

Maternity is a joy, but after pregnancy a recovery period follows when the body returns to normal after carrying a baby. The main problem is a noticeable tummy, which is difficult to remove. Often this is the subject of unnecessary stress and experiences for a young mother. So how to return the old forms and make the tummy flat again?

Belly after childbirth: features of the female physique

How to remove the stomach after childbirth?

According to many women, to achieve results and make a flat stomach can only be a total weight loss. But the kilos seem to go away, but the figure does not become perfect - the tummy does not go away. What to do?

When losing weight, you must take into account the features of the female physique. Even with optimal weight, fatty tissue can be distributed incorrectly and not evenly. Even thin women can have very decent tummies. Therefore, in order to achieve ideal forms, it is important not the ratio of weight and body weight, but the size of the fat layer.

For a healthy woman, 23–24% of fat can be considered quite normal; of this amount, 10–12% accumulates in the chest, inner thighs. But trained athletes have only 10 - 15% of fat.

During pregnancy, due to hormonal adjustment, the fat layer increases. This is necessary in order to protect the fetus from the negative effects of the external environment. It is for these reasons, the fat layer is formed in the abdomen. And after the birth of the crumbs, the muscles gradually return to normal, but the fat can remain.

How to remove the stomach after childbirth? When to start?

So what to do in order to reduce the percentage of body fat and at the same time increase the strength and tone of the abdominal muscles. In achieving this goal it is impossible to manage only with means for losing weight, an integrated approach is needed - proper nutrition, exercise, compliance with the drinking regimen, etc.

Many women after childbirth, already on discharge from the maternity hospital, want to look 100% full and have a flat tummy. But do not rush. In order not to cause damage to their own health, it is worth the wait.

After natural childbirth, exercise is possible only after 1.5 - 2 months. If the birth was carried out by caesarean section, then you can do sports only after 2 - 2.5 months, not earlier.

In case of ignoring such a restriction, the negative consequences will not take long to wait. The most probable and quickest can be attributed - the divergence of the stitches, which can be applied during a cesarean section or during ruptures, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and an omission of the vaginal walls. For these reasons, do not rush to physical exertion.

Separate attention deserve a different kind of diet.

For women who are breastfed, they are generally contraindicated. You can allow only nutritional restrictions, but no more. Refusing any products, and especially not eating, mother harms not only herself but also the body of the baby, who simply does not receive the required amount of nutrients. Under the restriction in the diet refers to the rejection of high-calorie foods - sweet, fatty and fried.

Set of exercises

How to remove the stomach after childbirth?

When working on yourself, it is necessary to train not only a certain group of muscles, but the whole body. It is better to buy a subscription to the gym and engage individually with an instructor. But at home, these exercises are quite doable.

The main goal: to achieve a flat stomach, therefore, the main focus is on the muscles of the abdominal wall. Done normally, if it protrudes quite a bit, but the stomach remains flat. But if the muscles are weak, then the stomach will bulge and sag.

To increase the tone, you can perform exercises that are divided into 4 types:

  1. The load on the lower press - footwork, with a fixed torso. Legs must be lowered and raised, bent, straighten. You can also perform circular, cross movements.
  2. Torso work with fixed legs - raising, lowering, turning, etc. With such movements, you can strengthen the upper press.
  3. Work torso and legs - in this case, the majority of abdominal muscles are included in the workout.
  4. Twisting or cross-legging with the legs and trunk, in this case, the obliques work.

Before you perform any exercise, you need to warm up. Classes should be gradual, you should not overwork.

Sports halls can offer a wide range of classes and sections that will help in improving the figure. One of the most popular methods is fitness, pilates and of course shaping.

The most important goal of shaping is the improvement of the shape with the help of exercises. He took all the best from aerobics and athletic gymnastics. Shaping is a body sculptor's tool.

For a young mother, of course, there are pluses and minuses in such training. On the one hand, the exercises will help to do your figure and go to the goal. But on the other hand, a small child and some circumstances may affect the regularity of attendance.

Women reviews

How to remove the stomach after childbirth?

  • Exploring women's forums and personal opinions of newly-made mothers, one can come to one conclusion - the work on one's own figure cannot be complete without restrictions in nutrition. It is worth repeating - breastfeeding women, any diet is contraindicated!
  • But no where to go, you have to abandon the night snacks and pastries. The postpartum diet is only about limiting the food and maintaining the principle of healthy eating.
  • The first step is to try to eat at the same time. It is best fractional to increase meals up to 5 - 6 times a day. At the same time reducing portions.
  • Salt in the diet of a woman deserves special attention. Most nutritionists advise to pickle food in the plate, and not when preparing it. In this case, its use is reduced.
  • The most important thing is not to have a snack, even fruit is considered a full meal.

Video to help new mothers

If you follow all the recommendations in a couple of months you can see the results. During this time, the abdominal muscles will get stronger and be able to hold the abdominal wall. In addition to a flat stomach, thin waist will also return. But to achieve results you should not relax - they do not last forever! It is important to continue classes in order to consolidate the effect achieved.

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