How to lose weight without dieting

Honestly, I thought for a long time before putting my thoughts on the Internet. After all, there is already so much written and told on the topic of global passion for diets that it is rather difficult to suggest something new or look original. But after meeting with my childhood friend, I nevertheless decided.

How to lose weight without dieting?

My best friend Lyudmila always differed with magnificent forms. After giving birth, she added another 15 kilograms. And that she just did not do! What kind of diet did not try on yourself - it was all in vain. The effect of another diet quickly disappeared, and kilograms were added in greater quantities than was reduced! Weight loss - has become the meaning of her life. All our conversations at meetings were reduced to the regular diet.. And, that always touched me, instead of the usual hello, an enthusiastic tirade of the type: "Imagine, you gave a recommendation - a diet for losing weight quickly! Look, in a week I will drop 5 kilograms!" A call in a week, the girlfriend is happy. And in a month I meet everything in tears: I lost 4.5 kilograms, and then I added 7.

After another failure, I decided - I need to save my friend! I re-read the sea of ​​literature on nutrition, got acquainted with a hundred recommendations. But all these effective diets did not give a positive result..

So 10 years have passed. Girlfriend despaired, ceased to follow. Became a nervous and irritable person. We met less and less. She was hard to see me, because against her background I looked quite thin. And then fate divorced us for 12 years. She and her husband moved to another city. First there were rare calls, and then the connection was completely cut off ...

September of this year was warm. Celebrated the day of the city. Music. Noisy, fun, and then in the midst of this fun, an exquisitely dressed lady rushes to me. With an exclamation that is not at all appropriate to her appearance: "Here is my skinny girl! And you do not change!" - hugs me by the shoulders. You know, if I had not been kept, I would have sat on the asphalt in the middle of the street. I did not expect such a change in the external and, as it later turned out, internal in my Lyudmila!

How to lose weight without dieting?

For a glass of juice in a cafe, a friend told how she had reached such a life. It turns out my search for a variety of diets and a lot of literature on this topic (which I bought to her, wherever I could) were not in vain. After the move, there were no girlfriends in the new city, I was sitting at home without work. Time spent reading my favorite column on the forums - diet reviews. But one day, going through old magazines, with a desire to lie down and read something, I came across a small brochure. Theme - dietology. But these were diet recommendations from historical figures collected in one collection. Sorry, I do not remember the author. There was a description of the Pythagorean diet, it was told about the Geisha diet. But what influenced the girlfriend the most? She just suddenly realized that diet and weight loss are not the same thing. Through thought of the collection - This is a balanced diet food. Which, first of all, helps to improve health, and not just lose those extra pounds. Proper diet does not lead to the oppression of the body and its depletion, but maintains the energy balance, removing first of all the accumulations unnecessary to the body (salt, slag, etc.).

She began to perform, total 3 conditions:

  • I can still eat from the table with feeling, but I will not.
  • Eat at certain hours, but not when you wanted to eat.
  • A varied diet, and not just what you want.

it Avicenna's recommendations, the great Arab medical scientist.

Now my Lyudmila is watching her. It cleanses the body, observes the diet, does not allow glut, even on holidays. Looks great, 15 years younger than his age, works as commercial director of a large enterprise. I am sure that she is quite happy in her family.

Draw your own conclusions. I think it all depends on us. In this life, nothing happens without difficulty. Self-care, nutrition and self-discipline - this great work. I wish you success in this field!

Especially for - Angelica

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