How at home to pump up the pectoral muscles of girls and men

You look at the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger with admiration, and the leading fitness coaches of the female cause delight? Know that their body is the result of long and painstaking workouts. And they pay special attention to the chest muscles. That is why today's conversation will touch the topic of how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home.

Do I need a gym?

how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

The ability to go to the gym have not all. Some cannot afford hours of free time per day, while others save money. Does this mean that you will never become the owner of your dream figure? Not at all. If you set a goal and actively begin to engage right now at home, then in a month your body will tighten, and after three or four, it will be transformed beyond recognition.

Why bodybuilders and weightlifters pay particular attention to the chest muscle tissue? This muscle is considered to be the largest, the press's tightness and, of course, a beautiful and simply stunning torso depend on its texture and relief.

In the main issue of inflating the pectoral muscles, special attention is paid to men. However, the representatives of the opposite sex do not lag behind them and are interested in what exercises and methods will help to pump up the pectoral muscles at home to a woman. Immediately let's put everything in its place. Pectoral muscles are not responsible for the size of the mammary glands, and pumping can only give the female roundness extra elasticity.

In order for workouts aimed at developing the breast muscle to be effective, consider the following important aspects before class:

  • Nutrition. Your daily diet, especially wrong and unbalanced, is the main enemy of a beautiful and toned body. Empty carbohydrates and sweets for the duration of the training will be an unaffordable luxury.
  • Regularity. Classes must be systematic, otherwise the result will not be. Be sure to eventually increase the load and, of course, relax. Muscle tissue must be used and fully restored.
  • We work on all muscle groups evenly. It is unlikely that a pumped torso with thin legs and flat buttocks will decorate a man or woman.
  • For training, you can use any weighting, as well as sports equipment, if available in your home gym.

It is much easier to pump up the pectoral muscles at home to a man than to the representatives of the weaker sex. Initially, nature laid the male power and its predominance over the female. If a man will train all the time, and even adjust his diet and enrich it with protein food, in a month his torso will begin to rivet the admiring glances of women. And if you do not do sports all the time and do not plan to take part in competitions, then you can safely leave the drying and reception of sports nutrition products behind the line of your attention.

To pump up the pectoral muscles of the girl at home, will have to work a little. Be sure to consider the following aspects:

  • All power loads are performed only after a good warming up of the muscle tissue;
  • the use of weighting is allowed after consultation with the coach;
  • we do not exhaust ourselves with diets, otherwise the body simply will not have a store of energy;
  • in the first two days of menstrual bleeding, we refuse completely from any power loads, because we don’t need health problems;
  • between the sets we take a short break;
  • more and more often does not mean better, remember this.

Finally, a beautiful body is not a pile of pumped pectoral muscles. Everything should be in proportion: the buttocks, thighs, legs, abs. So try to choose the right set of exercises, otherwise you will turn into a Schwarzenegger in a skirt.

The best complex for the strong half of humanity

how a man to pump up the pectoral muscles

It's time to talk about the best and, most importantly, effective exercises that will help a man to pump up the pectoral muscles. Do not forget to warm up. This stage should not be skipped. Unheated muscles will not work productively, let alone grow. Pay attention to cardio. This is the best way to get rid of extra pounds and warm up every muscle of our body thoroughly.

Exercise number 1

Perhaps push-ups - the most effective and most popular exercise, which is used in practice to work out the muscle tissue of the breast. There are a huge number of such exercises. The most effective are classic push-ups.

Any strength exercise must be performed on the exhale. So you will be easier. Be sure to hand, we bend very slowly, but sharply unbend. Please note that the ideal stance is when the palms are parallel to the shoulder girdle, the back does not bend, and the socks rest on the floor.

To stretch the pectoral muscles, you can perform exercises, relying on the sofa or chairs. In this case, it is important to regulate the level of sagging, otherwise you can injure your spine.

Exercise number 2

Of course, the muscles will work more efficiently if you have dumbbells or other weights in each hand. Choose first comfortable for you the minimum weight of dumbbells. With increasing muscle mass, of course, the load should be increased.

With dumbbells you can perform various exercises:

  • bench press;
  • spreading hands to the side;
  • bend the arms back.

Tightening on the bar will also work well the breast muscle, the entire shoulder girdle and, of course, the cherished biceps.

Exercise number 3

Athletic bars will be an excellent ally in the study of the muscles of the chest. You can go to the nearest schoolyard or park. At home, the role of the bars can play a stable high-back chairs or, for example, a window sill.

Every time you flex your arms, you don’t need to drop too low. You must constantly feel the tension. Perhaps you will feel that your possibilities are at the limit, and your body is on fire. This is exactly what you need. As soon as you feel the approach to the critical point, do another exercise approach. He will be the most effective.

Elegant breast relief

How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

Elegant, but at the same time, pumped up and developed should be the pectoral section of the woman. We have already paid attention to the fact that all the exercises must be carried out in a balanced and complex manner, otherwise you risk to make your figure disproportionate. You can choose the optimal set of strength exercises, which will work out at the same time the press, chest muscles and arms.

Exercise number 1

Dumbbells will also play the role of an ally in this difficult, but quite understandable thing. Choose not too heavy loads, otherwise after the first workout you risk in the morning not even pick up a cup of coffee. It is necessary to perform dumbbell movements in different directions in order to work out evenly all parts of the muscular tissue of the thoracic section.

You can perform 10-20 repetitions, spreading your arms to the side, then forward and pushing back. Please note that the amplitude of movements should be maximum, but at the same time comfortable. You have to control every movement, and even when you return to the starting position, keep your chest muscles in tension.

Exercise number 2

Do not forget about the expander. If you do not have such a device, you can safely replace it with a wide taut rubber band or a medical band. Hands need to be separated as much as possible to the sides, feeling how each muscle fiber of the breast is stretched and simultaneously worked through.

Pain should not be. Otherwise, stop exercising immediately. If you change the position of the hands, other muscle groups will also be involved in the work.

Exercise number 3

Pushups also have the desired effect. If you are initially hard to rely solely on socks, you can ease the task and focus on your knees. In no case do we bend or spin the back. The body is taut, like a guitar string. You can also perform push-ups from the wall or fitball.

If you develop a complex of occupations yourself, you can hardly avoid mistakes. But after passing this difficult path, you will choose the most effective and suitable course of training for you. Chest muscles should be developed. On this depends the strength of the arms and our posture. Of course, it would be better if the training is complex. Do not forget to warm up, make friends with cardio. In addition to this, eat right and have a good rest. Enjoy your workouts!

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