Films about losing weight

We offer you a list of films that talk about losing weight, techniques, sports or stimulate the revision of life positions, sober, inspire.

Films about losing weight

Slimming films

one.Anti-cellulite program: self-massage and skin nutrition

In the film, a practicing massage therapist shares his experience. Andrei Yakovlev talks about how to achieve a better result, enhance the effect of massage in the fight against cellulite on your own.

2Lose weight in 3 months, or 12 kg in 12 weeks. The first month

The film gives practical recommendations for losing weight, a set of exercises and recommendations for a balanced diet.

3Tight buttocks and a beautiful belly: slimming

Tips for modeling the figure, a set of exercises developed by kinesiotherapist Frederick Zenuda.

four.Massage against extra pounds

The film tells how to learn how to do lymphatic drainage massage.

five.Passion for the diet

A documentary about weight loss about the incompatibility of a number of diets with the life and health of a person. How to avoid becoming a victim of the beauty industry, and choose an effective diet.

6Callanetic. Effective weight loss

The complex of static exercises to strengthen muscles, stretching and weight loss.

Films about losing weight

7Flat stomach for dummies

Exercises under the guidance of fitness instructor G. Gasper.

eight.Air Force - 10 things you did not know about weight loss

An entertaining and educational program about effective ways to lose weight.

9.Slim Recipes

Tips for making breakfasts, lunches and dinners from the head of the Dr. Bormental slimming clinic.

ten.Denise Austin: lose 5 kg

A set of exercises for weight loss, developed by a famous TV presenter, fitness trainer.

11. Pilates for weight loss. First level,intermediate level, advanced level

12.What to eat to lose weight?

Films about losing weight

Feature films about weight loss

one.Dance is more precious than life

The film has a sobering effect, helps to understand that it is better to accept yourself as you are, than to die from anorexia. A similar plot has a feature film. "Perfect body".Only “Dance is more expensive than life” tells about the life of dancers, and “The Perfect Body” is about a girl athlete and her way to victory at any cost.

2The mirror has two faces

The heroine of the film turns from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The main role is played by Barbra Streisand.

3Bridget jones

For filming in this film, Renee Zellweger had to gain extra pounds to prove to women all over the world that there is no happiness in a slim figure.

four.School for fatties

With humor talks about the difficult fate of the three Russian women, who entered the fight against obesity.

five.200 pounds of beauty

The main character from a talented fat woman turns into a stunning beauty.

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Visual aids for weight loss, informative documentary programs will help in the fight against obesity.

And what movies do you recommend about losing weight? Maybe you made you think about the weight loss of any artistic plot?

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