Eutirox slimming

The fact that hormonal background has a significant impact not only on internal health, but also on its external manifestations - in particular, the figure - almost everyone knows. However, drugs that affect hormonal levels are often feared, and rightly so: a minor mistake can be irreparable. Nevertheless, some of them, for example, Eutiroks, have nevertheless been used not only in the treatment of the thyroid gland, but also in sports medicine in the direction of fat burning. Is this justified? And what is better - "Thyroxine" or "Eutiroks"?

How does eutirox work?

The drug belongs to the group of thyroids - agents that are full synthetic analogues of hormones

The drug belongs to the group of thyroids - agents that are full-fledged synthetic analogues of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland. Its main focus is on filling the deficit of these hormones in the body and normalizing the work of the endocrine system. The active substance - levothyroxine sodium - is in a concentration of 25 μg per 1 tablet. After the metabolic process, it partially goes into triiodothyronine and directly affects the metabolic processes. In particular, it concerns the metabolism of proteins and fats, for which this element acts as an anabolic, as well as an impetus to their metabolism. High doses of this element lead to a slower synthesis of TSH in the pituitary gland.

"Thyroxine", or L-thyroxin, is often compared with "Eutirox", because they have exactly the same active ingredient T4, and do not differ in their indications and contraindications. However, the concentration of the hormone in L-thyroxine is higher and is 50 μg per 1 tablet. Their overall effectiveness is identical. Both Eutirox and Thyroxin allow to achieve:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • burning fat cells with minimal damage to muscle tissue;
  • oppression of hunger;
  • increase endurance and performance;
  • stimulation of the nervous system.

Here, of course, there were no negative points: the last point about the nervous system directly suggests that thyroxine (element) has the ability to increase heart rate as if it is an adrenaline rush, which increases the load on the heart.

How to take "Eutiroks" for weight loss?

The instructions attached to the drug, about burning fat, certainly does not say absolutely nothing. Therefore, to find out the optimal dosage of "Eutiroks" for weight loss, as well as to get acquainted with the schedule of its intake, you should turn to sports medicine.

  • The maximum course duration is 28 days. This period is sufficient to restore the work of the thyroid gland and metabolism.
  • To reduce the negative effects of the drug on the heart, experts advise simultaneously to drink beta-blockers. However, even with such a combination, the course is not prolonged.
  • At the initial stage, the daily dose of thyroid should not exceed 50 µg, the growth is allowed up to 300 µg. In this case, it is desirable to divide the specified volume into 2-3 doses, which are distributed until 6:00 pm - evening reception is prohibited due to CNS stimulation.
  • Tablets should be taken before meals, or 2-2.5 hours after it, drinking water.

It will not be superfluous to change the diet, since even the most overclocked metabolism will give up under the pressure of an abundance of fried, fatty and sweet.

Feedback from consumers and professionals

Opinion of doctors regarding the drug - positive

The opinion of the doctors regarding the drug is positive, but this concerns its main focus: i.e. normalization of the endocrine system. On the ability of "Eutiroks" to restore metabolism, they also respond without a negative, but the "popular" use of a means to lose weight is often approved only by sports medicine. They also warn of a large number of side effects, as well as the need to calculate the individual dose by weight of the person directly with the doctor.

And what do consumers say?

Olga, 25 years old: Weight loss at Eutirox is really possible and, moreover, it happens in a short time - I lost 4 cm at the waist and 7 kg of net weight in 2 weeks, which was required by my trainer. Tachycardia warned "Propranolol", pressure rises were not recorded. But still, if it were not for the need to change the shape quickly, I would rather work on the body without Eutirox.

Despite the fact that hormonal disruptions and hormone-based drugs usually contribute to weight gain, Eutirox and its related thyroids, by contrast, return metabolic processes to the correct regimen, which may not give the desired effect, but will not cause weight gain. However, like other drugs of this type, Eutirox is desirable to start taking after consulting a doctor.

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