Diet without fasting. lose weight effectively

For many, the phrase “Lose weight and do not go hungry” seems empty words, a fairy tale that will never be realized. But it is this method that leads to slimness, beauty and attractiveness that is gaining the first positions today. This is due to the fact that modern women lead a very active lifestyle and think about fasting, and even more about its effects (irritability, constant hunger, bad mood, annoying calorie count) they simply do not have time. Unfortunately, there is no time to go to the gym either. But these factors do not mean that you have to give up on yourself, no. It is at this moment that a diet in which there is no starvation comes to the rescue.

On this diet you will not have to starve!

How can you lose weight without fasting?

The basis of this type of weight loss is that due to the gradual decrease in the amount of food consumed, calories and changes in your usual diet, you will lose those extra pounds that will never return. Progressiveness is the main key to success. The organism has time to get used to a new way of life that does not disturb it and does not force it to switch on the energy saving mode. After all, it is precisely in this state that our body falls under diets, in which it is necessary to limit oneself in food.

Therefore, precisely diet without fasting is correct. Yes, it will take more time, but the result will be fixed forever, and you will never return to your previous weight.

Diet rules without fasting

So, start losing weight:

  1. Your plate should contain as much food as you would fit in your palms.. Of course, this is an approximate amount, if after lunch you feel dizzy and hungry, then you need to slightly increase your dose. Remember, the main thing that your body was comfortable. It is better to eat less, but more often.
  2. A good dream will also help in the fight against excess weight. During sleep, the body replenishes the energy spent during the day, do not deprive it of this process, neglecting sleep. Otherwise, in the morning your body will require energy from the outside, from food.
  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits, they will replace high-calorie foods. There should be more protein and fiber, they are digested the slowest, which means they delay the time of the next meal.
  4. Drink less, lose weight faster. But from thirst to die is not necessary. Drink only when you really want it.
  5. Review the process of eating. Beautifully serve the table, cut the products into small pieces (visually they create more volume in the plate). And most importantly do not rush. Come out from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. Saturation comes only after 15-20 minutes.
  6. Walk more, give up the lift. Do short exercises in the morning, it does not take you much time, but add vitality and good mood.
  7. But still most importantly, in any form of weight loss - this is an emotional attitude to the result. Love yourself!

Sample diet menu without fasting

Diet menu without fasting

Morning. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water (optional). Get out and breathe fresh air for at least 5 minutes to saturate the body with oxygen and wake up. Take a shower, wash, do exercises.

  • For breakfast Eat some juicy fruit. It can be any citrus fruits, pineapple, maybe an apple.
  • For lunch you can eat something more satisfying. But remember that more than half of the total volume of your plate must be green and fresh vegetables. And the remaining half can take, for example, fish stew and rice (preferably brown).
  • For dinner You can eat any vegetable salad, which you can add nuts, or sprouted grains.

Eating this way on diet without fasting, You can easily lose weight and significantly improve your body. Successes!

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