Diet nursing mothers for weight loss. how to eat

It is important for nursing mothers to understand that a diet in the postpartum period and throughout the entire period of breastfeeding should be a good nutrition. Especially nursing mothers should be careful about food choices in the first days and weeks after giving birth. After all, the baby microflora formation in the intestines will occur only after 3 weeks. And when feeding takes into account the possibility of an allergic reaction in the newborn.

The manifestation of an allergy to a product eaten by a woman can occur only from the second time. It is important that the baby receives a balanced diet, because vitamins and trace elements, especially in the early development of the child, play a big role. But this does not mean at all that Mommy will not be able to pamper herself with tasty food, because in the future her diet will be quite diverse.

For effective weight loss after childbirth should be accustomed to take meals in small portions about 5 times a day. In the first week of food products are entered separately. This should not be frightened, because it is possible to follow the reaction of the child, in time to exclude an allergenic product for a while. At the same time, neither the mother nor the child should be lacking or excess in vitamins and minerals. You should start taking a special complex for nursing.

Alcohol, soda, artificial food additives, preservatives, nicotine are excluded from the diet. Taking medicine should be strictly controlled by doctors. A negative reaction is caused by: smoked products, ketchup, mayonnaise, spicy seasonings, grapes, chocolate, cakes, citrus fruits.

The diet of nursing mothers involves the use of only high-quality and fresh food.

Diet nursing moms

Recommended diet for nursing mothers

1-3 day:

  • be sure to have fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, crackers, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge on the water, steamed or boiled veal, mineral water without gas.

3-7 day:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, bifido yoghurts, low-fat cottage cheese, baked and steamed vegetables, vegetable soups.

1-3 weeks:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, low-fat boiled fish, cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream.

in 3 weeks:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, biscuits, fresh beets, boiled chicken and rabbit, decoctions of dried fruits.

The daily consumption of lean meat varieties bring up to 180-220 g, low-fat cottage cheese 100-150 g, dairy drinks up to 500 ml. We actively use bran and whole grain cereals, baked and raw vegetables and fruits, fresh greens, berries, beef liver, juices and fruit drinks. We exclude nuts, fat and flour food, we refuse fried foods and large consumption of sweets.

Nursing mothers should control the amount of fluid they drink per day. The first days after birth is not more than 2 liters per day. The amount of fluid is reduced to 1 l, when there is a surge of milk in the breast. A week later, we resume the use of fluids from 1.5 liters to 2 liters per day.

Diet nursing moms

Also recommended weak tea, you can with milk, fruit drinks, dried fruit compotes, mineral water without gas.

After 2-3 weeks after delivery, you can use in combination with diet and exercise. At first, this is an easy warm-up in the hall. The first weeks are enough hiking with your child. Loads should be moderate, you should not immediately set the pace and rush. If you have lost between 200 g and 600 g in a week, then diet combined with exercise is effective for you. Rapid weight loss is incomplete, as those extra pounds can also quickly return.

With a complete, balanced diet, the diet will not only reduce the weight of the nursing mother, but also fill the baby’s diet with useful components.

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