Diet fast weight loss for the week. recommendations

Diets for quick weight lossare very popular. But such diets should be treated with caution.

Diet fast weight loss for the week. Recommendations

First, rapid weight loss leads to the inevitable return of extra pounds. After all, the body has received stress, he is scared when the food is normalized, the instinct of self-preservation will tell him that you need to stock up, prepare for the next hunger strike.

Secondly, a sharp change in diet is bad for health.

Thirdly, losing weight in a week does not guarantee a big weight loss.

But the circumstances of life are different, so if you need to lose weight urgently, you need to choose the path with less losses, resort to a dry diet or one of the mono-diets, for example, on carrots, buckwheat, sour apples.

Diet for quick weight loss in a week very difficult to be tolerated by the body:

  • Food monotonous;
  • Constant feeling of hunger (losing weight is impossible without it);
  • Weakness;
  • Nausea and dizziness may occur;
  • Irritability.

Fast diet badly affect the skin, it becomes not elastic, dry, tired.

Diet fast weight loss for the week. Recommendations

Fast dietshave side effects that you want to close your eyes, because the goal is slim. Such measures will help to lose weight extra before a responsible event of 3-5 kg.

How to lose weight quickly and without harm to health?

  • Do not go on a fast diet more than the allotted time;
  • Repeat it strictly after a certain period, no more than once a month;
  • Use the recommended products without amateur;
  • Follow the drinking regime;
  • Additionally, take a vitamin complex.

If the goal is set lose weight fast, so all deadlines are tight. However, such extremes can set a person to lose weight and become a better motivation. After all, usually with a person who begins to lose weight without strong motivation, the fervor subsides in a couple of days. And then again promises to go on a diet from Monday.

One of the difficulties of a rigid diet is the struggle with the habit of "something to eat." Even when there is no feeling of hunger, the hand by inertia stretches for a piece of food. Therefore, always have with you dried fruit or an apple to fool the body and eat without harm to the result.

Diet fast weight loss for the week. Recommendations

At the heart of quick weight loss dietsare fasting days. If you practice one-day fasting, then you know that in one day of fasting you can lose only 1 - 2 kg. For three days starvation It will take 9 days. That is, three days are spent on training, three days will go on the way out of fasting. But if you have a little more than a week left, this method is very effective with proper self-control.

Keeping pounds after fast diets is difficult, but over the course of a week, the human body can adapt to a dietary diet, the size of the stomach will decrease, and the appetite will decrease. This will help to switch to a healthy diet in limited quantities, and then the desired harmony will become a reality.

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