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What is detox and what to do with it? Now about detox did not hear unless lazy or a person far from the media. Detox is a cleansing of the body, elimination of toxins and slags. Restart organism restart. In particular, detox programs have a beneficial effect on weight loss. Perhaps that is why detox is gaining such momentum in popularity.

By itself, the idea of ​​detox is simple, but at the same time it is brilliant, like everything simple: you need to drink, eat as much as possible and eat as little as possible. In this case, toxins, harmful substances, and with them, and fats immediately leave the body.


Detox programs are different in duration and content: drinking, vegetable, "green" and others. Usual fasting days and liquid monodiets (for example kefir) can also be attributed to detox. Of course, any drastic change in nutrition is stressful for the body. Therefore, your body needs to be prepared. Gradually remove fastfood from your diet, if you have one, reduce the consumption of fat and fast carbohydrates and increase the amount of fluid intake.

In principle, the body has already incorporated the function of detoxification, that is, cleansing and excretion of toxins and slags from the body. Special organs are reserved for this function. But the very idea of ​​detox programs is a high concentration of this process in a short time. In this case, the effect will be visible, that is, after a weekly detox program, a couple of kilograms will really go away. But where is the confidence that after the end of the detox program, these unfortunate kilograms will not return and will not bring a couple more with them? The effect of diets is not durable. Long-term diets lead to negative consequences for the body. And it is difficult and long to switch to proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is ideal, but unfortunately, not everyone is ready and capable of it. But in the modern market have already found a way out of this situation.

Raspberry Smoothies and Smoothies

There are special supplements and drugs, 100% natural in composition, which, due to their components, trigger detoxification in the body. That is, no need to stick to any diet. Diet remains the same. A striking example of this could be the development of the Siberian scientific production company - ECOpills Raspberry tableted sweets. The main component of these sweets is raspberry ketone, which breaks down the already existing fats, starts detoxification of the body (removes toxins and slags). There is a raspberry detox program, in which most meals should be smoothies and raspberry cocktails. The duration of such a detox program is set independently. And ECOpills Raspberry candy candies are an alternative to this dectox program, so to speak for the lazy. The use of these sweets is simply disgraceful: you need to dissolve a couple of pieces in a glass of water and drink twice a day. The effect is no worse, and efforts for this need to be made much less.

ECOpills Raspberry Candy

Of course, the choice is yours! Everyone chooses their own way to lose weight. There are no universal ways. Therefore, by trial and error, you should look for your own.

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