Work at home. disadvantages. part 1

Recently, on the Internet and glossy magazines with might and main, the topic of earnings at home is being discussed. And it seems that the advantages are immediately visible: a free schedule of work, the proximity of mothers with children, lack of expenses for transportation, etc. But many mothers, having decided to work at home, soon abandon this idea.

Let's deal with the shortcomings of work at home, to know the main "pitfalls" and either bypass them or abandon them with leaving the usual office work.

Many mothers on maternity leave find something to their liking. Some make jewelry from polymer clay, others make handmade soap, others write articles in RuNet or translate foreign texts. There are those for whom this hobby has faded into the background with the growth of the baby and going to work, but there are still a lot of those who have decided to make a living with their hobby.

Disadvantages of work at home sometimes do not appear immediately, but gradually come to the fore. And it depends on the person - to continue further or give up. Consider the main pitfalls and possible workarounds:

Lack of support from loved ones

Very significant item that can negate all initiatives. No matter how beautifully you cross-stitch (you made photo albums with scrapbooking, crocheted, etc.), skepticism of those around you will not know the boundaries. After all, if you decide to make a living with this hobby, you will have to spend less time on order in the house, preparing food, and communicating with the child. To get a really decent income, you will have to learn a lot and develop in the chosen direction. It does not matter that in the four walls you can howl out of despair, but formally, at the words “work at home” you can be accused of selfishness and the desire to follow only your own interests.

Of course, each case is unique, but there are still general tips, tried in practice.

  1. First of all, while you are on parental leave, no one has the right to indicate that “it would be better if you worked in an office”. You are not required to work at all during this time period.
  2. Secondly, it is better for a child to have a developing mom who is able to buy him extra fruit as a vitamin, than a nervous nervous mother who cares for him every second of her time. Find for yourself the arguments of why you need it and how your relatives will benefit from this decision, and then gradually bring others around you to your decision.

Attitude to work, as a normal hobby

It is very difficult to explain to some people that even small cards made of colored cardboard can be in demand and cost considerably more than the money invested in them. But it would be okay if they simply did not understand, they are also trying with all their might to distract them from engaging in constant calls, coming to visit without the demand and the offers "to play an interesting game on the computer." In this case, it’s better to say softly: “I'm busy, I’ll call you later. Do you have something urgent? (A simple question usually confuses and makes you think about the purpose of the call)”.

Try not to focus on the cost of one job, but wait until the end of the month and calculate the total amount of profit. If it is not very large, it is worth waiting for some more period when the money received will exceed the average salary in the region (the average for those who are just starting to look for work, and not the official figures of the state count). Many people began to revise their attitudes toward the "hobby" when they were told the approximate amount of income (equal to or exceeding their salary) and the convenience of working from home was emphasized.

Lack of social guarantees

Usually for homework income comes "in the envelope" or e-wallet. The older generation is experiencing a vengeance "But what about the pension?", Forgetting that the current pensioners receive a mere penny. Here you should either open an account in a bank and regularly transfer funds for "retirement", or register a private enterprise and pay taxes to the state.

The above are the reasons that are voiced primarily working at home. In the article Disadvantages of work at home. Part 2, we continue the list of shortcomings that accompany the desire to earn outside the office.

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