Wooden wedding

The five-year wedding anniversary is popularly called wooden. The tree itself is a symbol of life. This is the first strong sign of wedding anniversaries, because previous materials are not as strong: chintz, paper, etc. Spouses should remember that all the changes that will occur to them during this period will decide what their family life will be next.

The most famous tradition of the 5th anniversary is the joint planting of a tree. Most often by this time, the family lives in their own home, so the tree can be planted in their yard. If the housing is removable, then the tree can be planted in the courtyard of the parent house, that is, in any case, the area should be his. After all, this tree will become a symbol of the family and do not need to be trusted by strangers.

If the spouses have no native angle, then you can plant a mini-tree. Nowadays in garden stores you can buy a lot of seedlings of ornamental copies of ordinary trees, the same aspen, birch, oak, etc. By the way, the tree must be long-term for the family to be strong. You can choose the desired type, based on the nature of the family, for example: if the distinguishing feature is reliability and loyalty, then it is better to plant acacia or oak. If prosperity and well-being is maple, if vice versa - romance and tenderness - birch. Alder and willow are symbols of devotion, and fruiting trees (plum, apple, pear) - the fortress of the whole family, parents and children. Exotic trees should be planted by those who are looking for harmony and seeking new sensations.

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Tree spouses must choose together, as, in fact, plant it. Holding hands, you need to go around the seedling around, while saying: "like a tree hard, like a tree flowery, like a tree flexibly, like a tree reliably, be our family forever and ever." Of course, the tree should be looked after and protected, as well as the family itself.

In the south of Russia, on the 5th anniversary of the wedding, spouses must approach flowing water and, like Kupala night, throw a wreath there, asking for vitality from the water for the tree planted by the family. And in Siberia, on the contrary, they go out into the forest and knit 5 ribbons on the tree they like.

What to give for a wooden wedding?

By tradition, wives are presented with wooden household items and furnishings for this anniversary, while snuffboxes and tools for work related to wood are given to their husbands. But you can dream up and give the spouses something original:

  1. Wood jewelry - earrings, bracelet, cufflinks from expensive rocks;
  2. Items of furniture;
  3. Houseplants or a pet, only you first need to ask the spouses themselves or their relatives and friends how they will react to such a surprise.

Parents of spouses should give their children seedlings or indoor flowers.

The scenario of the "wooden" celebration

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Wooden wedding in our time, when so often there is a loss of simple life values, like love and loyalty, this is a pretty weighty date, the celebration of which should be memorable and vivid.

Start the organization of the celebration should be with the choice of venue. Ideal for this, of course, suitable country house or cottage. If the walls in the chosen room are wooden, they can be decorated with pine or fir branches with cones. A congratulation to spouses laid out from the same branches will also look very creative.

It would be nice if the chairs and tables were also wooden, and the dishes, at least partially, were also made of this material. It is good to place antiquities in the room for celebration - irons, antique dishes, and weaving machines. These items can be used for competitions.

Wooden figurines will fit perfectly into the interior of the room, and if they are not there, you can buy boards, panels, spoons, other utensils. They are not expensive at all. You can also hang on one of the walls a collage of family photos of anniversaries.

If there is a musical group in your region that plays music on guitars, a violin or other wooden musical instruments, then you should definitely order their performance, at least for a short period of time. Such a music program rarely leaves anyone indifferent!

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Invitation for guests can be made of thick paper, which is made under the bark. And in them it will be possible to specify not only the date, time and venue of the anniversary, but also a dress code for guests. In the latter, you can include the presence of at least one wooden item for each of the guests. After all the guests in the collection, the closest people should first of all congratulate the spouses. After you can hold several competitions, for example:

  • "Who is stronger?". Men participate in it. For the competition will need: an ax, a deck and wooden bars. Team members begin to split firewood. The one who cut the most in a certain time won. As a prize, one of the wooden interior items can be presented to the guest.
  • "Musical". Guests must be divided into 2 teams. After separation, the presenter includes a previously prepared musical cutting of songs in which trees are mentioned. The team that quickly guesses the song and sings it will win.
  • "Dance". It is necessary to recruit 2 teams from the guests, it is desirable that the participants were only men, but this is not necessary. Contestants are given costumes - shawls and long skirts and 5 minutes of time to change clothes and come up with their own dance number. Wins the team that most like those present.
  • "Matryoshka". For this competition should be purchased or found somewhere a few dolls. Then the dolls are disassembled, it is desirable that they were different in size, and mixed in a basket or box. After each participant 1 minute is given for him to collect as many nesting dolls as possible. The one who collects the most figures wins accordingly.

Fireworks can be a great end to the holiday!

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

Wooden wedding: how old is it?

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Wooden wedding - an important anniversary of married life. And, of course, it needs to be celebrated. No matter how it happens - in a circle of friends or in private with each other, the main thing is that the fire of love and respect for each other never fade away in the hearts of anniversaries!

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