Women's fears

Fear is one of the strongest feelings, it can completely seize control over human consciousness. Fears are both male and female, but women as more vulnerable creatures are more often exposed to various fears. Let's go over the most common ones and figure out how to deal with them.

Fear of being alone

You look at enamored couples with envy and think that, probably, you are not destined to meet your soul mate and you already get used to the thoughts of a lonely life. Or maybe you have a beloved, but you, for some reason it seems that he always looks at younger and more beautiful girls, and he will definitely leave you.

Loneliness is not the most pleasant thing, any person seeks love and affection, but this also has its advantages. While we are alone, we have more time for our own development, complete freedom in actions and choices, we can enjoy loneliness for now. Well, if it's very hard without the second half, then take the initiative in your hands. The streets are full of lonely men, there are many dating sites on the Internet - you just have to take the first step towards each other. And if you are afraid to remain abandoned, come to this question philosophically - how can your other half stop loving you? If it can, then it makes no sense to regret breaking up, it will only bring you closer to true love with a new partner. Anyway, this is your man should be afraid of losing you, so one of a kind, and constantly striving to conquer you, and you need less to hammer in your head with all sorts of silly thoughts.

Fear is not realized as a person

Many of your friends have long found themselves in life, someone is a fashion model, someone is a loving mother and wife, and someone is a stern business woman. And you still can not decide what you want from life, today you want one, tomorrow another. You have already changed a bunch of professions and you can not understand what brings you satisfaction. Or maybe you're a creative person, trying to get through to success, but so far all your efforts are in vain? There may be a lot of situations, but all of them are united by one thing - the fear of missing valuable time and never finding your place in life.

No one knows how his life will be in ten years or even how his day will pass tomorrow, but it is in our power to be responsible for today. Do what you like, communicate with those you love, enjoy every passing minute, and even if after many years you don’t achieve everything you wanted, you will remember your past years with a smile on your face. Another secret is that in each person there are many roles, and there is no point in fighting with them and looking for oneself. If today you want to have fun and otzhigat in discos, this does not mean at all that in a couple of years you will not want to become a family modest cat. So the advice is: make plans for the future and dream, but do not attach too much importance to the future, try to be happy in the present!

Fear of childbirth

You are pregnant or plan to have a baby, but as soon as you think about childbirth, you are covered with panic. It is terribly painful, a lot of possible complications and a loss of attractiveness - these are the thoughts that you attend.

And you did not think that childbirth is not so scary, but simply the situation is injected with terrible movies and frightening stories that are overgrown with gossip. Talk to your mom and friends who gave birth, is it really that scary really. But many women decide on the second and third genera, they would hardly have decided on this if everything was as you imagine. In addition, the miracle that a woman performs while giving life to a new person and the joy of motherhood can in no way be compared with the minuses of pregnancy and childbirth. Childbirth is forgotten after a week, and now you have a tiny baby in your arms, who will soon pronounce the word "Mama".

Fear of death

No normal person wants to die, and if he wants, it means that it’s time for him to see a psychiatrist. But it’s one thing to love life and be horrified at the word death, and it’s quite another thing to think about it all the time, to scroll through the moment of your death in your head and to present yourself in the other world. Awful, of course, but there are such fears. So, maybe I will tell you a little shocking thing, but many of those people who died at a young age or under strange circumstances, they themselves wanted it. As you ask, is it possible? Yes, and very possibly, the power of our thoughts has a huge impact on the world around us, especially often our fears and fears come true. And when a person scrolls the pictures of his death in his head, the world decides that he wants it. Of course, nothing terrible will happen from one flown thought, but if you think about it constantly, then there is a great chance that fears will be realized.

In the end, we fear death most of all because of the unknown, but maybe it's just a transition to a new level and another life goes on there. If you perceive death, just as a new stage, then it will become much easier to live.

Fear of becoming old and unattractive

"Oh, God, on my face a new wrinkle" - you exclaim and you fall into depression. Birthday has long been a mourning date for you in the calendar, you hide your years from everyone, and when you are asked about your age, you jokingly say that it’s indecent for women to ask such questions. But in fact, you don’t have time for jokes for a long time, you notice that your figure is not so chiseled, and your skin is not as elastic as you were in your youth, and you begin to quietly hate all young attractive girls.

May be enough? Old age is no longer our age, but our experiences, so that you will think more about it, you will grow old. Well, seriously, not everything is so sad. Look closely at mature women: among them there are both well-groomed and beautiful women, as well as gray-haired, eternally dissatisfied aunts. Yes, maybe the first ones have not so radiant skin and a lot of wrinkles, but their face glows with a smile and who said that their life ends? They just, for sure everything is fine, a husband who admires her wrinkles and does not even look to the left, growing up children and favorite work. By the way, such mature women often have many fans, as an experienced wise woman is very attractive from a male point of view. Well, who will be attracted by the evil woman who is fixated on her fading beauty and youth? Or no one, or to put it mildly, not the most successful men.

Talk to your fear

First, determine the place in the body where your fear is located and try to talk to him. Sometimes fear, it can give quite valuable advice, for example, the fear of loneliness will make you not sit at home on Saturday night, and going to a disco with friends, the fear of not being realized will push you to take action. But as soon as fear begins to speak out of business, tell him calmly - it will still be the way I want, and not you.

Feel what color your fear is, how it looks, you can even pick it up and dance with it. For example, your fear is felt in the form of a black ball that sits in you, imagine how it comes out of you, you can make a balloon out of it and let it go to the sky, it will immediately become easier for you.

The best way to deal with fears is not to run away from them, but to look into their eyes and see that nothing is hidden behind them except emptiness..

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