Why does a man ignore a woman

Why does a man ignore a woman he likes? This question interests many of the fair sex. And there are plenty of answers to it. Let's try together to understand the men's "whims".

What does it mean to ignore?

Why does a man ignore a woman he likes?

It would seem, finally, you met a man who really liked. You met in a cafe, at work or on the street, chatted nicely and, perhaps, even exchanged phone numbers. He was quite nice and friendly and interested you. But it's been a long time, and the man is not calling? Or in a chance meeting, pretending that you are strangers?

To really get to the bottom of everything that is happening and try to clarify the situation, you need to put aside emotions and think rationally. Before we go further, answer yourself a few questions:

  1. What do you mean by ignoring? And how exactly does a young man show it?
  2. He showed interest in you for a long period, and now he has sharply cooled down?
  3. He confessed to you in love, and then made a detached look?
  4. Do you really want to know the reason?

Ignoring is, first of all, absolute indifference to what is happening: a man is not interested in listening to you, delving into your problems and noticing pleasant trifles.

Understanding how and how much you are ignored will help optimize your thoughts and focus fully on the problem.

Why does a man ignore a woman he likes?

There are many answers to this question. First of all, you need to understand what men think differently than women, and not always their actions and actions can be seen in this light. However, let's go back to our problem. We propose for consideration the main reasons for this behavior of men, and it remains for you to determine which of the above scenarios is more appropriate for the situation:

  • He is slowly losing interest in you. At first, the man became interested in you, but as time passed, he was probably bored or he found a more suitable option.
  • You misunderstood his intentions. The man never loved you and did not regard as a suitable partner, but only spent time with you in a friendly way. You just did not understand everything and outplayed the situation in their favor.
  • You never really liked him, but always felt too embarrassed to admit it. Yes, at first the man flirted with you, but then the wise mind convinced him that ignoring is the best alternative.
  • In his life, there are new exciting events, so the man has forgotten about your existence, at least for the moment.

The man is married or he has a girlfriend, but at some point he became very interested in you

  • The man got confused in his feelings and decided that by taking a step back and avoiding you for a while, he would be able to sort out his thoughts.
  • You have different expectations from each other. For example, it is considered normal for a woman to talk on the phone at least 3 times a day. The man also believes that one call is enough.
  • He has a moral dilemma. The man is married or he has a girlfriend, but at some point he became very interested in you, and eventually decided that it was wrong to do so.
  • The man is really busy, and no matter how much he wants to give you more attention, urgent matters take away all his free time.
  • He had a bad relationship experience in the past, and now he is afraid of repetition.
  • You got it too easy. Sometimes men love a good chase to find out what a girl really is. And now, when he won you so easily, all interest is gone.
  • He believes that "the grass is greener on the other side of the street." Even if he really likes you, the man thinks he can find a more worthy couple for himself.
  • He is just a selfish type. Probably, a man enjoys unprecedented popularity among women and you were just another hobby for him.
  • The man has too low self-esteem and he believes that such a girl is not worthy.

However, this is only the main reasons for the closed male behavior. In real life, the reasons can be much more. How to understand that a man likes you if he ignores you? Why not ask him about it directly? The main thing is to do it as gently as possible and really try to listen and understand the answer. Perhaps such a simple decision will lead you to a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.

What should a woman do?

Since a man hides his feelings for a woman, you will have to act in the direction of developing relationships yourself

Since a man hides his feelings for a woman, he will have to act in the direction of developing relationships independently. The main thing is to soberly assess the situation, discard all emotions and accurately determine that there is a spark between you all the same. And then we act according to circumstances. Here are some successful examples of developments:

  • Consider your behavior from the side. Perhaps you have behaved too obsessively for some time, tried to control everything and in every way violated the boundaries of personal space. Give your man a little more freedom and time to rest.
  • Look at things from his point of view. There are many reasons why a man tries to ignore a woman, and they are not always directly related to you. He is probably really busy at work, feels bad or tired.
  • Be happy, and the man himself will reach out to you. You must agree, no one loves women who constantly burden their problems and complain about others.
  • Communicate with him at his level, and leave the chatter for girlfriends. Men do not really like to listen to endless conversations about cosmetics and beauty salon, instead learn everything about his interests.
  • Invite him on a date first, because it is likely that your man is just too shy.

In fact, theories about why a man ignores a woman he likes can be derived very much. But in real life, everything will depend on the circumstances, words and actions. Therefore, try to carefully look at your chosen one and, perhaps, it turns out that this behavior is just a flight of your imagination. Be happy!

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