Why do we choose a certain type of men

As a rule, all girls from childhood dream of the best guy in the world: strong, beautiful, loving and caring. But in reality, it often happens otherwise. We meet at all those men about whom dreamed. And besides, with enviable consistency we come across individuals similar to each other. And it begins: "All men are the same ...". And the same, and, only we come across, but my friend's husband has gold! Maybe not looking there? Or do we choose the wrong ones?

"Random" matches in the choice of men

Did it ever occur to you, why do you have the same problems with your father, former and current boyfriend? For example, all three have the ability to save grievances, and then throw them all at you all at once? Or did mom tell me that dad, while courting her, never uttered words of love, considering it something shameful, and you, in turn, caught yourself thinking that your men had the same story?

It has long been considered that girls subconsciously choose guys who look like their father. Dr. Freud also noticed this. But this similarity does not always happen to the girls, especially if there were conflicts with the pope. But the "clones" of the father choose about 50% of the hundred. The rest is more complicated.

Self-doubt in relationships with men

It happens that lack of self-confidence does not allow women to choose decent men. "I am not worthy of him, not my level" ... As a result, you reject a standing person and choose his antipode. Most likely, nothing is added, you suffer. And all on the same rake is unknown how many times in a row ...

Already married unbearable

Another concern, often inspired by our parents from an early age, is “to sit in the girls”. In most cases, this encourages a girl to quickly tie herself to the knot of the marriage almost with the first guy who became interested in her. And this guys either repels, and nothing comes out, or then some flaws emerge, unnoticed in a hurry. The result - a bad marriage.

If a girl has low self-esteem, she does not love herself, then a decent man will not love her. We'll have to choose another. And the unworthy and behave will be appropriately unworthy - no respect for the chosen one. And if she, fearing loneliness, still suffers resentment, betrayal and, God forbid, beating, you should not wait for gratitude.

Therefore, if you want to have a man-dream person next to you, learn to appreciate yourself and stop associating life with those you are used to.

Love yourself, take care of yourself beloved and beloved! And everything will definitely work out, the vicious circle of love failures will break.

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