What do dimples mean

Sociological polls report: men will find a woman sexier if she has dimples in her lower back. Such an insignificant, almost intimate fact, which is not immediately noticeable, of course, can hardly be decisive in a relationship. But any girl wants to look even more attractive in the eyes of her beloved person. Are these grooves really beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, and what can they say?

What do dimples mean?

If you pay attention to the paintings of artists of the Renaissance

If you pay attention to the paintings of artists of the Renaissance, you can see that they often emphasized the lower region of the female back, and especially actively allocated depressions between the large dorsal muscles and the gluteus. Peering, it is easy to see a rhombus, the lateral peaks of which just fall on dimples. However, despite the fact that they were noticed in the 15th century, they began to talk about them only after 400 years. And, of course, first of all doctors became interested in them: especially obstetricians.

From a medical point of view, the dimples are in the Michaelis rhombus: its upper point is at the end of the vertebral sulcus, the lower one is on the 3rd sacral vertebra, the lateral ones are located above the iliac bones. Such a “drawing” allowed the German doctor to draw an opinion on the structure of the pelvis and, therefore, talk about the ability to give birth to a girl. In the age of the absence of X-ray, this technique was valued very highly, moreover, it proved its literacy even later: until now, obstetricians adhere to the Michaelis system when inspecting new mothers.

  • To assess the state of the girl, only the proportions of the upper and lower triangles to each other are considered, since the remaining anatomical nuances (diagonal lengths, perimeter value, symmetry) depend on the individual constitution.

In addition, the depth and location of the dimples depend on the state of the spine, so that the presence or absence of scoliosis can be determined from the same Michaelis rhombus, as indicated by the displacement of the axes. Also important is the importance of this area in surgery, since the pattern of surgery and injection is determined by its design.

At the same time, to unequivocally state that a thin girl will surely have similar indentations.

  • As for the visual component, first of all such dimples speak of harmonious development: if you study numerous female photos, dimples on the lower back can be seen only among those who have a good constitution (without bias towards exhaustion or obesity), as well as healthy back.

At the same time, it is unambiguous to say that a thin girl will definitely have such indentations - it is impossible: everything is determined by genetics. For the same reason, there are no guarantees that dimples are formed after active physical exertion and weight loss - this is possible, but it does not always work.

How to make dimples on the back?

If there is a predisposition to the appearance of dimples in the lower back

If there is a predisposition to the appearance of dimples in the lower back, then even if there is a fatty layer, there are weak hints on them, so you can more actively draw back relief, thereby improving its condition and strengthening the deepening. If, even in the absence of excess weight, the ends of the rhombus "do not read," most likely, the exercises will not give anything. The main provocateurs for the appearance of dimples are elements for pumping back muscles.

  • "Boat"Lie down on your stomach, arms along your body, palms to yourself, legs together. As you exhale, lift the upper part of the body and legs, arching in the lower back. It is important to reach forward with your crown and your fingers with your feet back. Count to 10 and slowly descend. From 20 to 30 repetitions. The delay should also be increased to 20.
  • "Twisting". Also lying on the floor, but with hands widened behind the head (elbows to the sides), lift the body, bending back, and lower it back. Legs do not come off the floor, with the crown you need to reach upwards so as not to squeeze the spine. drops to 50.
  • Now stand firmly on your knees and palms, do not bend your elbows, your back is parallel to the floor, the thigh and arm are perpendicular. Face it is better to look down, so as not to burden the neck. Start lifting your right leg (straightening it) and your left hand at the same time. When they reach the parallel with the body, hold for 5-8 accounts and smoothly lower. Repeat for left leg and right arm. On each side you need from 20 to 40 times. Make sure that the waist does not bend.

When performing these exercises, it is important to pay attention to the softness of the movement: even in twisting, which are dynamic, high speed does not mean jerking - so you can damage your spine, which does not exactly bring you closer to finding the desired dimples in the lower back.

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