Wedding bridal bouquet of satin ribbons with their own

For many decades now, newly wives are throwing a bouquet at the end of a wedding celebration to find out which of their unmarried friends will wear a white dress next. In order not to be left without this important attribute of the ceremony, modern girls have become more practical in approaching the issue and are now taking a double bridal bouquet made of satin ribbons for the wedding. You can do this decoration with your own hands, even for beginning needlewomen.

Materials for making a bouquet of satin ribbons

Materials for making a bouquet of satin ribbons

To make a bridal bouquet made of satin ribbons (a bouquet made in the kanzashi technique) turned out to be of high quality and beautiful, you need to take care of the necessary materials. It:

  • satin ribbons (it is better to take ribbons of the same width - then the flowers will be more aesthetic);
  • foam ball (as a rule, for a bouquet the sphere is cut in half);
  • wooden or cardboard tube that will handle the bouquet;
  • glue gun (it is much faster and more convenient for them to work than with a stapler, and for attaching rhinestones or sequins it just cannot be done without it);
  • pins;
  • a stapler (for attaching flowers with petals or decorating a bouquet with additional accessories);
  • a cone under a bouquet (the base into which the hemisphere is laid and the handle is attached);
  • threads, needles (if the composition is planned to be decorated with beads or beads).

How to choose an artificial bouquet?

Bridal bouquet of satin ribbons

Before you start making a wedding bouquet of satin ribbons, you need to decide on some of the nuances:

  • the texture and color of ribbons are chosen for the wedding dress of the bride. The lighter the fabric of the dress, the more airy the flowers should be - for example, orchids, lilies. For classic fabrics suitable roses, peonies, chrysanthemums;
  • if there are a lot of decorations on the dress, then the bouquet should be smaller. And vice versa - for a modest dress a bouquet can be made more magnificent;
  • For a young bride, a wedding accessory allows for the inclusion of elongated flowers. Older brides should rather dwell on more rounded forms of bouquets.

How to make a base for a bouquet?

As a rule, the hemisphere is chosen as the basis for a bouquet of ribbons for the bride. It may be half a foam ball, which are sold in flower shops. Or, in such a role is able to make a newspaper ball, which you can do with your own hands. For this we take:

How to make a base for a bouquet?

  • newspapers;
  • rope (about 1.5 m);
  • a wooden stick about 30 cm long or cardboard twisted into a pipe of the same length.
  1. We crumple the newspaper to the maximum density of the ball.
  2. We wrap the resulting sphere with a rope and fill it with glue.
  3. While the glue is not completely dry, make a recess for the handle.
  4. Fill the hole with glue and install the handle (made of cardboard).
  5. Wrap the open end of the handle with a satin ribbon, gently glue the edges to the base.How to make a base for a bouquet?
  6. Give dry. The basis for a bouquet of kanzashi is ready.

The technology of creating roses for a bouquet of ribbons

Of course, roses from satin ribbons are considered the most popular flowers for a doubles wedding bouquet. They can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, glass beads - it all depends on the general concept of the flower arrangement. To make a rose of satin ribbon, you need to prepare:

The technology of creating roses for a bouquet of ribbons

  • 90 cm of tape 6 cm wide;
  • thread the color of the tape;
  • needle.

Making roses takes a little time, but requires utmost accuracy.

  1. Fold the ribbon in half.
  2. We gain it on a thread along the entire length. At the corners do a small bevel.The technology of creating roses for a bouquet of ribbons
  3. We tighten the tails of the threads to get the assembly.

The smaller the stitches for the assembly, the larger the rosette will be.

How to make rosebuds from satin ribbons?

A bouquet of kanzashi must necessarily have flower buds to enhance the similarity with natural bouquets. For the manufacture of buds from atlas will need:

How to make rosebuds from satin ribbons?

  • the tape itself is about 1 m;
  • threads in the same color range as the ribbon;
  • needle;
  • a piece of thick fabric.
  1. On the fabric we draw circles with a diameter of about 5-6 cm. Denote the radius on them.
  2. Cut circles, make an incision along the radius.
  3. We spread the tape on a circle at an angle of 30 degrees, baiting every room.
  4. Now fold the circle with the cone so that the tape is inside.
  5. One turn closes the lower part of the cone. Bud is ready.

Options for mounting colors on the base

glue gun for needlework?

It is very important that all elements of the kanzashi bouquet are well fixed. Therefore, there are several options for mounting colors and other decorations on the base. It:

  • glue;
  • stapler;
  • beaded pins.

In order to wrap a hemisphere-based fabric, you can use glue - as for the tape, which is wrapped around the handle of the bouquet. But in order to connect among themselves several elements of flowers, it is better to use a stapler. Pins with beads are perfect for creating a flower arrangement on the base. In addition, using pins, you can change the components of the bouquet on it.

Kanzashi bouquets are incredibly popular. Even a novice can make such a composition, and the color scheme of the bouquet is not limited to natural floral shades. Wedding kanzashi are strong and newlyweds remain for a long memory of a beautiful day.

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