The real friend is who she is

There is an opinion that there should be many acquaintances, several friends, and only one true friend. There is some truth in this statement. And if there are plenty of examples of the existence of male friendship, then real female friendship is much less common. As a rule, sincere, warm, friendly relations of the female half of humanity can often be seen in the movies, everything in life is much more prosaic.

In today's dynamic world, few girls can say that they have a real girlfriend. Someone explains the lack of such a lack of time for communication, character traits or upbringing, others - the presence of such unpleasant qualities as envy, inconstancy, etc., peculiar to women more than men. But at heart, everyone dreams of a reliable faithful friend who is ready at any moment, as they say, "into the fire and into the water."

So who is the real girlfriend?

A matter of time in friendship

Immediately it is worth noting that true friendship is not measured by time. You can be friends from kindergarten, from school, from student days. Many or few years of friendship - in fact, it is not so important. A person can be near and dear in a matter of days, at the same time, as well as not at all in many years.

A friend is known in trouble

It would seem to be a mouthwash phrase. But to what is true, relevant for all times! It is not without reason that it is passed from generation to generation, it is not by chance that each of us, with a woeful aspiration, at least once in our life, but uttered these words. So, this girlfriend is known in trouble. In a difficult moment, she will always find time for you, and with it the right words.

A friend is known in joy

Only friends can truly rejoice for us - without envy, unnecessary flattery. A girlfriend will never upset your success, even at heart. She will take your victory as her own.

Checking female friendship by a man

Yes Yes! How many times a strong friendship ended at the same time, it was enough just to appear on the horizon of a man, in which both friends are interested. A man will make his choice, and a girlfriend, if he is not in her favor, will not be able to accept this choice. To fall in love with a girlfriend's boyfriend, or vice versa, to hate him, to be jealous of a girlfriend for her chosen one - all this can easily destroy even the strongest friendship.

Better bitter truth than a sweet lie

A real friend will always tell you the truth. For example, that this dress does not suit you, or you need to lose weight. And her words will not be perceived by you as a desire to prick. And of course, a real friend will never lie to you, never deceive you, even in small things.

Secret to the whole world

This is where there is room for reasoning about true friendship! The inability to keep secrets is just the scourge of modern girls! Everyone wants to share stunning news with others! This girlfriend does not allow himself to announce the information you said "in confidence." And she can not just hear, but really listen to what you say to her.

There is a remarkable statement that characterizes true friendship as well as possible: a friend is not the one with whom you can talk, but the one with whom you can keep silent.

A real friend is tolerant of your shortcomings.

All of us are not perfect, everyone has negative traits. A friend will understand your short temper (of course, if it is justified), irritability, anger. With a friend, you don’t need to wear a mask if you are in a bad mood, if there is a black band in life.

Together by all means

This girlfriend will not give up on you, even if you made a mistake. She will throw all her strength into your defense, even knowing that she will lose. The sincere desire to be close when everyone else turned away is worth a lot.

Happiness is not money for friendship

Friendship is far from mercantile interests. Indeed, as soon as a person acquires status in society, it becomes richer, many friends and girlfriends immediately appear around him. This girlfriend will not be near you because of money or great opportunities. Her rich inner world is much more important to her.

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Friendship is always mutual

If you have a real girlfriend, you are incredibly lucky. But on any relationship you need to work. Give your friend a maximum of love, tenderness and participation, and she will respond to you in return.

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