Silver wedding gift

25 years of family life - silver wedding. Silver symbolizes not only the fortress of the union, but also the fact that for so many years the couple has retained their love, has passed many obstacles in its path.

Usually on such a significant event pair each other gives silver rings as a symbol of preserving the union. According to the ancient custom, a husband and wife must wear this ring on the middle finger near the finger, on which the wedding ring is located.

Silver as a gift for a silver wedding

The tradition of giving silver to a silver wedding rests far into the past of our ancestors. Even in ancient Russia, silver in any form was a compulsory gift for a wedding: a set, glasses, vases, table sets. There is no more worthy gift than table silver.Silver symbolizes a secure and happy family life, traditions, beauty and health.

  • Silverware is a family present. It symbolizes the foundation of family welfare. Glassware will beat, go out of fashion, household appliances will become unusable, but A gift in the form of silver jewelry will always please the eye and remind you of the most important thing in life. The donated silver can be kept in the family for centuries and remind of the ancestors and their traditions.
  • Even at the wedding, the newlyweds had always always been given three bottles of wine, which were uncorked on the day of the silver wedding. The first bottle went to her husband for testing, the second was placed on the table, and the first toast was celebrated with her, and the third was left for the spouses to drink in the evening.
  • They put silver on the table for the spouses, the table is decorated with silver ribbons, flowers silvered with silver.
  • They also present silver decorations, cutlery, vases, figurines with silver fittings, a picture with a landscape in a silvered frame, any other silver interior items for a round date.
  • For people who are engaged in collecting coins, any anniversary silver coin will be a great gift.
  • At the end of the anniversary evening, after the couple had guests, they sit down at the table and drink hot tea, which symbolizes the unity of the spouses.

Gifts to parents for a silver wedding

  • There is a huge amount of gifts that children can present to their parents for such an event, which later become memorable.
  • Gifts can be individual or joint. Suppose you can give your mother silver earrings, a brooch or some accessory also made of silver. You can give your father a silver ring, cufflinks, a pen, a stand and other accessories.
  • For a joint gift any set or figurine is perfect, which will become an amulet in the family and will bring happiness and good luck. A very pleasant and sincere gift will be a photo of the family in a framed silver frame.

Another wedding gift is a silver towel. This is an extraordinary gift for spouses. In general, earlier at the wedding traditionally they always gave a young silver towel. This item is a symbol of love and loyalty, and this item can bring marital happiness to spouses. Such a gift was handed down from generation to generation. This family heirloom is kept by the spouses all their family life.

And, of course, any gift should always be combined with some soulful pleasant words. It can be any wishes from the heart, some poems, toasts, a song that will be recorded specifically for the spouses. The main thing is your warmth and attention!

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