Secrets of erotic massage

In each couple's life, a period comes when the power of sexual desire fades away. However, the feeling of love does not go anywhere. Spouses still continue to treat each other with affection and care. However, it may seem to a woman that she has ceased to be interesting for her chosen one. Therefore, it is possible to analyze the behavior of a man in order to identify the true cause of the extinction of interest in sex. The main thing is to exclude the appearance of a rival. In this case, concerns can be quite real. If a man switched to another woman, it means that something has ceased to organize and attract him in his rightful half. Other reasons may not be related to a woman at all. For example, problems at work, conflict with co-workers or the boss, workload due to rush jobs. A sensitive woman will understand that now his beloved is not a caress and will give him a break, taking advantage of the time that has appeared. After all, you can relax, go on a visit to a distant girlfriend, chat, engage in self-education, including on issues of sexology. Imagine, the beloved man, having solved his affairs, will rekindle again with the fire of love, and the woman will surprise him with new techniques, which will make his head spin. Of course, you can talk about the most secret and secret things with a girlfriend. Provided that she is more experienced in this delicate subject. It is better to go to the training together and master, for example, the technique of Thai massage, from which a man can capture the spirit. If you wish, you can pay attention to other non-standard sex techniques that provide unearthly pleasure to both partners. Do not know where such classes are held? Record in the training center for women, open professional sex coaching Ekaterina Lyubimova. During practical exercises, participants learn the art of erotic massage, while the organizers use modern simulators. All information on this center is available at By clicking on the link at any convenient time, you can sign up for the training that is of interest. All questions can be clarified by phone +7 (499) 704-38-38. The manager of the center is in touch from 10 to 22 hours.

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