My husband is a sissy

There is an opinion that mama's sons grow up exclusively in those families where mom was single. In fact, the reasons may be much more. Living with such a man is really hard. Let's try to figure out the reasons why a boy can grow a mama son, and how to deal with it.

Signs of a mama son

  • Overwhelmingly, these men are romantic and gentle. They are gallant and take great care of the woman.
  • But at the same time, they are anxious, and completely not in a hurry to offer his beloved woman's hand and heart. And, even if the proposal occurs, then, most likely, on the advice and permission of the parent.
  • They constantly make plans, but for some reason they are not in a hurry to implement them. Most likely, the planning process itself is important and interesting to them.
  • Such men enjoyed great success with female, Why, because they are incredibly attentive and understanding. But women are pleased when they see that their problems interest someone else besides themselves.
  • Probably, at the man - mother's son almost no friends. He does not go to football with anyone, to the bar. And just do not call back to find out how things are. Even if there are friends, they are most likely friends from school.

  • According to statistics, Mama's sons, in most cases, grow up in families with single moms, or where the father is an alcoholic, ever-commanding or "henpecked".
  • In families where parents are prone to hyper-care of their child, a sissy may also turn out.
  • Surely you noticed that for him the interests of his parents are much more interesting than his own interests. First of all, he seeks to make mother happy. And only then will he think about himself.
  • WITH mom he advises for any reason. Even in those cases when the reason is not serious. And even in those when the subject matter of the council is intimate.
  • In most cases, the sissy is either the youngest of all the other children, or the only child in the family.
  • Pay attention to the fact that Mommy phrases do not jump in the conversation with him. Mommy's son admires mom in all cases, therefore, she often adopts her manner of speaking - voice timbre, volume, individual phrases.
  • Observe where he spends all his free evenings. If he, refusing to have a cheerful corporate party, goes to his parents for a tea party, and this happens quite often, then before you is a typical mother’s son.
  • Another distinctive feature of the family, where the son - sissy. Here you came to visit them, met, drank tea. His mother took out all the old family albums and began, with ecstasy and emotion, to show you your man on the pot, on the New Year tree, on the bicycle. At the same time, she enthusiastically tells stories about the childhood of her son, and not always successful stories, sometimes humiliating. Here is a classic family with a mama's son.
  • Mom of such a man considers it absolutely normal to knock on the door of the room in which you are secluded. And it's good if she sees fit to knock.

  • Still one sign of a mama son - he constantly compares you with his mother, and, in most cases, not in your favor. “Mom cooks borsch better”, “Mom’s buns turn out to be more blush” and so on and so forth. Familiar?
  • And, what is most terrible and unpleasant, in case of any quarrels or disagreements between you and his mother, he does not even understand the essence of the conflict. He considers it guilty in all of you. And if need be - he will be on the side of the mother and to her defense.

How to re-mama son?

The very first thing you need to explain to a man is how much his behavior offends you. Tell him about your feelings and emotions. But in no case should one try to offend, humiliate and criticize. You shouldn't shout that he is a sissy. Even if this is true, screams will not help. But only more will set him against you.

You can offer to read him a book, the main theme of which is yours. Sore. Give him examples from the lives of friends who never made families, children, because were too attached to mom. Someday, mothers will not be, and the man will remain lonely, miserable and distracted. Watch together a themed movie. Let his main thought be that being a mama's son is not very good.

They will help you certain rules:

  1. Explain to him that a man who already has his own children (if you have children) must grow up and bring to the fore his own family.
  2. But, by and large, you should not start with your man. And from his mom. It is likely that she is already your mother-in-law. Need to try to convince her, that you have the same goal as hers - to make this man happy. It is likely that with time she will understand and weaken control.
  3. Consult with your mother-in-law more often.about your man's favorite dishes, favorite shades, drinks. Rewrite all her recipes, saying that Husband is very praised it MOTHERS patties, therefore, you just need to learn how to cook them.
  4. Mom mama's son will consider it normal even the fact that you come to her to consult on intimate matters. So keep in mind.
  5. More often tell mothers-in-law about how loving her husband is about her. Let her feel that, despite the fact that her son now does not live with her, he still loves her and admires.

In a word, by no means no need to fight mother in law. You are not her enemy. Show that you are her ally with the same goals. Try to be her best friend!

And one more option - become his second mom. If you can take care of him in the same way as his mother did, then most likely he will cease to be a mama's son. And it will be yours.

No matter how you decide to do, good luck to you, patience and mutual love!

Especially for -Vitalina

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