How to win a male sagittarius

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are the true leaders of companies, inquisitive and uncontrolled merry fellows. They are active and charming, they are interested in everything in the world. It is quite natural that they attract great attention of the opposite sex. And, given such great competition, for many women the question of how to conquer a Sagittarius male becomes vital.

Is it really good male shooters?

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a keen sense of justice.

Representatives of this zodiacal sign have a keen sense of justice. They can be called whatever you like, but not liars. Despite the fact that they love to experiment, the men-Sagittarius always clearly know what they do not want, and they talk about it directly. Only the man of this sign always rushes to the protection of the weaker, even to the detriment of his own safety or calm. At the same time, he acts without any hidden benefits for himself.

With such a man, a woman will always feel like behind a stone wall. Sagittarius know how to care, they are romantic and to some extent even sentimental, but they are gallant and always strive to ensure their partner a pleasant pastime. And, if your heart has conquered this sparkling and unique sign of the zodiac, it will not hurt you to learn how to conquer a Sagittarius man and stand out from the crowd of his many admirers.

What women are attractive to Sagittarius?

Streltsov pulls to women:

  • attractive and well maintained;
  • energetic and childishly restless;
  • clever;
  • cheerful and optimistic;
  • reliable and generous.

Despite their whimsical character, Archers do not oppose serious relations and are not averse to creating a strong family. Wife they choose carefully. She must share their interests, they do not need a boring homebody.

Despite its unbalanced character, Archers do not oppose serious relations and are not averse to creating a strong family.

How to win the heart of such a man?

Aries woman

Immediate, bold and at times impulsive Aries themselves attract the attention of Streltsov. Their relationship, like a roller coaster, temperamental and passionate. They have no routine, they are unpredictable. But both partners can get tired of such constant passions and quietly disperse.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman cares more about home and family well-being

A Taurus woman cares more about home and family well-being than about travel and leisure. Restless Sagittarius - its complete opposite. If Taurus and Sagittarius do not part immediately, their union may become very strong. The femininity and softness of the female Taurus will eventually win the ardent heart of the activist. And in order to keep around a restless and freedom-loving partner, Taurus should not resist change, argue less, give in and stop being too correct and predictable.

The Twin Woman

They seem to be made for each other. In the first place both have independence and complete freedom. Having the same outlook on life, they communicate easily and well, and as a result, without even noticing it, they begin to need each other badly, creating a strong equal union.

Raku woman

To capture the free heart of Sagittarius, Cancer will have to show maximum understanding. Less reproaches, guardianship, more activity and compromises - then the prospect of conquering Streltsovsky heart is quite favorable. But you still have to work on relationships, because the melancholic nature of Cancer will annoy the cheerful Sagittarius.

Woman Leo

Woman Leo does not need to worry about how to conquer a Sagittarius man. Independent and life-loving in itself, having its own views on life and able to defend them, it, like a magnet, attracts Sagittarius to itself. They are good together, because both know how to enjoy life. Over time, Sagittarius finally believes that the Lioness is his real second half.

Virgo woman

Difficult, almost impossible union

Difficult, almost impossible union. Virgo should move away from its usual practicality and pedantry. More lightness, less criticism - this increases the chances of conquest. After all, initially the Virgos are very cute Sagittarius, they like their innate nobility and intelligence.

Woman Scales

If Libra shows due patience, then acquaintance can easily become the foundation of a strong union in which harmony and trust reigns. Libra and Sagittarius are equally emotional and love freedom - and this is the basis for building a strategy of conquest.

Scorpio Woman

The man is attracted by the appearance of Scorpio, but the closed nature and secrecy quickly begin to annoy and repel. Jealousy, reproaches and restriction of freedom Strelets Troops categorically contraindicated. And, if Scorpio succeeds in overcoming the qualities of Sagittarius, which are not so pretty, it is quite possible to conquer his heart.

Sagittarius Woman

Ladies-Sagittarius - strong competitors for other signs

Ladies-Sagittarius - strong competitors for the rest of the characters. They instantly attract male attention. A Sagittarius woman does not need to think how to conquer a Sagittarius man. Their temperament, openness and natural charm are very impressed by the representatives of the same zodiac sign. They both passionately love freedom. And this is, rather, a minus, because after winning their relationship they can remain at the level of an easy affair.

Capricorn Woman

If a Capricorn woman does not press the Sagittarius too much, encroach on his freedom and set his own limits and limits in relations, and also try to make him an incorrigible homebody, then she will be able to win his heart.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius is a good partner for Sagittarius, loving travel and the joys of life. Both of them can meet for years without the purpose of creating a family, while their hearts will be conquered by each other.

Woman Fish

It will be possible to win the heart of Sagittarius in the event that the partner is ready to make permanent compromises

It will be possible to win the heart of Sagittarius in the event that the partner is ready to make permanent compromises. The dreamy and secretive nature of Pisces is incomprehensible to Sagittarius. With him you need to be more optimistic, cheerful and easy-going.

How to win a man-Sagittarius - 10 simple commandments

  1. Always be in a good mood. Aim for communication. You have to captivate Sagittarius with your own interests. Intrigue him by talking on the subject of travel. For example, tell some unusual stories about mysterious places.
  2. Sagittarius must be admired, it must be believed and supported in everything.
  3. Never encroach on his freedom.
  4. Do not grumble and do not turn into a bore, you should be more positive.
  5. Do not start immediately after meeting a conversation about a serious relationship. Sagittarius love to flirt. New sensations, intrigues are necessary for them like air. It is best to play along with them.
  6. Sagittarius love team sports, and your awareness in this matter will impress and make you stand out among the crowd of his fans.
  7. The Sagittarius always wants to see around him an immediate, cheerful partner, ready for any kind of eccentricity, not afraid to look ridiculous.
  8. Provide him home comfort and varied food.
  9. Around Streltsov there are always a lot of women. But jealousy and the showdown is not for this sign. Be patient, feel superior to other women.
  10. Tell him about your talents. Sagittarius loves to brag about her partner, so she will be truly proud of the one who knows how to do something better than others.

Despite the flighty side and the desire for freedom, many Sagittarius are not averse to starting a family. And, if you are confident in your abilities and know that you can become a Sagittarius worthy companion of life, boldly conquer such a peculiar and extraordinary man! But do not forget that the love of Sagittarius must also be able to keep.

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