How to understand a man

A lot of jokes in the network goes about women's logic and thoughts, wandering in the girls' heads. But who said that a man is more straightforward and open? Thoughts of the opposite sex will always be a mystery, so many girls are worried and will worry the eternal question: how to understand a man? Is it possible for the gestures, random words and behavior to understand the desires and thoughts of the interlocutor?

How to understand what a man wants?

The statement that the thoughts of all men on the planet do not take anything apart from the 3 main joys — food, football, and sex — have come up with either limited representatives of the same sex, or women who do not know what to talk about with a young man. Because another man, in his desires and dreams, is able to give a head start to any girl making promenades from home to office and who does not see anything in her life. A man may want nothing less than a woman, but will he let her know about it?

How to understand a man?

The easiest way to find out what the other person is thinking is to ask him directly. The only problem is that such a tactic does not always work, or it is not always permissible. For example, when a girl wants to make a surprise, having foreseen the wishes of her young man, she must act in a roundabout way. But even here it is required to judge not by words that, as is well known, are capable of misleading involuntarily, but by actions. An indicator of men's thoughts and desires are precisely the actions and gestures undertaken by him.

For example, if a young man returning from work in a bad mood is silent at the table and asks not to try to find out the reason, and to leave him alone, unlike a woman who has no can mean yes, he really wants silence and rest at least for some time period. He did not stop loving you, he was not offended, he was not angry: he really needed the opportunity to think everything through on his own, alone. Only by thoughtfulness, estrangement and quick departure to another room can one understand that a man really does not need a company and intimate conversations right now.

Here it is worth noting that the young man rarely wakes up the desire to hear persuasion. He will not defiantly abandon something, so long as he begins to beg for consent. In particular, the domestic situation, when a man does not succeed in something, and a woman offers him his feasible participation, but hears a rejection. When changing roles, this would indicate that you just need to make a help offer a little more actively.

How does a man lead when in love?

As previously stated, all male feelings - true, not carefully thought-out - can only be guessed by his actions. And if it concerns heart matters, then apart from active steps and gestures, nothing better says for him: you can drop the secret for many girls “I love you” both for the purpose of profit, and also for simply calming the woman. But it will mean nothing.

About how a potentially loving man should behave, they have been arguing for a decade. But a single set of parameters for determining the degree of passion for a particular woman does not exist. Someone more often resorts to bodily contact: takes a hand, hugs, weaves fingers, tries to accidentally touch, straighten hair or a scarf. In every possible way to show such gestures that he has the right to communicate fairly closely. Someone, on the contrary, suddenly begins to keep a distance, as if fearing that the girl will resist such treatment with herself, and all hopes will be lost.

Someone presents gifts with or without occasion, offers his company for weekends and free evening. But all these gestures can also be a simple manifestation of friendly sympathy, unrelated to falling in love.

How to understand a man?

Nevertheless, a few nuances distinguish a man who fell in love from just wanting to keep warm, intimate relationships. In particular, this is a sudden aggravation of attention to their appearance: frequent changes of images, selection and change of perfume, not even a characteristic of a young man, and even an attempt to join the sport, if earlier physical activities were limited to walking to the car and back. Those. any male efforts to look in the eyes of a woman who cares about him are better than he is, and, of course, much better than all the other representatives of the stronger sex. Because the choice of the ladies of the heart should eventually fall on him, and he will make all possible efforts to this.

It includes the primitive instinct, according to which the man is a hunter. Someone this feature appears brightly, someone is much less active, but in any case, the desire to win and win comes to the fore. The whole nature of a young man in love shouts that he is ready for feats for the sake of his lady's heart. Along with this, he is awakened by the desire to protect the girl, which may even result in frequent calls and messages with questions about his state of health, plans for the evening or the day. This is not control if there is no going over the edge, when a normal dialogue turns into a report: it is just interesting for a man to know what happened to a woman who is not indifferent to him.

Signs of Male Changes

Woman jealousy peculiar to a greater degree than a man. In addition, in the classical scheme, which undoubtedly has exceptions, the prerequisites for the suspicion of treason are completely different. A man has a sense of possessiveness, and a woman has a fear of being alone. And if there are reasons for such thoughts, even an unanswered SMS message in time can be a reason for a grand scandal or a hidden desire to test a loved one for allegiance. Is it possible to somehow determine that a man is cheating?

First, the same factors that relate to the demonstration, even if unwitting, of his love will say a lot. However, now he will take care of himself for the sake of someone else, and not a home dinner with you. But it is possible to “read” a man along a similar line of behavior if, until this time, it was unusual for him to change his shirts daily and use perfume given for some kind of celebration. But what about when your man always looks perfect? Should silence be perceived as a cooling of relations and the appearance of a rival, with whom communication most likely takes place most violently?

How to understand a man?

If by silence we mean a sudden suppression of contacts for days and weeks, occasionally alternating with the appearance of a couple of faceless phrases about love once a month, it is quite likely that the man’s interest in you really died away. It is difficult to say because of the change of his preferences, or this simple discrepancy of roads. But, anyway, this is an alarming bell, if there were plans for a long joint relationship. A change in his premises can be suspected only if the man has blossomed, as if in love, but for some reason this is not directed in your direction.

But if the phone, which only sms about employment at work in the morning, and the man’s silence during the shopping trip with you, is considered to be silent for several hours, you should not assume that his thoughts are occupied by an outside woman who claims his heart . Difficulties at work do not dare overnight, business negotiations do not end in half an hour, and in stores a man prefers to pay for goods and give advice where it is within his competence, but does not discuss all the gossip accumulated during the day. And the claim from the woman that he does not show interest in her news becomes an unpleasant surprise for him, because he seems to have fulfilled everything that was required of him (to bring, buy, bring). And the girl was still offended.

In general, it is unreasonable to divide psychology of male and female majors, since all its aspects depend on character and upbringing. And the only moment that is able to distinguish the opposite sex is the course of their thoughts: the woman switches from subject to subject, processing several tasks at once, the man briefly and in the case of each question. Therefore, over the riddle of "how to understand a man" can be poured exactly the same as over the same, relating to a woman.

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