How to make a man successful

Asking this question, you should always start with yourself. I want to inspire a man so that he ... And then we write everything we are waiting for from a man. For example, I started to bring more money into the house, made a step in my development, became bold, strong ... In general, write what you really need ...

Now try to imagine that this list fell into the hands of your beloved husband. And he reads that his wife dreams of becoming stronger, higher, more successful. It would seem that nothing terrible, but such a note can give rise to a man is not a joy, but a negative. Why? Because you can calmly appreciate these wishes, you can only be on the platform of love and possessing great self-confidence. And if a man doubts himself, and even in relations with you, not everything is harmonious, then the wishes will be perceived as claims and beliefs in his bankruptcy as men.

That is, your man will see not what you have written, but something completely different: I see that he is not successful enough, brings little money, is weak, weak-willed ... So a good desire creates a negative.

How to direct your thoughts in order not to harm the situation?

Take the same list and change it a bit. I want a man to become, I could ... bring more ... because I (!) ... And then you write about your condition, which gave rise to this desire.

How to make a man successful, how to inspire him?

For example:

I want a man to earn more or find a job, because I am tired of working alone or I want to quit my job, I am ashamed that my husband does not work, I envy my girlfriends who have successful husbands ...

So, you come to the fact that a significant place in your desire to inspire a husband is occupied by emotions that are not quite pleasant (fear, envy, resentment, anger ..). And these emotions become the motive that again and again makes you say to a man: find a better job, etc. And you are ashamed to declare them. Plus, you already know that only love helps. And you say something with love to a man, but at the same time broadcast the whole set of feelings and experiences. That is, envy, resentment, greed, etc .. Because the situation does not change.

It should be noted that blaming yourself for negative emotions is also not necessary. Yes, it is unpleasant for you, painful and even scary to admit that you are tired of inspiring a man. Realize it? So admit to yourself! I do not have that love to believe in him recklessly ...

How to start a movement towards love and faith in a man?

With cleansing your desire ...

So, you set a goal to clear your desire from negative manifestations. And you accept that if you don’t envy your girlfriends with their successful husbands, don’t torment yourself with thoughts, “did I choose that and even wait or go away?” Then miracles start to happen. You suddenly begin to realize that a man’s inspiration, his growth and success lies on a different plane. The answer is not to force yourself or a man!

How to make a man successful, how to inspire him?

The key is to change yourself, your attitude and attitude towards life!

And then it is easy to tell myself and the man: I want you to grow up, because this way I will feel lightness and will be able to spend more time at home, I can be more attentive. I can give you more love! I will feel happier.

When you clear your condition from such interferences, you don’t have to inspire anyone to do it. You start to just believe in him ...

What does it mean to believe in a man?

  • Never discuss a man with girlfriends, mother, colleagues and other people (why - read in the article Who can and can not tell about their problems?).
  • Do not compare a man with someone more successful (in your opinion). Even mentally.
  • Listen to and support the ideas of a man when he shares his plans with you. Even if ideas seem unreal. Listen, and then express your vision. Do not ignore or wave off. In every man lives creator! He needs to feel that he has come to this world in order to do something important.
  • Believe in your man's talents. They are! They manifest themselves daily: gallantly serves clothes, makes tea for you, helps with children. Praise the man and give thanks.
  • Do not be like a mother who holds a man as an eternal teenager and indicates that he didn’t finish something, didn’t have time, etc.
  • Let a man choose and make decisions. Even in simple things - which supermarket we go to, how to rest on weekends, etc.
  • Do not forget that your man has his own unique nature. If he is a merchant by nature, then earnings will not cause him any difficulties. But maybe he will be very busy. And it will be little to devote time to you and your children. And this will also be bad for you. If a man is a warrior by nature, he may strive for power, and he will not pay attention to your desires at all. And this, too, can upset you. If your man is drawn to knowledge and teaching, then making money can be a big problem for him. After all, he came to this world with a different purpose. And you will saw him - where is the money? If a man is a creator, then his goal is to become a master of his craft, and not to earn a million. It seems unfair. And what about the fact that a man should provide a family. Yes, it is a man’s duty. But fate for a man is including the woman next to him. And for some reason, next to such a man (write here the qualities of your husband) is it you?

How to make a man successful, how to inspire him?

Imagine how here and now you throw off the mask of fate punishing you. You do not criticize, do not suffer, but let go of the situation. You just step aside and observe how a man in a new state of freedom, realizing his desires and aspirations, begins to understand himself that he is a breadwinner, that his success is important, that he has a family that he wants to take care of.

Do you believe this? If not - it's time to create an image of a successful man.

Allow the man to be inspired by himself. And take care of yourself more. And not the salvation of men!

A few words about the trauma of betrayal

If you once believed in a man, supported him, and he left you, then fear and a sense of injustice of fate may be fixed. Fear of investing in a loved one and left with nothing. Therefore, at the level of the mind, you may want to inspire men and believe in them, and your subconscious mind has closed the door to these positive states.

How to work with a similar situation?

Take a pen, paper and write down your thoughts, answering the question: why not believe in men, inspire and support them? Remove censorship and write everything that asks out. For example, why inspire them? And so do not want to do anything! All the same, sooner or later he will leave for the young, who will give more, etc.

When the letter is written - postpone it. After a couple of hours, re-read what was recorded. You may notice that a good half of the thoughts are not yours. Perhaps these are the words of mother, girlfriends or even strangers. But it was you who took these seeds to your soil. So they sprouted.

How to make a man successful, how to inspire him?

Now you have to part with these beliefs. Tear, burn this sheet. And create an image of positive belief in a man. To do this, use the formula "I feel, I think, I show."

Formula "Feel-Think-Show"

So, if I truly believe in a man and want to inspire him, then I express

  • Feelings: love, tenderness, gentleness, kindness
  • In thoughts: I think positively about my husband, I do not blame, I do not criticize
  • In action: I do not do everything for him myself! Leaving space for male action.

Inspiring a man is not equal to creating greenhouse conditions for him !!! Remember that greenhouse conditions are needed by a plant, often very moody or even sick, for it to survive.

If you create greenhouse conditions, you agree that your man is very similar to a kind of exotic flower for which special care is needed. And these are already a few mistakes:

  • The first - a man is unlikely to like it, if you compare it with a flower. Even thinking about this is bad.
  • Secondly, it is customary for men to take care of women. And not vice versa.
  • The third is that a man’s strength increases when he overcomes obstacles (including his own shortcomings, cold, deprivation).

Therefore, it is so important to take care of a man, showing love, but not to protect him from life.

How to make a man successful, how to inspire him?

Inspire means giving breath to the full. Do not hold in a vise and snare, do not limit. Do not be afraid of herself!

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A man may want to. A woman is important to be able to wish him growth and development.

Another practice that can help is to wish all men of the planet growth and development. How to do it? In the morning, give 5-10 minutes to the wishes of all men of happiness, health. Thank men for their strength, energy. Practice daily. Even if laziness and disbelief interfere. Develop an image of faith in men. Fill it with energy. And then in every man the powerful force will be revealed!

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