How to get a job

The need to have the funds earned by their work, today arises even among high school students. Especially strongly it is exacerbated by students who often have to pay for renting an apartment and fully ensure their accommodation, often even in another city. But the services market does not seek to give everyone a good place with a high income, especially if the potential employee has no experience. How to act when looking for a job and where it is guaranteed you can find what you are looking for?

How to get a good job?

How to get a job?

The joke that employers require people with experience, but no one is ready to provide an opportunity to get it, unfortunately, more than half is true. And it is about this nuance that many attempts to find a good job are broken.

The main task is to determine your own knowledge and skills. Even here there are many difficulties, because a person does not always really understand what he can and wants to do. And, especially, many often miss the question of talent in a certain sphere, which often gives an advantage and allows the employer to close their eyes to the lack of experience of a potential subordinate.

After we can arrange these details on the shelves, you should think about which schedule suits you and what income you would like to have. The last question is desirable to give a realistic answer. Those. wish 50 thousand rubles. with an incomplete higher education and lack of experience - it is naive, but even agreeing on the same baseline even by 4 thousand rubles, when you can earn 10 thousand rubles. - irrational.

The next step is to write a resume, where a previously thought out list of abilities and aptitudes will come in handy. However, such documents are desirable to make several, targeted at different employers. Consequently, they will shift accents: where a secretary is required, attention should be paid to knowledge of languages ​​and computer skills, and when trying to get a manager's place, to sociability and responsibility. Those. You can have more than 10 useful skills, but you should not combine them all in the 1st resume. Let those who are most interested in a potential employer take the leading position.

To send a resume on all existing proposals or not - you decide. Some professionals do not recommend doing so, believing that this shows a person not from the best side: he is ready to rush to any vacancy, and therefore does not know what exactly he needs. If he shows a similar amorphousness in relation to the choice of a particular place, it means that this quality will also affect his work. Not only the employer needs such personnel. On the other hand, sending a resume only on 2 proposals and waiting for a response for a month, you risk not finding a suitable position for a long time and remaining without work. The optimal scheme in this matter is not able to offer anyone: trust your intuition.

If there is a change in the workplace, and there is some experience behind it, it is important not to stagnate in the existing position, but to look for a step higher. HR specialists recommend increasing the degree of responsibility and taking on more complex tasks without fear of such a risk. Otherwise, you linger on the old level and hardly ever move forward. At the same time, it is important to competently evaluate yourself in order to understand what wages to claim in a new place: it must always be slightly above the average market value.

The last important point is the interview. The fact of his passing does not mean that the employer will choose you, therefore, firstly, it is important not to make several critical mistakes, and, secondly, to understand during this time whether you will work comfortably with this person, carefully study the employment contract . Of the nuances that will help reduce the risk of failing in an interview, you need to remember the following: never condemn the previous bosses and colleagues, even if parting with them was unpleasant; mentioning your strengths, backing it up with facts and praising only in the case; to emit confidence - a timid person is not enough in what sphere will be able to adequately fulfill his duties, and therefore is not interesting to the employer.

How to find work on the Internet?

How to get a job?

  • For those who do not want to have a working day from 8 to 17 h, resting only on Saturday and Sunday, and even working 6 days out of 7, there is a practice of working on the Internet. With the search for such a place, in fact, everything is somewhat simpler, but also more difficult at the same time. First, because today there are quite a few scammers who offer job openings, but in fact are not employers. On the contrary, a potential employee loses his money when he begins to transfer various “insurance premiums” and make similar payments to them, allegedly necessary for entering into a contract. In addition, there are many other negative nuances with which a person who is in search of remote work can meet.
  • Secondly, the income will not always be equivalent to what, for example, will be offered at a cashier’s vacancy in an ordinary supermarket. People with experience and a voluminous portfolio are also valued on the Internet, so everyone who wants to go into freelancing should understand that it will not work from scratch to get as much as a director of a large enterprise. Basic rates are minimal, and if for students who are financially supported by parents, this is a normal income, then for independent young people it is no longer enough.
  • And yet, how to start a job search on the Internet? As in the case of a regular, off-site job with official employment, you need to decide on the area in which you are able to apply your skills. Remote work often involves working with a computer: html-pages, text documents, graphic and video editors. These areas, of course, is not limited to. Find a vacancy to the liking and experience can be on the major portals, called exchanges, whose addresses will give any search site. And, by analogy with not distant work, it is quite possible that neither on the first day, nor in the 1st week will there be an optimal option. This is an absolutely normal practice if there is no work experience.
  • In the case of a remote activity, especially when the sphere is creative, it is recommended not to be afraid of expressing oneself. A talented frame that does not have diplomas, but is memorable for people, is guaranteed to move further than a specialist stagnating on the same level. Here you need to constantly evolve, grow, try more difficult tasks for yourself, and every time look for new options, and not be afraid to use connections. A person who is willing to take a risk necessarily wins in the long run.

But besides this, it is recommended to arrange a visualization session. With the growing moon on a piece of paper to write the desired criteria of work, up to income, the relationship of the authorities, tasks, atmosphere in the team. It should also mention the approximate time frame - the more specifically you mark all the points, the better. After that, you need to close your eyes and present yourself in the described conditions by making the picture as clear, three-dimensional and colorful as possible. After this procedure, a piece of paper is placed under the pillow, and burned in the morning.

But all these popular methods of "luring luck" or work, undoubtedly, can only be considered an additional point. If you rely only on higher forces and do not try to engage in your own development, do not grasp at every interesting and worthy offer, you can look for work endlessly.

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