How to ask for forgiveness from a child

Whatever it was, and whatever happened, it is important to remember that a child is also a person, whose feelings must be taken into account. And, if you feel guilty before him, be sure to apologize or even To apologize.

There are, of course, various situations. In the case of a child, there are basically three of them.

Failure to fulfill the promise to the child

The first situation. This is when we promised him to do something (for example, read a fairy tale) or go somewhere (to a circus, an entertainment center, a cafe) and could not fulfill the promise. Such promises are often made so that at the moment the child stops pestering and gives to go about his business. But for the child it is a promise, and he hopes and waits. And when the time comes to fulfill a promise, we wave it off “Later,” “I am tired.” You can not do it this way. If you really promised - you must fulfill. And if some kind of events interfere with this, it is necessary to apologize to the child. Explain to him the reason why did not fulfill the promise. And the resentment of the baby will pass, and he learns, by your example, how to act yourself when you grow up.

What if you shouted at the baby?

The second situation. This is when you are influenced by a situation or emotion.shouted at the child. When you cool down - they realized that they got excited. And it becomes a pity for him, so small, offended and defenseless. And you start hugging him and saying that you love. But! This is not enough! Imagine shouting at your husband, mother, sister. You would apologize later, right? So the worse the child? Explain, in the language available to him, that they did not want to shout. That just tired, trouble at work. Maybe he will not understand everything that you say to him, but it must be said. Ask for his forgiveness, and tell him that next time you will try to control yourself.

If you hit a child ...

The third situation. The worst. If you hit the baby. Not just slapped, but hit. There is a family in which dad regularly beat his son. And he grew up, and not a very good man, began to drive companies of drinking friends into the house, and regularly beat his father, reminding how he beat him when he was defenseless against the strength of an adult. Not every family, where an adult constantly slaps his child, will surely grow a child who beats his parents. But it is worth thinking. Anyway, if such a situation does occur, you simply must ask for forgiveness from a child. And promise that this will not happen again. If possible, explaining why this happened. AND keep my promise! After all, you love him!

Important recommendations in communicating with children

  • Whatever the situation of the above listed, never donate a child with gifts. You need to talk with a child as with a full-fledged adult. It is easy to get rid of the gifts, but they do not detract from the guilt before the baby, and for him it will be unrelated events. Today, they shouted and spanked. And tomorrow they bought a robot. Why? Just. No conclusions.
  • In any case, do not take it to the extreme. If you feel annoyed, ask the child to come up in five minutes. Say that you are busy, but do not get lost. It is better not to allow such situations, after which I have to ask for forgiveness.
  • Be sure to think before promising something to your child. If you are not sure what to do, promise to talk about it tomorrow, next weekend.

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Summing up the above, I want to say: your child forgive you anyway even if you do not ask for forgiveness, because you are his mother, the closest and dearest person. But he will remember your actions and carry it through his life. Consider whether you want your child to treat you the way you feel about him when you grow up. If not, then take steps to a common understanding. After all, you are more mature, which means you are more experienced and wiser..

Love your babies and they will light your life with love!

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