Erogenous zones in women

Undoubtedly, the psychological climate, and more simply, the love between a man and a woman is of paramount importance in obtaining sexual satisfaction with partners. This is especially true of women. But the importance of the ability to bring the partner to the highest point of pleasure does not need to be dropped from the scales. Erogenous zones in women - the key to the casket with an orgasm.

We read a woman like a book

where erogenous zones are located in women

Before finding out where erogenous zones are located in a woman, you need to know what it is in principle. A medical reference book on this subject tells us about areas of the skin and mucous membranes, irritating which can cause sexual arousal or a condition called orgasm.

It also says that erogenous zones can be classified into primary and secondary. It would be logical to assume that the main zones are the same for all women, and the additional ones are features of an individual plan. In addition, these mysterious and magical places can be divided by degree of accessibility at any time as open or intimate.

Let's start the prelude, or rather, an overview of the magical places that approximate the desired result.

Open areas

From places not covered with clothes to the erogenous zones on the female body can be attributed primarily earlobes and the surface of the neck. A rare beauty will remain indifferent if the partner gently kisses the ear, slightly biting her earlobe, and smoothly moves to the neck. Nerve endings located in these places will not allow the girl to react too calmly to such actions.

Many ladies will enjoy light massage movements on the skin on the head and in the shoulder area, stroking and playing with hair. All this contributes to relaxation and bliss. Do not forget about the delicate delicate fingers of the beloved and, in general, about the hands. Often you only need to take them in your hands, gently hold the fingertips on the palms, wrists, inner sides of the forearms, and you immediately feel the reaction.

Another open area that responds positively to the gentle impact is the knees and the area under them. Nevertheless, the main place, not covered by clothes, and at the same time belonging to the main erogenous zones, is the mouth. Sensual sponges, tongue, the inner surface of the mouth - the magic areas, the impact on which - a direct path to sexual arousal partner.

Hidden from prying eyes

most erogenous zones in women

Clothing hides many other buttons and keys of the instrument, called the female body, which in the hands of a skilled musician or tuner will issue a melody of pleasure. Here are the most erogenous zones in women:

  • chest;
  • clitoris;
  • labia minora;
  • vaginal area.

Female breasts: the nipples and areolas around them are a place that has attracted the attention of the male part of the planet at all times. Gentle touch, caress fingers or tongue, lip kisses - actions that wind the majority of women.

Clitoris - the most important part in the excitement of women. This is a small area in which about 8,000 nerve endings are packed. This center of pleasure. In the case of using fingers or tongue for oral caress.

It is worth remembering that in terms of sensitivity there are differences. One requires more stimulation, and for others even slight pressure may be excessive. It is necessary very carefully, using a different arsenal of movements - from circular to reciprocating, to stimulate the clitoris. After determining the required intensity of impact, the result will not take long.

Small labia in many - the second in the table of ranks of the zones responsible for sexual excitability. And although the saturation of their nerve endings is individual, and the erogenousness estimates are different, every fifth woman considers the labia minora to be the main arousal point.

The vaginal zone is a recognized erogenous site, although the vagina is not overly sensitive. The effect is due to the proximity and impact during sex on the point G, located under the clitoris, as well as the tension of the labia.

Among the additional erogenous zones hidden under clothing are:

  • stomach;
  • pubis;
  • back;
  • buttocks;
  • inner and rear thighs;
  • crotch;
  • anus;
  • feet and toes.

Impact on the above zones is capable of faithfully serving in the cause of sexual arousal for women. However, the place and intensity of the actions applied must be favorably received by the partner. And here the factor of changeability is already included, when the sensitivity of erogenous zones changes and depends on mood, state of health, degree of fatigue and other important circumstances.

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Erogenous zones in women and girls

All the representatives of the stronger sex, at least, of its traditionally-oriented wing, wish to be the master of the pleasure of their sexual partner. But unfortunately, there is no general algorithm prescribing how to please a woman.

In addition, in the case of the constancy of partners for a long time, the question of defining new paths to pleasure may arise. Therefore, the search for places of hypersensitivity and ways of influencing them should become a constant element of an erotic game - foreplay.

Kisses with one's lips or with the use of tongue can help in this important business. Actual all sorts of touches: scratching, smooth and gentle, slow movement of the lobes of the fingers, barely touching the woman's body. Air touches can cause a violent reaction in response or add pleasure.

Also do not forget about light bites and tweaks, slaps, most importantly, do not overdo it and do without causing pain. Various massage pressing, stroking help to relax and thereby contribute to the enjoyment of intimacy. Another important and accompanying point will be the state of the search tools. That is, hands should be well-groomed, finger nails - without burrs and chipping, teeth - brushed, body - smelling and fresh.

It is important to strive to find and stimulate the erogenous zone of a girl, woman, spouse or sex partner to be sincere and really desire it. And do not go too far: caress for the sake of affection is not needed, otherwise everything can end without starting. Successes to all!

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