Cool contests

The love of feasts is a feature of our national character. And it does not matter at all about what people and relatives are going to. It is only important that this is a "right" celebration, and not a booze, so that everyone is fun and interesting. So, organizing it, pick up at least a couple of cool contests for a fun company at the table.

Together more fun

pick up at least a couple of cool contests for a fun company at the table

Usually, there is a moment in the celebration when a part of the guests, who have not yet managed to “gather”, hurriedly leave the celebration, and some remain to continue to celebrate the event, not even fully aware of what people were gathering about. To avoid such a separation and rally the guests, the hosts should take care of holding cool contests for a drunken company. This will not make much work, but you need to consider:

  • the age of the guests (the elderly lady is not likely to find it interesting to carry a raw egg in a spoon for speed);
  • invited status (for a corporate party with the participation of the boss, it is better not to prepare contests related to
  • changing clothes or kisses);
  • venue (if the feast takes place at home, then all the fun must be completed before 21.00, so as not to bring
  • the wrath of others).

At the table we sit, we sing, we dance!

Funny contests for a fun company for a birthday or any other holiday are better to choose from different categories:

  • mobile;
  • static;
  • conversational.

Consider examples for each of them.


Already from the name it is clear that participation in competitions of this type implies movement. Therefore, they should be carried out before serving hot, after an aperitif, while guests are still able to move fairly quickly.

"New Dances"


  • The facilitator selects a couple of guests and sits them in the center of the hall.
  • Participants explained the task. They are invited to arrange a dancing battle — without getting up from a chair, to move that part of the body that the master of ceremonies (or guests) calls.
  • Applause choose the winner, sit down the second pair.
  • In the final there are winners in the qualifying rounds.

"A bright cucumber"

contests for a fun birthday party


  • Participants stand in a ring, hands over their backs, touching each other with their shoulders.
  • One player enters the circle.
  • Guests shift each other into the hands of a long cucumber, while biting off a little of it. The player’s task is to understand in whose hands the vegetable is at the moment when someone from the circle shouts: “Who has a cucumber?”.
  • If the participant in the center of the ring guessed it, he becomes a circle, and the one who asked the question takes his place. If to guess the location of the cucumber - the baton failed, the player continues to look for him.

"Let me hold on!"


  • Guests are in a circle.
  • The moderator takes one of the participants for some part of the body (for example, an ear).
  • The rest of the guests should repeat the same movement with their neighbor. The task of the participants to perform all movements quickly, clearly and not laugh.
  • The new leader is the one who has gone astray.


Finding answers to interesting questions is a favorite activity not only of children, but also of adults, especially lightly drunk. Funny puzzles for a fun company can be supplemented by moving elements - it all depends on the preferences of the participants of the feast.

"Who am i?"


  • On small pieces of paper we write nouns and lay out the cards with the inscription down.
  • Each guest pulls out the task and, without looking, glues it on his forehead with adhesive tape.
  • Further around we ask questions, trying to find out who we are. These should be specific phrases that have an unambiguous answer. If the answer is correct, the interviewer continues the survey. In case of an incorrect answer, the right to move proceeds to the next participant. The one who could not guess himself loses.

"Magic ball"


  • A layer of foil is wound on a tennis ball.
  • On a scotch we fasten a riddle (can something like "What plant knows everything?" - "Horseradish").
  • Again wind the foil.
  • Repeat this way 6-7 times, alternating layers with riddles. Each of the participants takes the ball, solves the riddle and removes the top foil. Wins the one who unwound the ball to the end and answered the last question.

"What is the prize?"

Very good birthday contest

Very good birthday contest.


  • Objects that begin with the letters of the name of the hero of the occasion (for example, for Anton - a-orange, n-socks, t-plate, o-glasses, n-notes) or the name of any other object are put in a small bag. The only condition is that the number of tasks must be prepared by the number of invitees.
  • The presenter calls the letter and gives a hint what is in the bag.
  • Who among the participants called the subject, that he gets it.


This category of competitions includes not only the well-known fairy-tales, reworking by roles. For a drunk company, any creative work will be very productive. After all, there is nothing funnier than when people "under the shafa" are trying to show or guess something based on only verbal prompts.



  • On some small pieces of paper, we write a few questions, on others - the answers.
  • Mix the workpiece. Just do not confuse the categories!
  • One of the guests takes the question, reads it to himself and invites someone present to answer. Dialogues are very funny.

"History with the alphabet"


  • Players sit in a circle.
  • Cards are laid out in front of them, each of them has a letter of the alphabet.
  • The presenter raises any letter, and the guests begin to think up a word for each one, but so that a coherent story turns out.

"32 toasts"


  • The presenter calls the letter of the alphabet and the name of the guest.
  • The participant must congratulate the hero of the occasion (or the whole company - depending on the occasion), using words only for this letter.
  • Then the guests choose the best toast.

If you wish, you can spend a lot of different cool contests for a fun company at the table. It is only a matter of drawing up the script of the holiday and preparing the necessary equipment so that the holiday will remain in the memory of both the guests and the owners themselves, who know a lot about fun entertainment.

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