Beautifully caring - a sign of a good husband

What woman would not be pleased by the attention of the man - bouquets, compliments, gifts, we all love these attributes and men, of course, took note of this long ago. A woman begins to compare her fiancé with other men, and she involuntarily thinks that if he is so gallant and attentive, then surely he will be a great husband. Her friends can also speak, saying that such a generous man should not be missed. And the woman will do everything possible to bind such a man to himself and warm his attention to himself, in fear that he will lose interest.

But beautiful courtship is just courtship, and it doesn’t indicate the seriousness of the man’s intentions, and even less about which husband will come out of him. Sometimes it happens that the one who, before the wedding, literally wore his bride in his arms, then turns into an absolutely cold and indifferent man. But how so, exclaim you, do you really need to choose a man for husbands who does not give any gifts and doesn’t care at all? A little bit wrong, of course, you have the right to demand from the man both gifts and attention, but this should not be too sweet. If it is too sweet, then this is already a fairy tale, and all fairy tales in life end quickly.

What could be the reasons that the gallant gentleman after the wedding dramatically changes his behavior?

The man calms down after the wedding

When there is still no marriage, the man considers himself a conqueror and his eyes burn with excitement. He does not know whether he can fully achieve this woman or not, therefore he is doing everything in his power to look like the most worthy of men. But as soon as the wedding march rang out, the wedding rings are put on the newlyweds and the family life begins, here the man is already relaxing. He thinks, since I did everything right before marriage, now you have to fulfill your duties well, and I will rest for a while.

But the woman has already captured such an attitude toward herself in her memory and thinks that this will continue all her life. She argues that the man showed a model of his behavior and writes him a credibility for many years to come. A man did not give any promises and can not always be the standard of beautiful courtship, life turns into ordinary everyday life, the plot of which repeats every day, there is no place for courtship. And besides, the passions between lovers gradually calm down, the romance disappears from the relationship, and the feelings are no longer so bright. Feelings do not necessarily pass, it is just very difficult after many years of marriage to keep the same storm of emotions that in the first months of our acquaintance.

A woman, seeing that a man’s attitude to her has changed, becomes irritable, accumulates resentment in herself. After all, she expected that everything would be colorful for them, not like everyone else, but in the end she would have complete disappointments. A man may also be perplexed about this, he is, after all, not a holiday person, and as a result such relationships become very shaky and sometimes reach a break.

Deceitful tempter

And who ever said he was going to marry? He likes the process of caring for girls, he likes to see their admiring eyes, but not only you have one. As soon as he realizes that you have fallen deeply in love or are bored with it, he will go in search of a new victim. Such seducers, as a rule, very well understood female psychology and can achieve almost any girl. Their passion and passion is enough to win many more women. Moreover, as soon as he realizes that beautiful courtship is the key to the female heart, he no longer appreciates the woman next to him, wanting to reach more and more heights in seduction.

Of course, this man can be married to yourself, but do you need such a windy man? In marriage, he will run away from any difficulties, and at any opportunity he will look to the left. And in response to your claims, why he stopped caring for you, he can declare that if you don’t like something, he can always find a replacement.

Dust in the eyes

Think about how useful in marriage, what your man will shower you with compliments and give flowers? Maybe it helps in planning the family budget, or speaks about its economical and practical? Yes, this does not mean anything, but on the contrary simply does not make out its essential shortcomings. For example, a woman thinks, well, maybe his hands are not golden, but he is so caring and indulges my whims. But all this is good for the time being, and when the stage of romantic walks under the moon is over and the time comes to start a family, take a sober look at the man. Handsome mans should not become excuses for his negative qualities.

No gifts happiness

If a woman is beautiful, intelligent, charming, then behind her certainly a line of fans. Of course, the woman does not want to miscalculate, and begins to look for her fans. Who is ready to spend more on her, make more presents, and she will give her preference. Only here, in pursuit of a material woman, she forgets about real sincere feelings. Not always the one who loves, shouts about this every corner, and not always the one who loves fill up with gifts. The true attitude can be read in the eyes, in the usual silence, but not in the glitter of beautiful courting. Very often, behind a handsome boyfriend, you can hide the mask of a person who does not suit you at all.

But do not think that with a nice and paradise in a hut, and gifts and courtship from a man in a marriage - luxury and self-indulgence. There are also pleasant exceptions, when the gallant gentleman remains the same after the wedding, and if you are confident in your man, then do not listen to anyone. Just not to be confused with one another: "nice caring" and "good husband"and, therefore, the father of your children is not an equal sign. Total should be in moderation, and courtship, too.

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