Baby's tidiness or his health

The baby’s clothes get dirty in an instant, and they wash up much longer. And the matter is not just that modern powders do not cope with their duties. Rather, the whole thing in their danger to the baby. So you have to choose between clean laundry and the health of the child.

There are many points of view on this. Some people think that the baby will still have to face the "reality of life" and therefore calmly wash the children's clothes along with the adult. Others seek to protect the child until he is older and his body can fend off the adverse effects of the external environment. What is right - think for yourself, but remember: the life of a newborn is entirely dependent on your decision. And is it worth ideally clean clothes so that the baby’s skin turns pink from irritation and an allergic reaction?

We study the composition

On the shelves of the store lined up various laundry detergents. How to choose the best? First of all, it is necessary to focus on the label "children". The remaining options are not even considered. Very many active components that contribute to the removal of stains, can additionally guarantee the coating of fibers of the fabric with a protective layer. Yes, it protects against pollution, but it is very harmful for the skin. Crohn up to three years such powders are absolutely contraindicated.

Baby powders should be as safe as possible. Therefore, they are tested all their properties (cleansing, effects on the skin, the rate of rinsing). The received certificate of quality indicates the reliability of the selected tool.

If there is no composition on the package, too many dyes and shock absorbers, aggressive surfactants (surfactants) are used, then it is better to stop using this laundry detergent. Currently, there are many developments of scientists, allowing to wash with a safe tool with minimal environmental pollution.

Correctly erase

Not everything depends on the washing powder. An important role is played by the basics of its application. It is necessary to take into account many factors in order to make laundry washing not only effective, but also safe:

ü Quickly react to stains. We study the main methods of removing certain pollutants. Sometimes it is enough to immediately stain the stain, rub it a little and leave it until the next wash. Salt is sometimes used to absorb excess pollutant. But plasticine and wax should be removed with an iron (the stain is covered with a thin paper napkin and ironed with a warm iron).

ü Sort baby things. Color should always be washed separately from white. There is a linen that sheds at the first opportunity. It is better to wash it separately from other things by hand.

ü Choose a temperature. On each item there is a tag indicating the optimal temperature of the wash. If this value is increased, the clothes may fade, stretch, change their shape, become a coarser structure. And at lowering the stain can not be washed away. In practice, it is very difficult to sort laundry not only by color, but also by the temperature value. Therefore, it is best to choose a natural fabric for baby clothes. This may be cotton, linen, batiste, which are washed in a similar mode.

ü Thoroughly rinsed. If there is no washing machine in the house, then it is necessary to change the water 5 times so that the clothes are completely clean of residual laundry detergent. In the last water there should be no foam and thin suds on the surface. When using an automatic machine, it is worthwhile to start an additional rinse mode or press the “Super-rinse” button (if it is on the menu).

It is not always possible to wipe the stain in time, so the thing begins to lose its original appearance. But is it worth it to reproach the baby? After all, the most important thing is his happy look and joy in his eyes. And with age, you will certainly teach him to be neat.

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