What color does yellow match?

Each color is unique and has a certain effect on the person. Yellow is considered the main one in the palette, since it is simply impossible to obtain it by mixing several tones. However, not only this quality distinguishes it from other colors, the effect on the human psyche of various yellow shades contains many interesting facts.

What does yellow color symbolize in psychology?


The sun is the main symbol of yellow flowers and it is hard to imagine life without this warm light source, which brings joy to everyone. It is yellow that can fill a person with energy.

Yellow colors provoke only pleasant memories, contribute to the urge to action. A series of tests was conducted, and during the study it was established that this hue contributes to the revitalization of the brain, as well as an improvement in memory.

Yellow color has a positive impact in the field of product promotion. Today, the psychology of color in advertising has become a separate science, in which yellow is important. For example, it is increasingly used on billboards and banners, as well as in simple ads. Very rarely, yellow is taken as the main tone for various logos. However, on the condition of a slight impregnation of this sunny hue, the advertising label will become more noticeable and will be remembered by the potential buyer.

The combination of yellow with green tones can provoke associations with deception, fake. Black and yellow may be perceived as a symptom of danger.

Psychologists were able to identify positive as well as negative group of qualities inherent in this color:

  1. Among the positive qualities are the following - happiness, activity, freedom, dexterity and sensitivity, joy.
  2. Among the negative sides are the following - irony, confusion, etc.

Yellow color in psychology

Yellow - the most intense, deep, penetrating shade. Thanks to his influence, it becomes much easier to solve various important issues, as well as to proceed from words directly to execution.

Those individuals who prefer yellow colors are always categorically disposed towards people who constantly argue, scandal, like to attract everyone’s attention to their personalities. As a rule, such individuals are always self-confident, have high self-esteem and love of action.

Those people who give preference to the yellow color tend to reveal their own self, self-improvement. They always try to achieve their goals, while problems and questions on their way to the desired are solved easily and very quickly. Such personalities are very self-confident, cheerful and joyful, have a high level of creativity.

If a person wants to purchase a yellow product, this can be a sign that there is a need to restore inner harmony, as well as to protect oneself from constant stress. Most people who in clothes prefer this color are very open, always use every opportunity to show their abilities to others.

People who prefer yellow color are very energetic and adventurous. Almost always, they are in search of solutions, with the help of which they could remove internal stress and achieve their goals. Also, yellow color helps to get rid of shyness and shyness, to prevent unexpected embarrassment.

An excessive amount of yellow-capable to provoke the appearance of quite severe headaches and provoke fatigue.

Yellow color is the lot of strong, cheerful and creative natures. In moderate doses, it is useful to include it in the wardrobe or interior of the apartment. This will help to tune in to the joyful wave, to let a little more sunshine into your life.

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