Ways of self-knowledge

In each person's life, there comes a period when life presents such situations and problems, as a result of which the question arises: "Why did all this happen to me? After all, I am so good!"

At such moments it is very hard to believe that God has a great idea for your life! And in general, that you yourself chose this path. And you need this experience!

When all is well and well, the person is not looking for answers to their questions. More precisely, they are not as such! But, as soon as trials and difficulties come, questions arise: “What should I understand?”, “What does life teach me?”, “Why do I live here in this body, with such a family, in this country, on this planet ? "

Congratulations, you have taken the path of self-discovery. Now, in search of answers, you will receive the necessary books, films, lectures, seminars and people.

Meet the game "Lila"

"Lila" is an ancient Indian board game that helps the player in self-knowledge and self-development, fully reflects life in general and in its specific manifestations, gives an understanding of the human condition at the moment.

When "Lila" appeared - it is not known (as well as its author). It is established that she is over 2000 years old. The ancient yogis explored the labyrinths of human consciousness and discovered the presence of 72 original states of being. These states are displayed in the cells of the playing field. The player rolls a die, and higher forces determine his next position on the board. All movements in the game symbolically reflect the real life of the player (at his energy and subconscious level).

But first you need to be born. To be born in "Lila", you need to get a six after a die roll. Three attempts are made in one day. And if the six failed to be thrown out of one of these three times, it is proposed to postpone the attempt the next day.

As in every game, in the "Lila" has its own rules and nuances of the game. On the playing field there are arrows that lift the player to higher levels, if you get on their base. And there are snakes that lower him to the lower levels, if you get on their head. Each cell is accompanied by a description that reveals the essence of the player's state. Throw a die in the middle of the game, preferably once a day. As an exception, you can throw a second time. During the next day, the player lives the situation described by the game. Sometimes there are situations when the game freezes, and the player descends to the first level. So, we must continue to play on, to reconsider our attitude to the world around us. A hit on the physical plan indicates that the player is too fixated on meeting the "carnal" needs.

The goal of the game is to finish it, to reach Cosmic Consciousness (Enlightenment). Therefore, as you know, "Lila" does not end in a couple of hours, you can play it for years. And this is neither bad nor good. Just like that. The main thing - do not leave the game is not over.

"Lila" helps to see your life as a whole, to consider a specific everyday situation as if from a bird's-eye view. After the game in real life, there are situations that reflect the lived scenario in the "Lila". And if a person makes a conclusion from what is happening around, life begins to transform for the better. But it is rather difficult to admit to oneself that “base feelings” (jealousy, envy, pride) live inside and manifest themselves here and there. You can get rid of them only when the acceptance of these feelings, the elaboration of each of them, occurs.

Well? We go to self-knowledge!

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