Status about love for a guy. examples of love statuses for

Are you in love and want to announce this to the whole world? The best way to do this is to find a capacious, touching and sincere status about this bright feeling for your account in social networks. This method will also help to tell about your love to your chosen one or to hint to him about problems in a relationship.

Short statuses about love: examples

Statuses about love for a guy

There are many sayings about love. The most suitable for online status are short but informative phrases.

  • "I can forget everything, but not the way he smiles"
  • "Love is when I hear his voice one minute, and the smile on his face is already an hour ..."
  • "If he is with me, who cares who is against me ..."
  • "I want butterflies in my stomach, goose bumps, wind in my head!"
  • "I want to be the cause of your happiness!"
  • "With you, it's really unreal!"
  • "If I want, I will take everything away from you, even the last name ..."
  • "Love begins where nothing is expected in return"
  • "The world of two does not even understand billions"
  • "You really want to" forever "
  • "The stronger the love, the fewer the words"
  • "What did I find in him? Happiness ..."

What to choose sad statuses about love?

Statuses about love for a guy

Why love can cause sadness? There are many reasons for this: it is not mutual, you cannot see each other often, you met him too late ...

  • "It is impossible to forget, it is impossible to return ..."
  • "Forgive me, my love..."
  • "I will not forget you soon ...
  • "I will always wait for you and I will not believe in tears ..."
  • "Love does not bring pain, it is brought by people who do not know how to love"
  • "I loved, I was loved, but it never coincided in time!"
  • "I say that I want to see him, he answers - it's cold. It's not cold outside ..."
  • "In my mobile phone: access to the heart is no longer ..."

Love statuses are very personal. The easiest way to address them is to those you love, and not to the entire Internet community on the social network. Otherwise, be prepared for unnecessary questions, ridicule, misunderstanding from others.

Status about love at a distance: a list

Statuses about love for a guy

The distance is often an obstacle for lovers, but one who truly loves everything can overcome.

  • "There are kilometers between us now, but I gently catch your voice. And I want to shout through the wind:" I love you! I love very much! "
  • "Separation is a pain that overshadows the meaning of my life."
  • "I am near, even if we are at a distance, because you are always in my heart"
  • "The world will go crazy when we are at a centimeter distance from each other"
  • “I don’t count how many kilometers between us ... I count how many minutes before our meeting"
  • "Imagine how much more happy people would be if it were not for these distances"
  • "Where there are no moments of anticipation in love, there is parting without pain"
  • "Love can erase all boundaries and allow a loved one to hug even from a distance ... At least in your own thoughts ..."

Reading statuses about love is useful, first of all, because they allow you to better understand yourself and your true feelings. To pick up a statement addressed to a loved one is not at all difficult. The main thing is to listen to the voice of your heart ...

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