Scenario of a pirate party for children. room decoration

To the children's holiday was the most fun and interesting, you can prepare a theme party. She can be absolutely anyone. Surely your children will enjoy the pirate theme. In order for such a celebration to be perfect, you need to create the necessary entourage: stylized invitations, suitable costumes, fun contests and, of course, a chest with untold riches.

Pirate party: making invitations

Any theme party begins with invitations. The more interesting they are made, the more the guest will be intrigued. You can think of many options. For example, so that the intended guest does not exactly refuse to visit, send him an invitation in the form of a black mark. It should be written there that the refusal is not accepted, otherwise there may be "terrible consequences."

Scenario of a pirate party for children

Make a black mark in the form of a circle of black circle with the image of the Jolly Roger. On the inside of such an invitation will be directly the text containing information about the party. Another original idea for the invitation will be a pirated message. To do this, you need to take an empty bottle, washed from the labels, cork, string and paper, the edges of which you need to burn a little. Write on burned paper. For greater accuracy, write with an ink pen.

Turn the invitation into a roll, tie it with string and place it in a bottle. Close the cork with the message. Now you can give it to the guest. You can, of course, make not such original invitations, dispense with bottles, but simply hand in a little burnt paper rolled into a tube.

The invitation text should also be styled. You can use various pirate phrases, for example: "old man, sea wolf", "one thousand devils", "thunder beat me", "invite aboard the schooner, pirate party", etc.

Ideas for design

Scenario of a pirate party for children

A good design of a pirate party will require from you the imagination and time spent on preparing the props. You will need a variety of attributes associated with the life of pirates. It can be empty bottles of rum or just bottles on which you can stick stickers with the inscription "Rum". You can even search for special kegs with faucets. From these vessels, children can pour drinks.

One of the main attributes should be the famous black sails with the Jolly Roger on them. To make them you need black oilcloth or cloth. These sails can be beautifully mounted on the wall or placed on the ceiling. In continuation of the theme of the Jolly Roger, you can decorate the room with black paper flags, which will also feature the well-known pirate symbol.

Flags can be attached to a string by a stapler and hanged around the room as garlands. Also on the pirate party will be useful and black balloons with matching style drawings.

Different shells, fishing nets, ropes, rope ladders will create the necessary atmosphere. Decorative wheel - 1 of the main decorations of the party. As cherries, various chests and caskets are also suitable, but first they need to be brought into proper form, to make them look like real treasures of pirated treasures.

To find these treasures, little pirates will certainly need various maps, compasses and telescopes. In some stores selling merchandise for the holidays, you can even find wooden barrels and models of guns. The symbolic weapon is also useful to young pirates: various sabers, daggers and muskets. The more suitable merchandise you can think of, the closer your party will be to this pirate holiday.

How to dress guys?

Scenario of a pirate party for children

What is the theme party without the appropriate costumes? In order to appropriately put a child on a party of pirates, you will not need much effort. Your costume may consist of a black bandanna with a Jolly Roger, eye patch, vest, wide belts with metal plates and toy sabers plugged behind this belt and pistols.

Although in each suit, of course, variations are permissible. You can try to make a triangle of paper, instead of a vest to wear a beautiful elongated jacket or leather coat - this is an outfit for the true captain of the ship. The costumes of children-pirates are in essence no different from adults, except in size.

Pirates were bright personalities, so do not forget the makeup. Even children can be allowed to color in pirate fashion. If participants have pierced ears, then they must have large earrings. Pirate theme gives a huge scope for fantasy in terms of creating costumes.

The main colors are black, red and purple hues, as well as a striped pattern on the vests. When arranging such a party, remember that not all guests can come in costumes, so warn them in advance about the dress code in the invitation and prepare a few spare attributes of a pirate costume for those who will forget. It is very important that the rule at the expense of costumes be respected, otherwise it will not be so aesthetically pleasing.

What to cook for a pirate party?

Scenario of a pirate party for children

At a party you can not do without treats, which should also be approached on the subject. Drinks, for example, cola should be turned into rum. Of course, you do not need to add anything alcoholic, just stick on the bottle of bubbly drink with the label "rum".

On the table will be appropriate to various seafood dishes. If you are celebrating the birthday of the 1st of the pirates in this way, make the cake in the shape of the same Jolly Roger or ship. If the cake is an ordinary form, decorate it with various kinds of pirate attributes or make a drawing with mastic.

If the party will take place in the summer, you can make a "shark's mouth" out of the watermelon. To do this, cut the flesh, skin, shape the shark mouth. Cut the flesh into cubes and place in the formed mouth. Make it simple enough, but it will be interesting and beautiful. Simple chips can be poured into a large bowl, decorated under a pirate chest - you will get a chest with piastres. In general, in dishes, as in costumes and design, try to show maximum imagination.

Interesting contests

At any party, especially children, contests - the most important part of the evening. They should be fun and interesting. Conduct competitions can 2nd adults. One of them may be good, and others - an evil pirate. Names for pirates are better to choose known to all: Captain Hook, Mad Jack, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Smith, etc.

Scenario of a pirate party for children

The whole party can take place in the key of the search for treasure or the birthday boy-young should be a real sea wolf. In the first case, children will look for treasure together (a cherished gift, for example), in the second case - to help the young man to reach the right peaks.

Sea quiz. This competition can be held right at the table. Questions for the quiz can be on pirate or maritime topics. For example:

  • What phrase do sailors say when they want a good swim? (7 feet under the keel)
  • What is the name of the steering wheel on a pirate ship? (steering wheel)
  • Who is the first to run from a sinking ship? (Rats)
  • What is the name of the place where they cook food on the ship? (galley)
  • And who is preparing it? (cook)
  • What is the name of the captain of the Black Pearl? (Jack Sparrow)
  • Why is Captain Hook so called? (he has a hook instead of a hand)

"Message in a bottle ". For this competition, the guys need to be divided into 2 teams. Each team must have a number of bottles with messages and drawing paper. There are squares on the paper that cover the letters, like in the Field of Miracles. Messages in bottles are riddles, answering , the team has the right to open by the 1st letter.What is the team that calls the 1st word.

"A nimble pirate." In this simple contest, participants have to put an empty matchbox on their noses and remove it using only mimicry. The contest is simple but fun. Wins the one who could do it before the others.

"Marksmanship". For the competition it is necessary to prepare shells made of paper or cotton wool and 2 buckets. The task of the players is to hit the bucket with shells. In which team more shells hit the target, she won.

Scenario of a pirate party for children

Scenario of a pirate party for children

Scenario of a pirate party for children

Pirate party is always fun, interesting and funny. Therefore, this topic is very successful for a children's holiday. Try to make it as adapted as possible. In this celebration it will be interesting to participate not only to children, but also their parents.

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