Reiki - the healing energy of unconditional love

Today I want to talk to you about Reiki. Reiki is the ancient art of physical, spiritual, and mental healing. By practicing it, you will discover in yourself the pure divine light of the healing energy of love.

What is Reiki?

Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki Natural Healing Method, defined Reiki as a universal life energy. This is the natural energy of the Universe, which is in every living being, it is in you. Reiki helps to consciously capture the vibrations of the Universe and adjust your body in accordance with them. Initially, the most important thing is to heal the spirit. If the spirit is healthy, pure, and righteous, the body will be healed after it. A healthy body and a healthy spirit emit the energy of the highest vibrations, and you know that the higher your vibrations, the more spirituality and goodness in your life, for the whole Universe responds to your light. Reiki leads to harmony in your body, happily in your life, to a calm, clean, bright look. It is the energy of acceptance, awareness, the energy of unconditional divine love.

How to work with Reiki?

In simple words, Reiki allows the body to heal itself independently. When practicing Reiki, you become the channel through which this healing, pure life energy flows. This energy is accumulated in your hands. It is with their help that you can treat yourself, and subsequently - other people (not only people, but all living beings). Putting your hands on certain areas of the body, you send there this pure light of Reiki, which heals, soothes and harmonizes. In this case, Reiki treats not only physical, but also psychological diseases. Even if you just hug yourself or another person, the energy will flow freely through you and will find the problem area itself.

Who can practice Reiki?

Any person can learn Reiki, regardless of age and gender, even a child, for Reiki is an unconditional energy that is present everywhere and always. She is in you! Initiation to Reiki simply clears the channels of entry of this energy into the body and activates the process of its perception. As you initiate and practice Reiki, you are purified both spiritually and physically.

Principles of Reiki

Following the principles of Reiki, you develop patience, wisdom, compassion, generosity and the ability to love in your soul.

  • Read them. Think about it. Meditate on them. Learn something new about yourself ... Here they are!
  • Just today, now do not be angry!
  • Don't worry about anything right now!
  • Be grateful now!
  • Right now work hard!
  • Right now be nice to people!

Following these principles will clarify your heart, purify your soul and give you a feeling of grace and peace. Every morning and every night repeat them!

How to start practicing Reiki?

To start practicing Reiki, you need to get the setting. What it is? A Reiki master, a person who is already dedicated and practicing, tunes in to the pure energies of the Universe and helps you tune in. Important: this can be done remotely (as I did). You just need to find such a person. Before tuning, you ask the Light Forces of Goodness and Love to help you accept it and become a channel of Reiki energy, and then you just relax and meditate while your body is tuned. The adaptation process lasts 21 days. These days, you will need to spend at least 30 minutes a day for meditations with the imposition of hands on certain parts of your body (the so-called positions — your Reiki Teacher will tell you about them, there is a lot of information on the Internet). In general, these days you will see changes not only in your world perception (it will become thinner and deeper), but also on the physical level.

I, for example, experienced the release of the organism from the blocks and the transition to a free flow of energy, which led to getting rid of all the excess, including easy weight loss. I began to hear my body in terms of nutrition (I stopped eating some foods altogether, because the body did not want them anymore). Thanks to a faster metabolism, my recovery processes accelerated, my skin, hair, and nails became better. And, of course, there was a special feeling of warmth in the hands. "Unnecessary" people immediately left my life and at the same time people who live with me on the same vibrations appeared. Relations with relatives became more conscious and in general the feeling of life became more joyful and light. If earlier my mood depended on the dreams that I saw at night, some trifles, weather and mood of the people around me, now every minute of my life I have a wonderful, calm understanding and acceptance, confidence and fullness. Thanks Reiki!

And finally ...

I sincerely wish you to live consciously. To live is easy. Yes, it is easy. Without the burden of problems, fears, diseases. Get free of them! May it be joyful and warm inside you. Catch the energies of the Universe, tune in to them and live in harmony with the world and with your divine light! If you decide to try Reiki practice, it will come very soon. All the best to you!

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