Rare female names. lists of rare names and their meanings

Currently, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Someone makes interesting hairstyles, adheres to a unique style, transforms the body with the help of piercing and tattoos. But some people are distinguished not so much by their appearance as by rare names. The task of choosing the names lies entirely with the parents of the child, so this issue should be approached thoroughly.

Beautiful rare names for girls: list and meaning

Rare female names

  • Alana This name has Irish roots and translated means "beautiful and peaceful." Girls with this name are beautiful, charming and friendly. Alans are always loyal and loyal to their friends. They are independent, touchy, in love, and have a masculine mindset. In the family, the girl tends to become a leader, and also finds it difficult to get along with her mother-in-law. Alan loves constancy and always strongly binds to the place and people where she was good. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for her to change, say, a place of work.
  • Alexia. Translated from the Greek means "defender". The name symbolizes stability, caution, honesty, reliability, integrity. Girls with this name have good wit and quick reaction, therefore they are able to behave adequately in stressful situations. Alexia always has many plans and ideas, she is trying to figure things out on her own. She is well suited leadership positions. At the same time, Alexia is not despotic, but firm in her motivations.
  • Vasilina. The name is of Greek origin and means "royal". As a rule, the girl with this name has creative abilities. She is kind, peaceful, intelligent, hardworking and amorous. Vasilin makes good housewives and mothers. Girls with the same name love praise, but they can't stand criticism.
  • Glyceria. This name comes from the Greek word "glykis", which is translated as "sweet." Such girls are talented by nature, they have a flexible mind and an excellent memory. True, Glyceria are subjective and are engaged exclusively in what they are really interested in. They are loyal friends, resolute and determined.
  • Evlampiya. The name is of ancient Greek origin and means "luminous." Because of its intractability and stubbornness, Evlampiya often suffers. She only does what she wants and always insists on her. He aspires to be a leader, always finishes the work begun. Evlampiya is very sociable, charming, can endear anyone.
  • Fun. Slavic name meaning "fun". Girls with this name are active, cheerful and energetic. Fun always has an open disposition and pure thoughts. She is not capable of gossip, hypocrisy and pettiness. Fun rather naive than many people use. She is not kept to the tongue, irritable and sensitive.
  • Hilaria Translated from the ancient Greek means "cheerful." She is distinguished by nobility, sincerity and kindness. Hilariapassionate, tender, affectionate and passionate in love. Such girls are often careless and careless. But they pretty well formed personal life.
  • Liana The name is of Spanish origin, corresponds to the name of the plant. Creepers are secretive, conceited, with an unstable nervous system. As a rule, girls with such names draw or sing well. They are feminine, sexy, vindictive and envious. Lianas are very loving, prefer a male company, even a short meeting with a close friend. For a long time do not get married.
  • Melania The name translates as "dark, dark and black." These girls have a great intuition, strong logic, will and intelligence. Melania is friendly, hard-working and persistent. She loves household chores, cooks well and holds everything in her hands. Melanya dislikes the female society.
  • Neonila A Greek name meaning young. She is cunning, calm, principled, stubborn and well adapted. Neonila loves luxury, expensive things and jewelry. She strives to stand out among others, therefore she dresses brightly. Girls with this name have good bio-energy, they believe in mysticism, otherworldly worlds. Finishing higher education institutions often do not work in their specialty, devoting themselves to family, parenting.
  • Juno. In Roman mythology, Juno is the supreme goddess and patroness of marriage. These girls are creative and funny, they are able to create a festive atmosphere around them. Juno is a kind, sincere and trustful person. She, as a rule, is not adapted to family life.

Rare female names

The name is the first gift that the parents present to the child. Unusual is able to distinguish a person from others. There is a huge number of beautiful rare female names, but do not rush to make a choice. You need to approach it with caution. Carefully read the meaning of the name to find the most appropriate character for the daughter.

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