Positive statuses for social networks. examples and best

Status is not only a social position in society, but also a concise statement describing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Statuses can be sad, joyful, positive, about love, friendship, betrayal, etc. We share our statuses with friends on social networks. In order to cheer everyone up (including yourself), you can pick up positive options and post them on your page.

Most positive statuses: examples

Positive statuses for social networks

  • A real alcoholic drinks once a day, from morning to evening.
  • The inscription in the student cafeteria: do not feed the cutlets with cats, two unfortunate creatures have already been poisoned!
  • The secret of happiness: never compare with others health, wife and salary.
  • A man invented a kiss to silence a woman for even a minute.
  • If a fool is decently dressed, always full and smiling life, then he is not so stupid.
  • There are no dead ends. There are unexplored tunnels.
  • In Russia, three evils: fools, roads, and fools that these roads do.
  • If time does not wait for you, do not worry. Just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life.
  • A good day is not done by the date or the weather, but by the people.
  • If life has cracked, take it as a new design; and, taking this opportunity, change the interior, and change the situation.
  • Positive thinking is when you fell down the stairs and you think: Wow ... How quickly I came down!
  • Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror.
  • Bald head is a clearing trampled down by thoughts.
  • If they constantly laugh at you, it means you bring joy to people.

Statuses for social networks: positive and funny

Positive statuses for social networks

  • Let go of all the idiots and fools from your life, the circus must be on tour!
  • Sometimes a smile makes us forget about our problems, sometimes a smile works wonders, it decorates our world. Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, because someone can fall in love with your smile!
  • Through the slid down roof, the stars are best seen.
  • Some life mistakes are too cool to make only once!
  • Never in your life do not despair. One man painted a square and called it a picture. Happened. So you will succeed !.
  • If you got up in the morning with your left foot, then the day will go well. If in the right, it is even better. And if you can't get up at all, it was good yesterday.
  • Life is like a mirror, we get better results when we smile at it.
  • For the Russian signs, Swimming is FORBIDDEN!, Do not get in - WILL KILL, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HANDS! - it's a challenge!.
  • Well nahamy you in the supermarket - do not worry. Put frozen fish in the bread department.
  • Keep your statuses - they will help the psychiatrist with a diagnosis.
  • Life is boring and monotonous. But everything changes when they come ... Money on the card!
  • That is why lemonade is made from artificial lemon juice, and detergents - from natural?
  • Look at life more fun: stepping on a rake, enjoy the fireworks.
  • The sun peeped, the cat purred, Coffee brewed, a new day awaits us!

Positive statuses - the key to a good mood. With their help, you will be able to diversify your page on social networks, to amuse your friends and yourself at the same time. Such statuses can be easily found on the Internet, and if there is a desire - come up with your own. Have fun, joke and try to be as sad as possible!

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