Poems teachers on the last bell. several options for

The teacher is the second person after the parents who teaches us the wisdom of life. He helps to gain knowledge, future profession. To say "thank you" to the teacher is the responsibility of each student, and he will be doubly pleased if it is done beautifully.

Poems to teacher from parents with gratitude

Parents, as well as students, are grateful to teachers for their work and care. Their desire to congratulate teachers with beautiful sincere words is quite understandable. Let these lines of verse help to make your greeting more vivid.

Poems teachers on the last bell


We now want on behalf of all parents

Just say "thank you" to all of you!

After all, the path of the teacher, the path of the teacher

Not subject to beautiful words.

Thank you for forgiving them pranks,

And also because you knew the children:

For the fact that tolerated intolerable dirty tricks

And they warmed them all with their warmth.

Thank you for always being side by side,

Leading a difficult path children.

Thanks for the necessary wisdom of the nucleolus,

And for the understanding of young ideas!

How to express thanks to the teachers?

Words of gratitude are very pleasant to the teachers, because the teacher is a vocation, and it is important for him to realize that he teaches and works for good reason.


We thank fate for

What in life we ​​are so lucky

What do you handle led?

To the beginning of a long journey!


You have sown good in your hearts,

Recognize the evil taught

And its justice

You have conquered us, children!

Poems teachers on the last bell

You were our guide

At the first meeting with the letter.

You helped us open the world,

Write and be friends with books!


Always for each of us

You found time

And every day, and every hour

So patient were!


We love you wholeheartedly

Both adults and kids

Our girls and boys,

And quite quiet, and naughty!


We will never forget

Radiant light of your favorite eyes,

We wish you be healthy,

We want happy we see you!

Poems from graduates: examples

Poems teachers on the last bell


Thank you for all that you gave forever.

All graduates without exception.

We bow to you heartily,

Health and happiness to you, teacher!

We will remember for a long time

How not to smile,

You returned the notebook to us

Where not a single mistake.

How much have you been upset

When, although rarely,

You had to deliver

We have a bad mark.

We were children and sometimes

Shalya, did not notice

In the look of your lovely eyes

Care and sorrow.


You led us along the road of knowledge.

Giving us a lot of strength, mind.

And how much effort have you put

To study well always!

You taught us to write beautifully,

Tasks to click, to behave correctly,

Always calm, patient

And to each approach you managed to find.

Congratulating teachers in a poetic form - the original way to express your gratitude. Do not skimp on good wishes, warm words. The poem can be pronounced personally during the solemn ruler or beautifully decorated on a card that must be signed by all students of the class or parents.

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