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Bottomless lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks, waterfalls, glaciers - these beauties of nature await tourists in the Altai Mountains. Fans of outdoor activities do not need to look for adventures abroad. The mountains of Altai are suitable for mountaineering and ski tourism, scenic passes for hiking, horse riding and cycling, forests and lakes for hunting and fishing.

But the territory is so vast that it is difficult for a person unfamiliar with Altai to find out where to rest, what time is best for traveling, what you need to know about tourism in this region. Based on the experience of travelers and locals, we will try to answer the question: where to go to the Altai Mountains?

Gorny Altai: choice of tourist route

Gorny Altai: where to go?

Before you go to Altai, you need to determine your interests and preferences. Some go to the mountains savages, live in tents, rest from civilization. Others need active rest without worries at tourist bases. Third this place attracts with its secrets and riddles. But wherever you go, it is interesting to find out what can be seen at all during a trip, what sights of Altai are worth seeing.

When traveling through difficult terrain, it is better to download and install a system for obtaining operational information from TIS Altai. This is a special program that will simplify at times the orientation of the terrain. With its help, you can easily make any route, the electronic guide will not allow you to get lost either in the forest or in the mountains.

Tourist bases of Altai

  • Katun
  • Golden Lake
  • Youth
  • Kucherla

These bases are the largest, but dozens of small tourist complexes await those who want to retire.

Sights of Gorny Altai

Sights of Gorny Altai


There are thousands of lakes in Altai, mostly salty. The reservoirs are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have healing properties. The fact is that the bottom of the lakes is covered with curative mud. The most famous are: Bolshaya Yarovoye, Maloye Yarovoye, Bitter, Kulunda (near Barnaul), Raspberry. Lakes are located in picturesque places where even air is good for health. But there are unsalted reservoirs where you can go fishing and swimming with pleasure: Aya, Dzhulukul, Maashey, Teletskoye Lake, Trout Lakes, Shavlinsky Lakes.


The most memorable pass filled with life is Katueryk. In the summer, greenery rages here, waterfalls roar, the Chulyshman River rages. Steep descent from which is breathtaking. No less picturesque and most popular among climbers, the Seminsky Pass strikes with its lush green alpine meadows, sprawling cedars, mountain grasses. The Seminsky Pass is also the boundary of civilization and wildlife. With camp sites on the one hand, and a real pure Altai, which attracts savages, on the other. Landscapes of the mysterious Ulagany Pass are very similar to the landscapes of Scotland. A truly breathtaking view of the ridges, cliffs, and descents opens from the Chike-Taman Pass, the most dangerous in Altai.


Gorny Altai: where to go?

The mistress of the river Katun is the deepest river. The cleanest river is the Biya, the second highest in the Altai. Biya is one of the most fishy places; sterlet, pike perch, ide, pike, etc. are found in its waters. The most calm current at the river Swan, it is safe all year round for swimming. The river Third is famous for its abundance of waterfalls. For lovers of downhill and rafting Chulyshman is best suited. Admire the rock painting can be in the valley of the river Chuya.


Altai caves are alluring places not only for speleologists, but also for ordinary tourists. The deepest cave - Kek-Tash, you can enter it in Shebalinsky district. Girl's Tears - a cave famous for the grottoes at the rocks. The convict cave is interesting because it is not frequented by tourists, this is its mystery. Altai - the most famous and visited in Altai, is interesting to tourists by stalactites, stalagmites, underground halls. The ancient cave of the region is SOANtechnical.

Gorny Altai: where to go? Choosing a tourist route


Waterfalls are pleasing to the eye, and their loud tumult is breathtaking. The most beautiful waterfalls on the river Shinok, drops reach 80 meters. Beautiful landscape complement the thickets of cedar. These waterfalls are monuments of nature. From the territory of the Altai Reserve offers views of the Korbu Falls. Not dangerous and accessible for tourists Kamyshlinsky waterfall. It is convenient to admire the cascade Chulchinsky waterfall from the right bank of the Chulyshman. In the ferry, there is a special romance and flavor, as the native Altaian will transport you to the other side of the river, and acquaintance with the culture of the locals is one of the goals of any journey.

Glaciers and mountains

Altai wants not only to see, but also to feel. Many come here to climb the snow-capped peaks. The view of the Altai Mountains from the height of the mountains is breathtaking.

The height of the Ak-Tru glacier is 4075 meters, trying to climb one glacier, tourists can admire several peaks. The mountain with the awesome name Kogot is perfect for romantic gatherings, meeting the dawn. On top of the peace and quiet, lulling chirping of birds and thickets of fragrant strawberries. The mountain is located near Lake Aya, from its summit you can admire the Katun River. The largest peak of Altai - Belukha Mountain is sung by writers and poets for a long time attracts tourists. This monument of nature, covered with snow.

But in the ancient mountainous Altai there are not only monuments of nature, but also monuments of architecture.

Man-made sights of Altai

Man-made sights of Altai

  • White House.
  • Convent on about. Patmus The road to the monastery runs through a hinged bridge over the Katun River. The sensations of soaring over the abyss are unforgettable.
  • Stone stelae. There are four of them, each 2 m in height, also dug into the ground two meters deep. It is possible that they were used as part of the fence of the commemoration complex of the ancient Turks. The stelae is several thousand years old.
  • Stone Bay How this place was formed is not known for certain. There are versions that it appeared as a result of the fall of a meteorite or a more prosaic rock collapse.
  • Red Gate. The isthmus between the mountains tears off the inner beauty of the red stone.
  • Pazyryk barrows are the graves of the leaders of the ancient tribes. Finding graves covered with thick moss is not easy without guides.
  • Petroglyphs in Kalbak-Tash. They are famous for the right bank of the Chuya River, also in the area of ​​the river there are many stone sculptures.

Rest in Altai: reviews

Gorny Altai: where to go?

Zhenya: It is better not to choose the area of ​​the Katun River, it is rather dirty there. But Ust-Cox in the area of ​​Belukha Mountain is a clean, quiet place.

Ludmila: We rested in the village of Elikmanar, there you can rent a house for rest, it is located next to Chemal. It is worth staying at around 500 rubles, which is convenient because it is close to the famous Lake Aya. And for lovers of camping, I recommend the Ust-Koksinsky district near the Multinsky lakes.

Sergey: In Altai, the further, the more beautiful.

Alexander: For those who want to relax in silence, I advise Ezen hostel. Already on the way there begin the most beautiful places, for example, the pass Katu-Yaryk, not far from the Turba lake Teletskoye. On foot you can reach the Uchar waterfall.

Nikita: Take the direction to Katunsky Bridge, the village of Tale, but there is everything for civilized recreation and a picturesque place. Katun may not be the cleanest place in Altai, but there are shops and cafes there. "Katunskie dreams" is also a cozy recreation center.

Useful tips:

Rest in Altai: reviews

  1. Going to Altai, take mosquito repellent with you. Mosquitoes from Kulunda Lake, the largest lake in the mountainous Altai, are particularly aggressive.
  2. The peculiarity of the salt water of Altai lakes is a hard salt crust on the bottom, which can be injured on the legs. Therefore, you need to enter them with caution.
  3. The nature of these places attracts tourists in summer and winter. Especially beautiful in Altai in September. You can try to celebrate Christmas here. If you want to save on New Year's holidays, do not stop at the camp site, but in the houses - no damage to comfort.
  4. We decided to hitchhike, warn drivers that you are not going to pay immediately, it is better to pay for gasoline, it is not accepted to carry travelers for nothing in Altai. For hitchhiking choose a convenient place in the gas station, traffic police station, cafe, under the lantern.
  5. In Altai, it is important to protect not only from mosquitoes, but also from ticks. Be sure to bring scarers with you, clothes should be tight with long sleeves, pants should be tucked into socks, put a bandana or a hat on your head. Along the way, do not forget to constantly inspect each other. Before the trip, make the necessary vaccinations.

Going to the Mountain Altai, do not limit yourself in time. After all, the most beautiful territory of the region requires attention, admiring and immersion in the atmosphere of unity with nature. Any place in Altai will leave unforgettable memories of itself. The main thing is to decide a civilized or relaxing holiday to your liking.

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