Life - and again everything is in a circle. karma theory

We are born, we grow, we run, we shout for joy, we cry. We dance, we sing, we play. We grow up ... And then all the fun ends. We are confronted with the laws of a cruel world, in which there is a place for betrayal, resentment, poverty, failure ... And we do not understand: why is this so? Why is all this happening with us? Why were we born in this family?

Why you need to learn to go to work. Why work at all? When in childhood everything was so good - no worries. It would be desirable, and now it was also. Only no one tells AS do it. Back to childhood ...

There are several theories that confirm that EVERYTHING in our life repeats itself all the time.

Theory of Psychologists

They claim that in childhood the whole life of a person is laid. And then everything just repeats and repeats in a circle. Therefore, it is very important how we spent our childhood, whether there were any situations in childhood that have sunk strongly into the soul or, on the contrary, have disappeared from memory from great pain. What kind of relationship did you have with your parents? Relationships with the mother lay in the daughter of the concept of self-love, and with the dad - the love of men. Accordingly, if in childhood you didn’t have a perfect example before your eyes, then when you met your love, your relationships with your parents are repeated until you really learn to love others and yourself.

Maybe everything is already lost with us, but you can be a good example for your children, considering and remembering that you play such an important role in their lives, laying their future while they are still very young. Take responsibility and set your children only an example of love and understanding in relations with your soulmate.

Birth Theory

They say that much in the life of a person is laid even when he is in the womb for 9 months. And the most important event is our birth. That is why it is very important how a person was born! It is best to provide him a gentle transition from one environment to another, so that he finds himself among the closest people who would accept him with love.

Michel Auden (obstetrician-gynecologist) says that the ability to love is born at the time of childbirth. Now remember our birth. We were taken away from mom immediately after birth and taken somewhere far away. Thus, we have a conviction that the world is hostile to us, we have experienced the deepest trauma of the deserted. Such people form a false belief that they are not able to achieve anything themselves, that someone’s support is absolutely necessary (not to mention the ability to love). Also at the time of birth, other mental traumas are also laid if someone intervened and the natural process of childbirth was disrupted.

So for the future, be well prepared for the birth of your children, because their whole life will depend on one moment!

Theory of Dianetics

This science has introduced its own concepts, but I will try to explain its theory in accessible to all languages. Ever in the past, you have experienced a situation in which you were hurt. This situation and the memory of her mind hid deep in the subconscious, so that you do not feel pain. Everything is good, but in life under similar circumstances, the situation is repeated and your reaction to it. And not just repeated, but as if by program, and at that moment you cannot control yourself. (Any phobias and strong fears are the most obvious example.) And again and again it hurts you, each time even more, leaving its mark on the last first injury. To get rid of these repetitions and negativity, it is necessary to recall the very first situation with which everything began, to realize it and to anticipate it. And the whole emotional charge will disappear!

Unfortunately, to prevent situations that are laid as a program is very difficult. But probably. And the only method in this case is awareness! Live consciously, learn to control your thoughts and actions.

Karma theory

In this life we ​​need to pass certain lessons for our spiritual development. And fate presents them to us. If the lesson is not learned, then it is repeated in an even more rigid form, which brings suffering. But if you passed the lesson correctly, then your life is changing for the better. And the only way to pass the lesson. Correctly and to finish its repetition is to go through it through Love. Namely: to understand that what you deny in another person is in yourself. In excess. And you hate yourself for it. Perhaps you strongly suppress this feeling in yourself and unnoticed, but it really is. It is necessary to recognize and accept. After all, the world is nothing but your reflection.

Love Yourself and then the world will give you love.

And lastly ...

How to break out of this vicious circle with just one thought?

We materialize our thoughts and everything that happens to us is only the result of our thoughts that were in the past. We are not aware of this relationship, and we think that circumstances relate to the outside world. But this is a big secret ... which many psychologists already reveal and say that I = the World. Even in the Vedas it is written "There is no one but me here." The world only reflects what is inside you.

So that is all in our hands. Begin to live Consciously, Love yourself!

Try to do the exercise described below every day in the morning or at bedtime for one month:

Present something positive and good. Any dream of your own (for example, to become healthy, get rid of karma, meet love). And after a while you will see how your life will change and you will realize that you yourself create your own destiny, and once the reins of government are in your hands, all these endlessly repeated karmic circles will collapse as soon as you wish it!

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