How to get a loan

First of all, first and foremost, make sure that you really need a loan. That, having borrowed from the bank, you are going to purchase the thing you need. Think, is it a whim?

If the thought of a loan came to you in the store, and you are set on fire to the idea of ​​becoming the owner of something, it is best to return home and once again weigh the pros and cons. Consult with relatives. Ask your credit counselor to print out a preliminary calculation of the loan. At home, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can study it more carefully.

  • Go to the Internet and study the loan offers of various banks. Carefully review all conditions in a relaxed atmosphere. Read reviews about banks. Is the cooperation between this or that bank and its clients successfully developing?
  • Pay attention to whether the name of the bank in which you decide to credit is on your ear. It is best to cooperate with those banks that have already recommended themselves.
  • When you are still in the store, pay attention to the information folder for the customer, which must be on the desk of the loan representative. It contains all the necessary information.
  • Be sure to personally recount the overpayment. Do not trust a word to a credit officer. Just add up all the monthly payments, add a down payment (if you make it) and compare the amount received with the purchase amount. The difference is that you pay the bank for using the loan.

  • Think about how you can repay a loan if you have to quit your job or if you are reduced. And also in the event that wages drop significantly. Do you have a reserve fund? Can relatives help?
  • Think about what will have to be abandoned in favor of repaying the monthly loan payment. It may turn out that some entertainment will have to be forgotten until you fully pay off the bank.
  • It is not necessary to issue a loan, if the payment on it will be literally "vnatyag." In a good way, the monthly payment must be at least one third of your income.
  • If you want to get a cash loan, then consider what currency is best to make it.

But here, you all studied, thought well, weighed, and came to arrange a loan.

In no case do not distort any information about yourself. This also applies to wages. If, for any reason, you cannot repay the debt in the future, the bank will go to court. And when the court becomes aware of the fact that you provided incorrect information about your salary, you can be held criminally liable for fraud.

  • Do not rush to sign anything. You bind yourself to a long-term contract. Therefore, re-read ALL documents before signing them. Even if it takes a lot of time.
  • Ask your bank specialist how disputes between you and the bank will be resolved should they occur.
  • If you have such an opportunity, then it is best to make a maximum down payment, and to issue a loan for a minimum period. Thus, your overpayment will be very small, perhaps not even significant.

  • Be especially careful when applying for a credit card. The terms of the credit card differ significantly from the terms of the consumer loan. For example, even if you made a double payment on the card this month, then in the next you cannot but pay, whereas in the consumer one, you could not pay two months.
  • If there are any references to applications in your loan agreement, request these applications from a consultant. All of them should remain in your hands. In addition to the loan agreement, you should at least have a debt repayment schedule.
  • If you have such an opportunity, repay the loan ahead of schedule. First, you will significantly save, because the bank recalculates the interest. Secondly, you will recommend yourself as a decent client, and the next time the bank is more willing to give you a loan. In this case, most likely, you will require less information than the initial loan. And most banks have special promotions for regular positive customers. As you can guess, the conditions for these shares are more profitable.

And most importantly - try to pay on time the monthly payment on the loan. This way you will save your nerves and you will not get tired of rejoicing at the acquisition of the thing you need on credit!

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