How to attract money

Money is not just a piece of paper, but energy, the amount of which depends on how you handle it. When money falls into the hands of an incompetent owner, it decreases, not multiplied. Moreover, the amount of money does not depend on gender, age and initial capital, but is associated with human energy.

Not everyone can properly dispose of their money, and then they run away from their owner to another, who will love and appreciate them more. Sometimes we wonder why money, in our opinion, goes to unworthy people, in fact, everything is simple. These people are unworthy for us, and they believe that they deserve all the best, including wealth. So, it is not enough just to want money, you have to be prepared for large sums of money in your life and know how to build your behavior.

Give your love to money

Money is a material entity that is very dependent on our attitude towards it. And it is not surprising if they feel uncomfortable in the hands of a person who is cold and indifferent to them. Money must be loved, but without blind fanaticism, of course, and then they will reciprocate. Remember, for example, when was the last time you went through and recalculated your money when you bought them a brand new beautiful wallet. If you can't remember anything, and your money is kept in your old wallet, all crumpled and crumpled, then they are most likely looking for another owner.

Give them attention

Not only people love when they pay attention, but also many things. Carefully consider all the bills in your wallet, you can even sniff them. A good sign will be if you distinguish how different bills smell, which means they come in contact with you. And in vain they say that money does not smell, it smells, just not everyone can feel it.

Keep order in your wallet

How important is the appearance of the wallet, so is the order in the wallet. This is not a place for business cards, photographs and other things - this is a house for money and nothing should interrupt their energy. Money goes only to money, so do not lie in your wallet anything superfluous. You can put dollar bills in your wallet along with Russians, and whenever you can get money and admire it.

Recount money

Money is very fond of when they are considered. A good owner always knows how much money he currently has in his wallet and is happy to recount them.

Do not limit yourself to small amounts.

You prefer to carry some money with you, because you are afraid that you will lose or they will be stolen from you? This is a poor man’s thinking and you’re not getting rich. People who are confident in themselves and their wealth always carry a decent amount of money with them, so the thought settles in their minds that they always have money and, moreover, there is plenty of it. It is not necessary to carry a diplomat full of money, but walking every day with a bill with a bill of 100 rubles is also not an option. You must have so much money to cover both your basic expenses and unforeseen.

Games with money

Treat money as capricious children who love to play. When you go to the store, you can arrange a dispute with them, you will be kept from the desire to buy new shoes or a dress, and the money will seduce you in every way. If you manage to defeat them in this dispute, they will respect you as an individual and will assist you in increasing capital. Or another such game, there is a number on any bill, and there are a couple of letters in front of it. Your task is to collect the word gold from these syllables, then you will be all the time with "gold."

Be able to allocate and plan your capital

When receiving a salary, do not spend all the money at once, but put into the account at least a small amount of your finances. So you will be confident in the future, and the deferred money will only increase in size. It is also foolish not to plan the forthcoming expenses, but to spend all your money is not clear on what. Before the beginning of each month, it is useful to plan your expenses and seeks to fit this amount.

Give thanks to the universe for rewards

Every time when you get an unexpected amount of money, or your salary miraculously increases, mentally transmit joy and gratitude to the Universe, and it will surprise you with new surprises.


Dreaming is not only pleasant, but also very productive. You need a certain amount of money, relax and imagine that it is already in your hands, you go to the store and buy the right thing, feel what emotions you will experience when you buy. One has only to strongly want and the desired amount will be attracted. Moreover, do not bother your head with thoughts about how the necessary amount will be attracted to you, sometimes money comes to us in the most unexpected way, the main thing is to make the Universe understand that you really need this amount of money.

Envy is not a friend of money

Envy is generally a bad feeling, especially when it comes to money. When you exude jealousy towards richer people, you only remove money from yourself. A successful person will not envy other people's money, but rather will extract only the useful information from himself, take an interest in the person of his secret of success and be happy for him.

Easy money

It is not worth shaking hands to count the money for the next purchase, parting with money easily and easily they will come to you.

Live in anticipation of a rich life

Constantly imagine that you live in full prosperity and enjoy all the pleasures of life. There is another little secret, if you count the days until your paycheck, and you don’t expect any new money, go to the nearest restaurant and order dinner for the last money. Do not think about what you have dinner for the last pennies, but consider it your usual action and breathe in the smell of rich life.

Remember that the Universe does not decide who is worthy and unworthy of wealth - it is we who, by our behavior and attitude, choose whether to be rich or not. And the universe only executes our decision.

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