Slavic runes and their meaning

Runes are a cross between secret characters and letters. The ancient Slavs used the system of so-called "dashes and incisors" as writing. Currently we can see the Slavic runes in ancient embroidery, mythology, beliefs and witchcraft rites of the ancient Slavs.

What is the Slavic runes?

Slavic runes and their meaning

Despite the fact that the rune to some extent similar to the letter, its difference from the letter is very large. If the letter has a certain well-established characteristic, what is interpreted unambiguously and consistently, then the rune is a storehouse of information. The rune is difficult to understand, and not everyone will be able to recognize it. Fleece - information for subconscious scrupulous thinking.

Some compare the runes with tarot cards. However, here the difference is great and obvious. If the Tarot card can be compared with a riddle, then the rune is comparable to the riddle told in a whisper. This is explained by the runes were never intended to be used by a wide circle of people. Their secret meaning could be defined and interpreted only by the wisest people of that time - the Magi.

The runes must always be in a strictly defined order. Otherwise, their meaning is completely lost. Here is the correct location of the Slavic runes:

Slavic runes and their meaning

How are the Slavic runes with the alphabet?

In fact, Slavic runes - the prototype of the modern alphabet. Evidence of this exists, but they are too complex to understand them immediately.

Our distant ancestors used the runes as writing. It was then that there were special people, "dedicated", who could recognize the meaning of the written runes. However, over time, the runes were replaced by the alphabet. It was much easier to understand, it did not need to be decrypted. Therefore, there is no need for special people who could decipher the runes, and then in the runes themselves.

From this it can be concluded that the Russian alphabet was not invented by Cyril and Methodius, it was created long before that. The Russian alphabet is originally Russian, rooted in ancient times.

The value of the Slavic runes

It is impossible to find one, the most suitable value for each rune. Each of them is a whole story, a whole life! Only a person who has spent a lot of time studying this aspect is relatively easy to interpret this or that rune. However, everyone once learns. Try it and you!

Slavic runes and their meaningSlavic runes and their meaning

Runa World- the symbolism of this rune denotes the very Universe itself, the so-called Tree of Life. In addition, it denotes the inner essence of man, his I. Self. Another meaning is the connection with the Cosmos, the protection and patronage of the Gods.

Chernobog- rune, the opposite of the previous meaning. Means dark forces breaking bonds. However, this rune still personifies the exit from the maze, the breaking of old ties.

Alatyr - personifies the center of creation of the World. That, around which all living things revolve and exist. Another meaning is the need to turn to God, to bring some sacrifice that will help you to return to the circulation of all living things.

Rainbow- symbol of the road, path, travel. Our ancestors put into the road a deep meaning, not only roads in the truest sense of the word. But also the way of life, the road of life of a certain person. Fleece means stability, aid, and also favorable outcome difficult situations.

Need- the rune of darkness and the inevitability of fate. The value of the runes - a ban on a specific action. In addition, the rune indicates stiffness in action and material need. By the way, if you are in dire need of wealth, you can read more about how to attract money in the article Magic Rituals for Attracting Money.

Krada- Translated from the ancient language, the word means "fire." The same symbol carries this rune. Cleansing from all unnecessary, unimportant. Another value - cleansing, implementation.

Need- Fleece, denoting, that, for committing the conceived, need to bring some sacrifice. But not a sacrifice of something for someone. And sacrifice yourself. Of course, symbolically.

Strength - Fleece means victory, and victory, above all, above itself. Indicates power, making the right decision, clarifying a difficult situation.

there is - Runa personifies Life, vitality and lightness of being.

Wind- creative breakthrough, inspiration, spiritualized image.

Slavic runes and their meaningSlavic runes and their meaning

Bereginya- this rune personifies the feminine image, the feminine principle of all life on earth. In her jurisdiction is both life and death of all living things. Fleece means both life and death, and also Fate.

Oud- among the ancient Slavs, this word meant the male sexual organ. The value of the runes - love, passion, desire, including to life.

Lelya- personifies the flow of water. The value of this rune is fertility, awakening, flowering and joy. Another meaning of the rune is intuition.

Rock- appeal to the highest spheres. In ancient times, the rune was used in the dedication of someone into something secret and unknown.

Support- the symbolic meaning of the rune is a pole, along which a knowledgeable person reaches the highest mind (Gods). Fleece means that you should devote some time to communion with God.

Dazhbog- the symbol of good in all its manifestations that one can imagine. This is a cornucopia, all the good that can be. Fleece means the utmost well-being, luck in everything, new connections and acquisitions, the successful completion of all the initiated cases.

Perun- Fleece denotes force, but this strength is not supported by wisdom. Therefore, such a force can be considered destructive, destructive.

Source - the value of the runes: calm, stagnation, "frozen" in affairs.

When will you learn treat all existing runes, and you no longer need to look at their meaning each time, it will seem to you that the runes seem to be talking to you, opening up the great veil of secrecy to the future!

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