Ritual of solyar

For many people, the period before SOLAR, or Birthday, - especially the last week, is not by chance the most difficult of the year. - after all, you need to let go, finish many unsolved cases for a year, forgive someone, remember someone, get your debts back and get someone else's.

Throughout the year, a person could live in a hurry and accumulate small debts to the world because of his ignorance, laziness, and inattention. And now, the hour is near, when all that is old, obsolete, that which is unnecessary, must go. And it is useful for a person to start remembering how this year was, what special events, achievements, victories and defeats he had before starting his solarium. So what else does a person need to know in order to competently conduct Magical ritual to attract success, good luck and health in the coming year?

He can put all the events of the past year on paper, he can even create a special viewing album, where all the pictures are removed from him in the reverse order - so that the events clearly appear in the memory. His friends and relatives can help him in this work. Together with him, they can recall many events of this year - and speak with him what was hidden, which they did not want to talk about earlier. At this time, a person must constantly remember that it is important for him to open up, not to hold in himself insults to the past, not to conceal what he really feels, but to be sincere and honest with himself. It is best to do this based on the position of the planets in the horoscope at the time when the memory of the past year occurs. But if there is no such possibility, then we can limit ourselves to a simple recapitulation.

What is the Ritual of Solyar?

The ritual of Solyar is designed for 12 days and helps a person bring a new one into 12 spheres of his life - astrological "twelve houses". Each "house" means any one sphere - unique, unique for its owner. - so you need to read carefully, it means.

Every day, starting from the first day, you must live very actively - because as you live it, that will be the month. For example, your birthday is March 15th. March 15 is the first day (the first "astrological house"), in which the rhythm and events of the first month are laid (from March 15 to April 15), March 16 defines the second month (from April 16 to May 16), etc. How you live 12 days from your birthday will be the whole year.

Astrologically, the Sun shows our outer life, personality, and mode of expression as creative power. In this way, the birthday begins a new year in your outer life, in your contacts with the outside world and the impact on others.

  1. 1 day, first month - manifestation of you as a person, appearance, character, temperament of a person;
  2. 2 day, the second month - your property, money, valuables, movable property;
  3. Day 3, third month - contact person, his closest circle, neighbors, schooling, short trips;
  4. 4th day, fourth month - home, beginning and end of things, parents, family, real estate, end of life;
  5. Day 5, the fifth month - the temptations, entertainment, children, creativity, love, art, speculation;
  6. Day 6, sixth month - working conditions, work, service, health and illness;
  7. 7 day, the seventh month - the outside world, matrimony, open enemies, partners;
  8. 8 day, the eighth month - crises, secret affairs, sex, other people's money, psychological crises, death, inheritance, occultism;
  9. Day 9, the ninth month - career, worldview, religion, philosophy, higher education, long-distance travel;
  10. 10 day, tenth month - profession, boss, success, career, recognition, honor, goals in life;
  11. 11 day, eleventh month - friends, fulfillment of desires, hopes, surprises;
  12. 12 day, the twelfth month - hospitals, secret enemies, all sorts of restrictions, the secret in life, isolation, a monastery, serious illness, mysticism.

If you want all these parts of your life to be in order, then you need to live each of the 12 days before your birthday very actively. And since every person has a unique horoscope, one must be careful to fulfill all of his wishes. It is very important that you have new character qualities that you need, so that you will not just "shoot out," but feel whether these qualities are inside you.

And now - in more detail about the days.

How to spend 12 days from the birthday?


This is the impression that a person makes on others: the appearance of a person, his personal ideas about himself, his talents, temperament, activity, ability to be first. On this day should in all show creativity, activity. Your future health you get through the douche, sports exercises.

It is necessary to be very independent and try to become visible within your environment - but this does not mean that you need to suppress others and be overly selfish. Women are encouraged to dress up and wear - to create a new stylish look. Maybe even completely change in appearance. On this day, it is better not to invite guests - try to pay more attention to yourself.


Important property, the ability to earn and spend money, practical knowledge and skills obtained by their own efforts, business activity, property, wealth and wealth. On this day, it is not very useful to accept gifts, be greedy, be proud of your material property. Good make a donation or to distribute, with all sincerity, what is of value to you.

If you consider yourself a "besserebrenikom" and making money is given to you with great difficulty, then you, on the contrary, can devote the whole day to earnings. Try to understand that you simply "invented" your poverty and from this day you have every right to wealth. On this day it is necessary to earn something and be sure to spend it with benefit, check all your bills, debts, - do not borrow on this day and do not lend money to others;


The day symbolizes brothers and sisters, neighbors and relationships with them, the exchange of thoughts, curiosity, speech, treaties, agreements, news. Short trips. On this day, in order to avoid "punctures", it is best to keep silent or speak very little and to the point. You can go on a short trip.

The most useful thing on this day is to do the opposite of what you usually do when communicating with other people.. If you are by nature "silent" - it is useful to contact more, share your thoughts and ideas. Well in general, this day to refrain from watching TV and reading. It is better to spend this day in nature or with brothers and sisters.


Day means parents, your roots, ancestors in general, home and family, the end of life, peace of mind, familiar surroundings, emotional security, support for survival. Watch where you want to go during this day - you may want to spend the day in the woods or in nature, or in the place where you can remember your kind, ask him for help and support.

The best thing visit relatives on this day. It is good to be engaged in homework, to put in perfect order a garden, a kitchen garden. This day is better start nothing new, not to be active, but inaction, laziness, sadness, tears are better on this day not to allow them not to accompany you throughout the next year.



These are children, creative professions, creativity itself, hobbies, hobbies, free time, random happiness, love, romantic adventures, the desire to be noticed and appreciated in society, popularity, spending on entertainment. On this day, it is better not to get involved in love adventures, not to be seduced by them even if there are strong temptations and temptations, you should not gamble and make expensive purchases.

Good to be with children - watch their game and you will see how much joy, attention and immediacy are in it. You can also do some business that you have not done before this day ever. We advise you to remember your childhood years - to do something that then you were categorically forbidden to your parents. In love affairs, on the contrary, we need abstinence - then you catch up on yours. An important place is occupied by natural communication with their or other people's children.


Indicates your health and care for him, service and daily work, care for others, responsibilities, subordination, discipline, relationships in the service, work environment, professional skills, working with tools and mechanisms. This is a day of caring for your health. The day when you can fully devote yourself to business, daily care. It is possible on this day to move up the career ladder as over the years of hard work.

Day of calm. But try to beware of the routine. See if minor everyday matters do not drag you into your whirlpool, for which it is easy not to see the main, important things. It’s good on this day to try on yourself a new diet or to make yourself a light diet.


Day means a spouse, partners and enemies, personal relationships with people, responsibility to them; marriage, divorce, separation, breaking of relations, lawsuits, trade, transactions, competition, co-authorship. If you live with a partner, then it would be very good to spend this day together and discuss joint plans for the future - they may consist in the fact that you will start doing something that you have not decided on. Maybe you finally speak directly and clarify a lot in your relationship.

It is good to remember all of your partners and understand what happened to you and what did not and why. It is better not to sue, not to divorce, not to enter into contracts. But if on this day you still have to sign important papers, check them out surely more than once.


Changes, trials, crises, the end of old conditions, the beginning of new ones; conception and birth, sex; losses and gains for reasons beyond the control of the person; other people's values. it the most difficult day - you need to spend it alone - do a recap of your life to get a serious change in behavior and thoughts.

Sex, intervention in another's life and jealousy is contraindicated on this day. It is especially important to learn how to control your emotions and feelings. Be prepared for the fact that it is on this day that something long obsolete will leave your life, although it is still expensive. Losses on this day mean release and are a good omen. On this day, do not be afraid.


Knowledge, expanding the horizons, worldview, higher education, travel, distant relatives, people from afar, with a different view of the world, long-distance travel and travel, especially for educational purposes. You can learn something new - it is very good!

It is good to meet guests from afar, to go on a long journey if you intend to travel the whole next year. On this day, it is important not to sit at home. Go to the museum, to the exhibition, to the library, read the informative magazine. But precisely on this day you can not teach anyone yourself. You can not teach relatives, friends and even children, although this can really pull you.

Tenth day

Power, embodiment of ideas, profession, career, social status, authority, practical goals and results in life, assessment of your merits - both fame and shame, relationships with superiors, state authorities, personal power and its use, ambition, movement strategy to the goal, practical life choices. Do not rule, do not be proud, do not set false goals.

On this day, there may be a strong desire to feel like a boss, but the initiative is not desirable. If you are a non-ambitious person in life, then you need the opposite - to reach peaks, set high and difficult goals and objectives, plan real actions and look at the possibility of achieving a practical result. Be sure to remember all their superiors and mentally thank them for the "science".


Indicates friends, hopes for the future, plans, faith and dreams of a person, his idea of ​​happiness, patrons. This is the day of your fate change. Well, if your hopes come true - it means you can make new plans! On this day, you can gather friends and arrange a holiday! From whom this day literally "vomited" - that is not your friend! You can not even invite guests to yourself specifically, and check whoever comes to you today even without an invitation, then he is your true friend.


Indicates restriction, renunciation and liberation from the old, unnecessary, purification, religious activities. Day of prayer, solitude and rest. Well sum up the entire Ritual. Feel your strength, visit the Temple. On this day, one must be patient, be peace-loving and compassionate to the needs of other people. It is very good to help someone in a difficult situation and completely free themselves from the burden of memory, from all past years, to forgive their offenders, to feel love for the whole world, for all people.

Be happy!

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